“Christmas is the time for celebration, joy, love and forgiveness. Christmas is also the time to share and care for each others.

Share to care and care to share so our children can smile and laugh, and dream of a better tomorrow.”

October - December 2020

Dear friends, sponsors, partners and colleagues,

This is our last newsletter for 2020!

Thank you to all our partners who continually trust and support our projects. We cannot do it alone and together we can make a small difference and a positive change in someone’s life.

Covid-19 regulations still greatly limit the opportunity for travel and tourism to flourish as it should. Economic consequences of Covid-19 are still affecting most Namibians with many businesses closing down and too many losing their jobs or means of earning an income. The livelihoods of many, are dependent on tourism.

Schools opened again but many learners did not return to school due to lack of funds for many families.

Since March 2020, The Gondwana Care Trustees have been monitoring the situation and have coordinated actions with our still “active” recipients in the MealForTwo programme, who continue with their feeding programs all over Namibia.

We want to thank you for your commitment and your endless passion and love to continue to care for others in this difficult time and we have so far managed to provide over 200 000 meals to the most vulnerable all-around Namibia, since March 2020, all to the value of N$500 000.00

Many additional organizations have been added to the MealForTwo programme since March 2020 this year and the need for assistance is increasing as more and more families find themselves in desperate situations. Please join us in the MealForTwo programme if you are able to.

We would like to thank an anonymous donor, who continues to support the MealForTwo programme on a monthly basis with N$250. Thank you, we are humbled by your care and assistance.

Any contribution makes a difference – you can donate through our bank account or contact us by email if you can contribute with food items to

Thank you!

Support the Gondwana Care Trust projects:

Bank Windhoek Limited
Gondwana Care Trust
Maerua Mall
Branch / 483 872
Chk – 800 818 44 91

Your contributions make such a difference in enabling us to help so many children and families. We cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH!

Donate Here

Our main sponsors for MealForTwo 2020 – Covid 19 Food relief

These are difficult times for all businesses, and we are so grateful to our sponsors who still contribute and assist us in this life saving program! Any other sponsors willing to assist us with goods, food items or hygienic goods, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Impact report: Gondwana Care Trust MealForTwo Project 2020

The Gondwana Care Trust started the MealForTwo program to provide food aid to the most vulnerable members of our society. It started with Gondwana Collection sponsoring meat from its butchery to soup kitchens and childcare centers. In 2020, likeminded organisations such as Bank Windhoek, Global United, Capricorn Asset Management, Namibmills and Seapride partnered with the Gondwana Care Trust to assist in providing a balanced meal to our community partners.

The main purpose of the MealForTwo program is to have a lasting Impact on the vulnerable communities in Namibia. Over the years the Gondwana Care Trust has built solid relationships with community welfare organisations that collect, prepare and distribute food parcels to the communities that need it the most.

Our 2020 Impact:

In a year plagued by the Covid19 pandemic, lockdowns and ensuing economic downturn, the Gondwana Care Trust persisted to provide much needed food aid to vulnerable communities. With the help of our partners, the Gondwana Care Trust has provided a calculated total of 177,573 meals (dry goods) to its approximately 2,800 individual beneficiaries. Supplemented with the meat donated by the Gondwana Collection butchery, the meals amount to 182,196.

These meals include the following staple food items:

2.4 tonne Maize Meal and Oats

2.8 tonne Bread Flour

2.4 tonne Pasta and Rice

2.5 tonne Fruits & Vegies

0.56 tonne Chicken

7.9 tonne Meat

The table below shows staple foods donated monthly from October 2019 to November 2020:

A picture speaks a thousand words. Here are some pictures from our community partners:

Thank you to all our Partners for your contribution and partnership in providing food to our communities!

Gondwana Care Trust MealForTwo Lockdown emergency food supplies

Final update on the Twaloloka community that still receives assistance with meals since the devastating fire that destroyed their homes during the lockdown: Gondwana Care Trust has sponsored bread to TASK Soup Kitchen for N$28 300.00 - Some families were able to move into new homes, but the TASK Team extended their assistance towards other families in the area, as well as Narraville. Many were in dire need of a meal and thanks to the wonderful energy and care from the TASK Team, meals are served three times a week. TASK will take a short break as from 18th December 2020. Gondwana Care Trust has extended the assistance until 18th December so a full meal can still be provided to the community.

The Delight Swakopmund – Swakopmund Area

Thank you to The Delight Swakopmund team for once again looking through their stock and making a difference in their area. During the past months, The Delight Swakopmund ensured that goods that were left unused or would expire soon, would be put to use by being gifted to the community. From linen, to toilet brushes, to juice, to milk to other goods, many in the community were able to enjoy these products.

Recently, the hotel bought new bathroom equipment, and many items were once again donated to old age homes, schools and school hostels.

Thank you for taking the time to sort through- and to have all the goods handed out in perfect condition. Every small thing helps and saves these beneficiaries the expenses of purchasing these items.

Here are some of the lucky recipients: John Awaseb School, Lions Old Age Home, Tamariskia Primary school, Vrede Rede Soup Kitchen, Vrede Rede, West Side High Donation.


Project Co-ordinator: ESB Windhoek 
081 341 44 01

The ESB Rocket Stove is an efficient and user-friendly stove made out of mild steel, an old, tried and tested design, that has been revived and adapted to Namibian conditions, for several reasons, such as to have a positive impact, not only on the Namibian community, but on the environment too. Every year, many trees are cut down to supply firewood, especially in winter. The ESB Rocket Stove is super fast and efficient, saves wood (it only uses sticks and twigs) and it is safer to use as it is not an open fire. Furthermore, it provides heat during the cold winter nights.

The rate of accidents of open fires remains high and too many have suffered the disastrous consequences of shack fires in Namibia. Too many homes don’t have access to electricity and therefore families are left without choice and must use firewood to cook their meals and boil water! The Gondwana Care Trust has received a  donation of 15 more stoves which were handed out to some members of the Epupa Community. We received great feedback from the users: "…that it really changed their way of life… fast, efficient and great saving of wood as they only use straw…"


Project co-ordinator: Mr Dallas Shoovaleka
+264 081 225 36 77

The Proud Himba Foundation was founded in 2007 by Dallas, as a means to help the school children of the area. Dallas started with two kids and now he is looking after 28 children on a regular basis. Proud Himba also assists the schools in the area and the orphan feeding program. The foundation is also overlooking the cleaning campaign and keeps in contact with the needs of the schools in the area.

Proud Himba is part of the MealForTwo programme and once again we cannot thank all of our sponsors enough, who enable us to reach the far corner of Namibia and assist some many extra-ordinary organizations in their programmes to provide nutrition to the community and the children of Namibia.

Following our previous newsletters, Proud Himba was able to assist a school project to re-use tyres for the school backyard so the children can have a playground. A special thank you to Namibia2Go for the donation of tyres and thank you to ProMac and Woermann & Brock Swakopmund for the donation of paint! The children had loads of fun painting the tyres and the result looks amazing!

HEAL THE LAND – Okahandja

Project - Co-ordinator: Mr Willie Theron
Cell: +264 81 605 6615

Through Pastor Willie Theron, the Trust is able to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable in some parts of the Okahandja district. This included Khaibasen which remains active in order to continue their feeding program for the street children. Light of Hope, also based in Okahandja, assists street children twice a month with basic hygienic care. The children are able to bathe and have their wounds cared for and with luck have a change of clothing when clothing is available… Once again, any assistance so we can continue supporting the community is indeed very much welcomed!

Thank you to our team from the Gondwana Brand and Marketing office, who dedicated their time in making reusable masks for our most vulnerable against Covid-19, our elderlies. Together with a few goodies, we were able to spoil our senior citizens at Nau-Aib Old age home in Okahandja. Every little bit helps and it brings so much warmth and love to our elderlies. Thank you for your care!

Thanks to Pastor Willie Theron, many families around the Okahandja area were able to survive the ups and downs of 2020. Food parcels are delivered to families in need during these difficult times. Often, these families live in rural areas where job opportunities are not always available.


KANONO Combined School: Katima Mulilo District
School Principal: Mr Ndabeni
Cell: +264 81 204 0910

Kanono Combined School was established in 1961 and it is one of the oldest schools in the region with over 460 learners from Grade naught to nine. The school offers I.C.T. (Information, Communication, and Technology) as a subject but only theoretical classes. This is due to the fact that the school previously did not have a single computer. The school has the infrastructure to receive computers with the possibility of an internet connection. They received Wi-Fi in January 2019.

Early in 2020, Gondwana Care Trust purchased the first 10 computers and basic programmes were added with an anti-virus system. Thanks to these computers, learners were able to continue online schooling during lockdown. Unfortunately, there are not enough computers for all the learners and we would like to raise funds to buy 15 more computers needed by the school for 2021.

If you want to support Gondwana Care Trust in this project, please contact Dgini for further information. Computer literacy is a requirement nowadays in tertiary education and the workplace. Kanono Combined School is proud to be one of the first schools to offer this subject in the region. To add the practical side of the subject can only benefit the learners.

Donate Here
We recently visited the school and the learners are doing very well and they are studying on a rotational basis, so everyone can benefit from the computers and the IT class.

Kanono Combined School was also part of our recipients for the Back to School Christmas Bag and the academic results are excellent! Well done to all the learners and their teachers!

Back to School CHRISTMAS BAG Project 2020:


Gondwana Care Trust
081 242 59 00 for more information on how to assist the project


As every year, Gondwana Care Trust is sponsoring the “Back to School Christmas Bag project” to enable Namibian children to be prepared for their new year at school, encourage the children to stay at school and most of all to put a big smile on their face when they open the Christmas bag which is not only filled with a basic stationery school set but with a gift specially chosen for them!


About 3 years ago, we decided to have a material bag done which could be re-used by the child and be a bit more environmental friendly.


Schools, hostels, orphanages, OVC Centre send us their list by September/October.


The list must include: Name of the child, gender, age, grade/year and if any special needs so we can pack and personalize the bag and pack the right toy and stationery kit for the child.

Each bag has the child’s name written on and according to the age and gender, a toy is added to the bag. We have a basic stationery kit included which comprises of pens, pencils, crayons, a ruler, an eraser, a plastic folder, an exercise book, and for older grades we include a calculator if we have.

For the younger kids, we include a colouring book and a reading book with a handwritten message in the book. For the older kids, we include a roll on, body cream, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and a small towel.

This year has been very challenging and thanks to our sponsors and cash donations, we were able to fill the bag with some food items, sweets, basic hygienic products and a toy!

Thank you to Global United for their continuous support and their financial support towards the Christmas bags!

Thank you to DHL for their donation of 164 Notebooks, 40 Sun visor hats, and 40 colouring books. We also thank Waltons for the 80 packs of crayons! Thank you to World of Hygiene for their donation of shampoo, body cream, soaps and toothpaste with toothbrushes.

Thank you to African Marketing for their support with 2400 packets of Haribo sweets and Caprisun juices to add to our Christmas bags. Thank you to Kaleidoscope for the hygienic products that we could add to the bags! Your response was amazing.

Thank you to Sea Pride for the 2000 tins of fish, to Namib Mills for the bales of 1kg Instant porridge, to Seawork for the amazing 2000 packets of pasta, soup, and water bottles, so the children can have water during school hours and a special thank you to Mrs Goretti Jansen for your support and kindness and the wonderful donation of crisps we could add to the bags to spoil the children.

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors for their financial support, Deep Catch, Global United, PSG, Esmee Beauty Salon for the sweets, TASK – Ms Toya Louw for the re-usable hygienic pads contribution, Mr & Mrs Williams from F45 Studio Walvis Bay for the hygienic products, Mr & Mrs Dreyer for the office space rent free, Ms De Tavernier, Kisty Svenja & Paul Seitz, Verena Naumann, Claudia Schluter, Anja Neuhaus, Goethe Institute, Capricorn Group, Dr Alois Tschofen, Ms L A Hovelmann and a few anonymous sponsors who made a special effort to support the project.

Coastal Couriers for the support and the efficient and fast service. Thank you for your support and the great discounted rate you provided the Trust to deliver the bags to Windhoek.

This year, we managed to pack almost 2 500 bags and we are very grateful for everyone who assisted us in reaching so many children all over Namibia. Pictures will follow still in the next newsletter in 2021, as some bags will still be distributed during December and early January.

Find below the list of bags that were packed. Thank you to all the ladies and gents who took time off to help pack the bags! It is a process and packing the bag must be done with love. Each bag is packed individually!

Ovitoto Center
Paukeni Kindergarten – Hakusembe – Rundu
Penehupifo Kindergarten – Okaukuejo / Etosha
Dagbreek School – Windhoek
Don Bosco – Keetmanshoop
Soetdoringlaagte Kindergarten – Stampriet
Welwitschia Primary and pre-primary School – Khorixas

And still many more to come!!!!! The rest of the pictures and other projects taking place in December will be featured in our next newsletter early 2021.

Gondwana Care Trust will still be busy with the last of the MealForTwo orders so everyone can enjoy some Christmas lunch.

Until next year. Take care and stay safe wherever you are on our beautiful planet.


School Name


no of Bags




Penehupifo Kindergarten






Kalimbeza Kindergarten



Kanono Combined School



Heal the Land



Khabaisen Center



Dumpsite kids



Light of Hope



Welwitschia Primary School



Paukeni Pre-school



Namushasha Pre-Prelimary



Little Bugs



Mwadinomo Pre school



Don Bosco



Epupa Primary School



Epupa Pre-Primary School



Ohajuura Jnr primary & Snr P School






Stepping Stone



Ovitoto & Genade Kinderhuis



CAN / 8 West wing



Natasha Pre Primary



Geduld Primary

Grunau / Canyon Lodge


P.A.Y Center



Witkrans Primary School



Dagbreek Special School



Bridge of Hope



Lidar Foundation



Hope Village



Dordabis Primary




Keetmanshoop/ Canyon Lodge





Vulnerables Fmlies








Heal the Land, Khaibasen, Light of Hope, Nau Aib Old Age Home:
160+ children, 44 Adults.

These three organisations run in Okahandja is connected to a local church. They provide cooked meals to vulnerable and homeless kids in Okahandja. They are also affiliated with the Nau Aib Old Age Home in Okahandja and provide cooked meals to the elderly in the old age home.

Dagbreek Special School:
26 Children, 7 Adults.
Operates in Windhoek provide education, food and shelter to kids with disabilities.

Mammadu Trust:
60 Children.
Operates in Otjomuise, Windhoek and provides food and education to orphaned and vulnerable children in the community.

Bridge of Hope:
140 Children.
Operates in Katutura, Windhoek providing food parcels and cooked meals to vulnerable children people in those communities.

Khomas Homeless Development Trust:
+-80 Adults and 20 Kids.
Operates in Khomasdal and Katutura, Windhoek providing cooked meals to homeless people in those communities.

Senior Park:
160 residents.
Old Age home in Pioneerspark, Windhoek. MealForTwo donations go to the elderly that needs food assistance and for the old age home kitchen.

Lidar Foundation:
250 Children and 100 Adults.
Provides food and youth empowerment and educational activities for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Katutura- Central.

Hope Village:
88 Children.
Provides a loving home and food to orphans and abandoned children living with HIV and other debilitating illnesses. Operate in Katutura, Windhoek

PAY Center:
120 Children.
Operates in Katutura, Windhoek.
Provides nutrient meals and education and physical activity programmes daily to kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Huis Maerua:
24 Children.
Operates in Windhoek. Houses and feeds children with social welfare troubled backgrounds.

Elshaddai Caring and Feeding:
120 Children and 30 Adults.
Operates in Keetmanshoop.
Provides nutritious meals daily to kids and adults coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dorcas Soup Kitchen:
100 children and 20 adults.
Operates in Keetmanshoop.
Provides nutritious meals daily to kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Geduld Primary School and Immanuel Hostel:
200 children.
Operates in Grunau.
Provides education, shelter and food to kids from the Grunau and surrounding area.

Witkrans Primary School:
162 children and 8 adults.
Provide nutrient meals for underprivileged children from the Witkrans area.

Natascha Pre-Primary School & Day Care:
46 children.
Operates in Okuryangava, Windhoek, provide food and care to vulnerable children from the community.

Grace Project:
180 families.
Operates in Khomasdal, Windhoek.
Distributes food parcels to vulnerable families, especially pensioners.

Proud Himba.
Based in Epupa, the project was founded in 2007 to extend help to the school children of the area. It not only looks after 30 children on a regular basis but also assists schools and the orphan feeding program

MAD (Make a Difference Charity):
28 families.
Based in Tsumeb, they look after 28 families on a regular basis, which mostly consist of disabled youth and elderly, visually impaired or sickly elderly from the Kuvukiland settlement.

Men on the Side of the Road.
Operates in Windhoek and Swakopmund.
MSR assists job seekers in acquiring skills to assist them in finding employment. The GCT assist MSR to provide food parcels to active members of the organization who attend regularly (monthly) held community meetings geared towards sharing information on possible jobs or training and any other information that they need to have.

Spitzkoppe community.
The indigenous communities of the Spitzkoppe area are largely reliant on Tourism in the Spitzkoppe area for income. Since the pandemic, these communities had no income and means for sustenance. The GCT assists 56 families with food parcels.

Twaloloka community.
Since the communities of Twaloloka lost their homes to the fires in the community, the Gondwana Care Trust together with other likeminded organisations and soup kitchens has assisted the devastated communities with food.

Please contact Dgini for further information on how to donate –

Thank you to all the wonderful individuals for their contributions. Thank you! Should you still want to contribute with a cash donation, please find our bank details below. Please add your name/Food relief as a reference for your contribution or Winter clothing

Bank Windhoek Limited 
Gondwana Care Trust 
Maerua Mall Branch / 483 872 
Chk – 800 818 44 91

Donate Here

We have a few more projects lined up, please contact the Trust if you would like more information.

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

Gondwana Care Trust
+264 81 242 59 00

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