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It's time to Send Better Emails!

So it's been ... a really long time since my last email. I've asked all my readers to re-subscribe because just spamming people out the blue isn't great.

And that's what my first, properly regular email is about: Asking permission.

From the Ten Commandments for Email Marketing



Asking permission is the only way to build long term relationships.

"Legitimate interest" (the GDPR defence for the go-to spammers) CANNOT be used for marketing emails. I will bare-knuckle fight anyone who tries to even suggest so.

The three main points to this command are:
  1. Require enthusiastic consent.
    Think a screaming YES!, then a reluctant 'go on then'
  2. Re-permission older email addresses.
    That's what I'm doing with the few hundred emails I've got on my list to date. Removing them and asking if they want to still be part of it, and how to opt back in.
  3. Auto-unsubscribe people who don't open after 25 consecutive unopens - that's emailing someone once a week for six months.
    Take the hint, they're not interested.

Upcoming Event: Inbox Expo

I'm speaking at the first Inbox Expo event in March!

I work for the RAC as their email marketing manager sending out emails to over 10 million customers and prospects and I'm giving a talk about how email marketing can thrive in regulated markets (RAC is an insurance company, so is financially regulated)

There are still some tickets left if you fancy coming and meeting the brightest and best in the email marketing world (More details, click here >>)

Email Of The Week

Every week, I'll choose an email I've received to talk about, for better or worse.

This week it comes from Nigel Botteril from Entrepreneurship Circle.

As you can see, it looks like a regular(ish) email from an internet marketer (that is to say, someone who makes more money from telling people how to make money than from actually making money from doing an actual job!)

It's pretty standard from Nigel and it looks alright, until you try to unsubscribe.

I only found this out because I wanted to unsubscribe - and I couldn't find the link anywhere. Until I scrolled ALL the way to the bottom. And that bottom is FOURTY(!) that's a four followed by a zero, line breaks (or enter keys) until the unsubscribe link.

This is the sneaky-you-can-never-leave trick of still leaving in an unsubscribe link to get around spam filters but still really reduce your unsubscriber rate.

VERDICT: Never do this - people who can't unsubscribe will just report as spam (counted as abuse), which is even worse for your emails.
Send me your emails! Add to your newsletter list and I'll give you a FREE newsletter audit, as well as showing the best in my Email of the Week block.

This email newsletter is a work in progress. This is the first of the weekly Sunday evening Send Better Emails.

Have a great week ahead and I hope I earned the privilege of your time (the topic for next weeks newsletter!).

Many Thanks,
Jon from Inbox Hero
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