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Hello Inbox Apprentice!

Hope you're making as much as you can of the nice weather. My wife has been furiously gardening - I say furious because she's been drilling into these huge plant pots for drainage.

A bit of a shorter newsletter this week as I was cycling on my new-ish electric bike yesterday and got a bit carried away with the time!

This week I've got a video on one-click unsubscribes and why it's important.

If you're using Mailchimp, it'll automatically happen, but some systems (especially in larger organisations or when DIY)  mean it can be a real pain to unsubscribe and people simply click "Report as Spam" instead of opting out, which hurts your email reputation so much more.

Find out why I think one-click unsubscribes should be the norm in this week's video:

Emails, Explained: One-Click Unsubscribes?

This week's video looks at unsubscribes and how people should do it.
If you're using Mailchimp or a similar email marketing platform, it's normally done for you, but sometimes it's not and having to reply to opt-out is a bad look.

Upcoming Event: National Beer Day

15th June is national beer day, no doubt brewers already have this marked in their calendars.
Apparently in lockdown, the UK has had a huge spike in booze orders and I'm sure this might leak into some cheeky advertising.
Speaking of, the BrewDog brewer is launching a Barnard Castle Eye Test ale at a hazy 6% ABV, sending a case to 10 Downing Street with a note: "best enjoyed in rose gardens, while discussing all the cummings and goings".

Email Of The Week

Every week, I'll choose an email I've received to talk about, for better or worse. (Click for a larger image).

This week comes from a copywriter, and the source of my ire comes from the subject line: "Did you call me?"

Of course I didn't call him, and these subject lines that bait you to open them will have super high open rates, followed by super high unsubscribes when people feel duped.

Almost as bad as the emails that start "RE:" to make you think you've previously spoken to them.

VERDICT: A deceptive subject line makes the rest of content feel a bit slimy.
Send me your emails! Add  your to your newsletter list and you might show up in my Email of the Week block.

Or, if you see a great email, forward it over to me as well!

This email newsletter will always be a bit of a work in progress. Think it's great, or that's something's missing? Just hit reply and let me know.

Until then, have a great week and as always, Let's Send Better Emails.

Many Thanks,
Jon from Inbox Hero
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