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🚀 Global BTC Adoption Gets Huge Boost

The speed of execution from the Binance team is truly a thing of beauty...

The popular crypto exchange announced they are partnering with the peer-to-peer trading platform Paxful to promote the adoption of Bitcoin...

As a result of the partnership, Binance users will be able to use Paxful to purchase Bitcoin with 167 fiat currencies. Some of these include the Russian ruble (RUB), the Vietnamese dong (VND), the Indonesian rupiah (IDR), and much more.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that this "marks a significant partnership between a crypto exchange and peer-to-peer platform."

The bigger picture? The partnership aims to reach and aid an estimated 2 billion unbanked people worldwide.

Furthermore, last week Binance also announced the launch of its fiat gateway for Latin America, dubbed Latamex.

The new platform will allow users in Brazil and Argentina to make purchases of cryptocurrency with the Argentinian Peso (ARS) and Brazilian Real (BRL).

Coinfloor Exchange Is Delisting Ether Next Month; Focusing Only on Bitcoin

U.K.'s longest-running crypto platform, CoinFloor, has announced that it's planning to delist Ethereum (ETH) in January 2020. Starting on January 3, (Bitcoin's 11th birthday) Coinfloor will focus solely on Bitcoin instead.

The exchange explained it was delisting Ethereum due to the asset's unclear future of hard forks and the need for technical support.

...Not a good look for the world's second-largest cryptocurrency.


NASDAQ: Biotech stock alert

The NASDAQ stock exchange is abundant with emerging growth biotech stocks, but there is one company that is on our radar that is targeting the most aggressive type of brain cancer that was developed at the largest cancer treatment and research institute in the world. Click here for more details.


Messari's Crypto Theses for 2020

This monster report (so far the best year in review we've found) covers the top 10 people to watch, narratives to follow, infrastructure and policy updates, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, Web 3, stablecoin trends, inspiring must reads.... and last but not least, 20 investment theses.

It's your mini-encyclopedia for the year ahead.

Our favorite slide of it all? ⬇️ (page 14)

PlusToken Scammers Didn’t Just Steal $2+ Billion Worth of Cryptocurrency. They May Also Be Driving Down the Price of Bitcoin.

Blockchain data and analysis firm, Chainalysis, released a report detailing the Chinese-based multiBILLION dollar PlusToken scam, which is likely one of the largest ponzi schemes ever.

Chainalysis estimates over 25,000 BTC in proceeds of the scam have already been laundered through OTC brokers, with 20,000 more BTC and over 700,000 ETH still ready to be cashed out.

Their data suggests that the criminals behind the PlusToken Ponzi scheme could be driving down the price of Bitcoin when they liquidate their stolen funds via OTC brokers.

Opinion: Cryptocurrency Is Most Useful for Breaking Laws and Social Constructs

On a more controversial note, Jill Carlson wrote a 2019 year end opinion piece arguing that crypto is NOT designed for mainstream adoption...

Her theory: The sole use-case for cryptocurrencies is for getting around censored transactions.

Lots of mixed opinions on this one (exhibit A & B)... Which side do you sit on?


The 5G Device Every American Must Have This Year

A groundbreaking new technology is expected to be in every household in America by the end of this year… This technology has the potential to make over 266 million smartphones become obsolete, forcing nearly every American to switch over to this new “5G Device."


SEC Proposes to Update Accredited Investor Definition

In a press release issued today, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to propose amendments to the existing accredited investor definitions. The proposal would allow more investors to participate in private capital markets based on professional knowledge, experience, and certifications rather than just income or net worth.

Here's why it really matters...



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