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Hello Inbox Apprentice!

It's bank holiday weekend which as always means shite weather, packed beaches (although this year and an excuse for a cheeky sale.

No doubt you've received at least a few emails opening with "in these challenging times" or something similar. Check out this chucklesome poem about funny opening lines.

I've taken on a couple of training courses this week as if I didn't have enough to fill my lockdown plate!

1: An e-commerce copywriting course I'm looking forward to putting into action with clients soon.
2: And I'm working towards certification from Litmus (a big email coding platform) on metrics and email marketing management).

This week I've got a video on what is a good open rate and I also wanted to explain how opens are tracked.

When you send an email out of an email platform (like Mailchimp), it attaches a little invisible image at the bottom of the email.

The reader opens it and that picture is loaded and Mailchimp notes down who opened it and when.

It then counts up all the people who have opened the email and divides it by the number you sent it to.

This is known as the open rate and is a good measurement of how good your subject line is, but it's not too useful beyond that.

Find out what a good open rate is in this week's video:

Emails, Explained: What's a good open rate?

This week's video looks at open rates and how what to aim for.
Thankfully the place button in this thumbnail is covering my face.

Upcoming Event: Late May Bank Holiday

25th May is the next bank holiday, after VE day earlier this month.
While lockdown is still expected to be maintained, there will be a huge flurry of e-commerce sales targeted around the bank holiday sale period.

Email Of The Week

Every week, I'll choose an email I've received to talk about, for better or worse. (Click for a larger image).

This week comes from B2B Marketing - which obviously should(!) be a beacon of how do it properly.

This email from them with the subject line "Take the mess out of messaging", which made me inquisitive enough to open it.

It's a heavy text-based email, with the main call to action to download a report from a company called Guild.

The link takes you through to a landing page, where you're asked to login and hand over all your personal details to Guild in order to download the report.

*sigh* - I don't really want to do that because then they'll keep hounding my phone for the next two years.

This was probably the first email I'd opened from them in about two years.

Time to unsubscribe. Or so I thought.

Clicking the link takes you to a page, where you have to type in your email address to unsubscribe you.

Annoying as I have several aliases on my email account, I can't be quite sure which one this was sent to.

Always think about what the next step for the reader is when they click a link. Hiding information behind registration walls when they're already a subscriber is annoying at best and will increase unsubscribes at worst.

VERDICT: An OK email, but really let down by poor landing page and terrible unsubscribe process.
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Until then, have a great week and as always, Let's Send Better Emails.

Many Thanks,
Jon from Inbox Hero
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