Emails, Explained #09
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Hello Inbox Apprentice,

The summer is belatedly here!
I've spend most of the week in my office trying to cool down, feeling like:

Today I'm talking about automated emails and the new features in Mailchimp.

Enjoy this week's Emails, Explained and have a great week.

Mailchimp New Feature

This week I'm going to talk about some new features in Mailchimp - but stick around even if you use another system as I've got a webinar about email sequences that'll work on any system.

So from Monday, Mailchimp has started rolling out Customer Journeys that replace the older Automations:

One of the neglected parts of Mailchimp for some time now has been automated emails. It was clunky and other providers did it better ... until now.

You can now create branches, have several different entry and exit points, and be a lot more flexible and ambitious with your email plans.

There are a bunch of pre-built customer journeys:

And you get a handy option: Do you just want to send one email (like if someone registers to download a freebie and you're looking to only send out one followup) - or do you want to have a few more emails and make the most of it?:

The visual automation/customer journey builder is reasonably intuitive and means you can build well-constructed emails in minutes:

It's a great feature and brings Mailchimp back to the top of email providers.

I've got some exciting news to share next week about a Mailchimp video course I'm just finishing up that'll be really helpful in making the most out of the platform.

Email Of The Week

A few weeks ago in my "Upcoming Events" piece, I hinted at Yorkshire Day (1st August) being a great day to use, if it fits your company's brand.

A great example of that comes from Plusnet, with it's strong northern roots.

It's gone all out with the Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire Deals tagline, with a few offers.

You'll see this email isn't particularly long - it's main aim is to get you on the website to look at the deals.

As I'm a Plusnet customer, this email is trying to upgrade me into adding a SIM only plan - a great idea to cross-sell related products to existing customers.


Email sequences you need: Webinar

So I wrote earlier about the new feature from Mailchimp, but let's think about the email sequences you need for your business - and this will be relevant no matter what email software you used.

I've got a webinar coming up on Monday 7th September, 11am.

I'll be going through the three main email sequences every business needs and the quick wins you can get started on in a really short amount of time.

I'll send over more details next week, but write it in your diary now!

Your Actions/To Do:

☑ Read this email

☐ Write 7th September @ 11am in the diary for the email sequence webinar

☐ See if you send any email sequences at the minute and look at the results.
Send me your emails! Add to your newsletter list and I'll showcase the best in the Email of the Week block.

This email newsletter will always be a bit of a work in progress. Think it's great, or that's something's missing? Just hit reply and let me know.

Until then, have a great week and always let's Send Better Emails.

Many Thanks,
Jon from Inbox Hero
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