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Hello Inbox Apprentice,

The sun is (currently) shining and the pubs are hesitantly opening again. There does indeed appear to be a future resembling normal, so I'm currently celebrating.

Also, an announcement: I'm writing a book. Or rather, I've been writing a book for a while and putting a public deadline will see me celebrating/relieved to get it out on time and the threat of internet humiliation will make me get it done.

Unsurprisingly, about email marketing, Send Better Emails is a book for people new to email marketing to help them get the most out of it.

Great email campaigns are rare and I've distilled the markers for success into nine jigsaw shaped pieces, each interlock and build onto the next.

Coming out at the end of October (I'll have a think about some awful Halloween 'spooktacular' puns!) I'm committing to it so it actually does happen, seeing as how I've been writing it for six months and there's only another three to go until I want it to happen.

I'm also giving a talk this week about using email marketing in membership organisations - check that out further down.

Enjoy this week's Emails, Explained and have a great week.

Emails, Explained: Don't buy data

A new video from the Emails, Explained Youtube channel: all about buying emails.

Now I know a lot of businesses buy email data. I get it, it's a really easy way to get going with the 'batch and blast' and what's the problem?

Lots of things, but you're always much better off partnering up with another business or person with an audience and sharing what you have.

It's called List Rental and is what today's video is all about:

Engaging with members

I'm giving a talk tomorrow (Monday 20th July) about how to engage members with emails.

Products and memberships are two quite different things to sell and engage with, so I'm speaking to students' unions to show them how to engage members for the long-haul.

You can find more details and book a ticket by clicking the picture below.

Email Of The Week

Every issue I choose an email I've received to talk about. But I've decided I only really want to show great examples, as inspiration - rather than add negativity by pointing out mistakes.

And this week, I've not seen any emails that stopped me in my tracks. So there's nothing here :(

If your emails are AMAZING, email them to me at your business name, for example: - just so I can group your company ones all together.

Upcoming Event: Yorkshire Day

1st August

Unless you're based in Yorkshire, this day might just pass you by. But if you're there, or if you do business with anyone from Yorkshire, you'll know about it.

When working in Sheffield, Yorkshire Day was a huge staple of the local calendar - shops, pubs and businesses would all have special offerings to celebrate the best of Yorkshire.

Most of the big events that are on the marketing diary for the year like most of the festivals are cancelled, so this might seem like a strange 'event' to promote, but I'd suggest looking locally and see what local days for celebration there are near you.
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Until then, have a great week and always Let's Send Better Emails.

Many Thanks,
Jon from Inbox Hero
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