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Hello Inbox Apprentice!

So it's been a while since I sent the weekly email and there were a few reasons for this.

Firstly, the virus was starting to really worry people and I didn't want my email to clog up your inbox when every brand was telling you how often they're cleaning stores.

Secondly, I became unwell myself. Bored to tears on my sick bed, Netflix persuaded me to watch Too Hot To Handle which I believe is like Love Island, but with no hanky-panky. It was trashy, but somehow I couldn't stop streaming it.

Netflix's trashy new show Too Hot To Handle

Thirdly, it just didn't seem right. None of this is normal, but we're slowly starting to get used to our new surroundings.

As we adjust to the 'new normal' - a new phrase to add to the buzzword bingo cards for tedious Zoom calls, and businesses look to see how they can relaunch - I thought I'd restart this newsletter.

I've also started a YouTube channel as well, with short videos on topics and questions I get asked all the time.

It will develop into a valuable resource to dive into questions you might now have thought about (as well as good for me to have a bank of pre-made replies!)

Emails, Explained: Buying A List

I've started a weekly YouTube channel, and thought where better to share some of these short email tidbits than in my own newsletter?

This week I ask - Should you buy a list? The answer is fairly unequivocal.

Upcoming Event: Late May Bank Holiday

25th May is the next bank holiday, after VE day earlier this month.
While lockdown is still expected to be maintained, there will be a huge flurry of e-commerce sales targeted around the bank holiday sale period.

Email Of The Week

Every week, I'll choose an email I've received to talk about, for better or worse. (Click image to enlarge).

This week it comes from Pizza Express, which has outdone itself this week with a fab email promoting it's products, but giving a specific opt-out.

Obviously for them at the moment, all restaurants are closed, they're unlikely to re-open anytime soon and when they do, it'll be a very different dining experience.

So for Pizza Express to pivot into marketing its supermarket pizzas, this was a natural move. 

The top half talks to staying at home, with a GIF that swipes through Instagram photos. Very socially savvy.

Then it talks about the sauces and pizzas you can buy in the shop.

Underneath this and this is what I REALLY love, there's a 'Piccolo Corner' for kids with four different worlds to explore. What's really great is underneath it, there's a "Click here to remove Piccolo content".

As someone who doesn't have a child, this is FAB STUFF. I don't have kids, so I don't want to see content for them.

VERDICT: A really great implementation of selective opt-out.
Send me your emails! Add to your newsletter list and I'll give you a FREE newsletter audit, as well as showing the best in my Email of the Week block.

This email newsletter will always be a bit of a work in progress. Think it's great, or that's something's missing? Just hit reply and let me know.

Until then, have a great week and always Let's Send Better Emails.

Many Thanks,
Jon from Inbox Hero
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