⚡ Bitfinex to Support Deposits and Withdrawals on Lightning Network

Bitfinex has announced it will officially support Lightning Network (LN) deposits and withdrawals.

The move represents a first for a major crypto exchange.

With the LN, exchange users will benefit from instant transactions... and will pay almost zero fees to send funds.

Lone Analyst Drops Hive, Marking Fall of Former Crypto Star

Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. was an overnight stock sensation when it became the first cryptominer in the world to trade publicly. Two years later, abandoned by the last analyst covering it, Hive joins the list of flame-outs on Canada’s junior stock exchange...


On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, One of the Greatest Traders Ever is Going to Do Something He’s Never Done Before…

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Q3 2019 Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report

It’s looking like a bumper year so far for cryptocurrency criminals.

According to the latest CipherTrace report, losses from digital crime, in which cryptocurrency was the main haul, reached $4.4 billion over the first nine months of the year.

Other highlights from the report:
  • Two-thirds of the 120 most popular crypto exchanges have porous or weak KYC
  • “The Travel Rule" is the most commonly cited violation with regard to money service businesses engaged in virtual currencies
  • Recent reports of the death of privacy coins have been greatly exaggerated

Is Bitcoin a Better Investment than Gold, Oil and Stocks?

Over the past decade, Bitcoin has morphed from a relatively niche payments system to one of the world's most profitable investment assets. In its infancy, the return on investment (ROI) for Bitcoin has managed to surpass the returns of traditional assets and indices, virtually crushing them in its wake.

With the turn of the century around the corner, this article takes a look back at how you would have done if you had placed $100 on each of these investments.

Bitcoin No Longer Looks Like ‘Digital Gold’ by One Measure

For most of the year, Bitcoin's price showed a modestly negative correlation with the S&P 500. In other words, BTC tended to rise on days when the bellwether stock-market index fell, and vice versa.

But since early October, that relationship has significantly weakened. Here's the data to prove it.

🎙️ Best Crypto Podcasts of 2019

Behold. Here's a list of the best Bitcoin, crypto and crypto adjacent podcast episodes of 2019 hand-picked by Andy Pickering 👍 – Host of the Crypto Conversation podcast.

"In no particular order, all are essential listens..."

Stop Blaming Miners for Falling BTC Prices

A prevalent preconception is that miners have a somehow disproportionate stronghold of Bitcoin's prices. Is there any truth to that?

  • Miners actually command only a small percentage of BTC “selling-power”
  • There's no meaningful correlation between miner outflows to exchanges and BTC prices


Silicon Valley AI drives these 3 cryptos to 12,391% gains

You’ve probably heard about the rise of artificial intelligence.

Self-driving cars, Google’s Alexa, even your smartphone use AI.

But you might not know that cryptocurrency technology will make it safe. It’s designed to transmit & secure private data using hacker-proof technology.

Without it, any AI could be hacked. That could bring down businesses and even affect you personally.

It why companies like Amazon, JP Morgan, and Facebook are scurrying into crypto.

It’s also why investors chased 3 hacker-proof cryptos into the stratosphere. If you picked the right ones, you could have made gains of 3,353%, 5,849%, and even 12,391%.

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🇩🇪 New Law Makes Germany “Crypto Heaven”

Last week, the German parliament passed a bill allowing banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies. The new legislation will come into play at the start of the new year... and will require current custody providers and crypto exchanges operating in the country to take steps, before the end of the year, to apply for a German license.

This is pretty big news considering Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world...

The law will not only put Germany at the forefront of regulation in cryptocurrencies, but it heralds yet another milestone for the global adoption of crypto assets.


Just In: British Virgin Islands Launch Own Digital Currency

The government of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) just announced the details of its own digital currency. The project is developed in partnership with blockchain-oriented startup

For about 60 years, BVI has used the US dollar as its national currency. Now the government is working on a stablecoin and will be pegged to the USD with a ratio of 1:1. The digital currency system will likely cut transaction fees, increase transaction speed, and ensure liquidity for both residents and tourists.



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