Editor's Note: It's been 9-months since we've seen $8k-plus BTC. What's this bull run actually mean for the market? Are the glory days back?? We have no clue, truthfully.

What we do know, however, is that friends and fam are back at it with texts like this...
Let the mania continue!! (love ya cuz). Now onto the news...


The Bull Market May Be Back in Full Swing: Here's What Caused It...

So here we are again. BTC is raging past $8k... we're seeing record breaking volumes... BTC dominance surged once again (4%-plus)... and, so far, it seems the crypto markets are doing a pretty good job on shedding that winter weight.

But no one's a wizard here at CoinSnacks. So instead of pegging this long-awaited bull run to a specific trigger, we'll simply share what seems to be collectively reasonable here...
  • A batch of whales (deep-pocketed investors), that started buying in waves
  • Massive short squeezes, causing instantaneous buying pressure
  • The US's trade war with China
  • A slew of impressive product releases at NY Blockchain Week (more on that below)


Nexo - Better Than Any Bank Account

Nexo is powered by 10 years of experience in online lending. The company now provides the community with the World’s First Instant Crypto Credit Lines - you get instant cash to spend using your crypto as collateral without having to sell it.
  • Minimum loan amount of just $500, maximum is $2M
  • Funds can be received in 45+ fiat currencies or stablecoins
  • No minimum Installments. Repay whenever you want, using your crypto or bank transfer


Consensus 2019 is UNDERWAY. Major Announcements So Far:

As many of you know, Consensus 2019, the CoinDesk sponsored blockchain conference in New York, started on Monday.

This is where the industry’s top startups, thought-leaders, investors, and financial institutions all come together to discuss the current state of the market. Major announcements are made… multiple projects and protocols are launched... and future expectations will be shared.

Here are our favorite highlights so far...

The Schnorr Signature & Taproot Softfork Proposal

Flying under the radar – bypassing all the price hype and headlines – is the Taproot/Schnorr BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal). Sometime in the near future, the Bitcoin community will be implementing the Schnorr signature, the Taproot softfork, and other base layer improvements – all of which will create massive benefits in Bitcoin’s smart contracting capabilities, privacy, utility, and scalability.

To get up to speed on these developments (nothing final yet) here's a great resource to lean on from Bitmex.

Bitfinex Successfully Raises $1 Billion in Tether From Investors Says CTO

Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex, stated on Twitter that the exchange has successfully raised $1 billion in Tether (USDT) from investors including private companies and industry "giants." This is after the New York Attorney General accused Bitfinex of mismanaging $900 million of Tether's cash reserves in an attempt to "cover-up" a recent loss of over $850 million.



US Treasury Published MASSIVE New Guidance on Crypto Regulation

Last week, the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) published new guidelines showing how anti-money laundering laws apply to Bitcoin and the rest of crypto in general. Everyone panic!

h/t @nlw and @jchervinsky for covering the highlights and breaking down the winners & losers under the new guidance...

🏆 Winners: non-custodial wallets; DEXes & DeFi lenders; blockchain developers; anonymizing software providers; most traders

😔 Losers: p2p traders & arbitrageurs; crypto ATMs; and ICOs


SEC Again Delays Decision on Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Approval

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) once again delayed a decision on whether to approve or reject a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) on Tuesday.

😉 Nothing new here...



In less than 2 minutes, homeboy Sherman explained to us just how convoluted the US Dollar system really is. The main point though: The fear is fueled by the power of cryptocurrencies, not their weaknesses.

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