Fed Chief Calls for Facebook to Halt Libra Project Until Concerns Addressed

Facebook is facing a growing chorus of doubts about its new Libra cryptocurrency project from authorities around the world, ahead of two congressional hearings on the initiative next week.

Today, the chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, said Libra raised a host of “serious concerns” around “money laundering, consumer protection and financial stability.”

Additionally, this week Epsilon Theory went in on the this whole Libra thing. Here is the best counter argument to everything you've heard about Libra being good for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, Holidays, and FOMO

Market-wide data analysis suggests that Bitcoin may exhibit a specific, FOMO-influenced pattern of behavior around major holidays...



The “Coinbase Effect” is Back With a Bang

The “Coinbase Effect” is back.

The term describes what happens when to the price of a cryptocurrency after it’s been listed on the San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase. Though Coinbase isn’t the biggest exchange by volume, it has enormous visibility and respectability, especially among U.S. retail investors.

The most recent beneficiary of the Effect? Chainlink (LINK) – a project that was, by the way, highly anticipated from one of our favorite crypto thought-leaders.

The Nature of Cryptocurrency Markets: An Analysis of 3 Trend-Based Strategies

In the absence of generally accepted valuation models, more and more BTC price movements observed are due to speculation and trends... as opposed to actual utility.

Here are 3 solid trend-based BTC trading strategies to keep in mind. (TL;DR version here)

Fair warning: As the nature of the crypto market evolves, these strategies could actually do the opposite. Just be careful, everyone.

Blockchain 2019 Cryptoasset Investment Thesis

Blockchain just released their 2019 Cryptoasset Investment Thesis. They offer answers as to why billions of people do not yet own crypto, and examine the factors driving crypto adoption.



Regulatory Overview of Crypto Mining in Different Countries

While the bitcoin mining space has marched on over the last two years, regulatory moves can still hold sway over the use of cryptocurrencies around the world.

This overview from Cointelegraph takes a deeper look at the major countries that have extensive cryptocurrency mining activity and the stances they have taken over the past few years toward the emerging industry.

Need a refresher on mining in general? Here's a recently published crypto mining 101.


Cuba Eyes Cryptocurrency as Solution to Sanctions, Financial Woes

Cuba has announced it is considering the use of cryptocurrency to bolster its finances. They intend to use crypto as part of a package aimed to boost incomes for as much as a quarter of Cubans, and assist with market reforms.

Sounds familiar? It almost feels like Cuba may be taking notes from Venezuela and their "petro" cryptocurrency. Consider us skeptical. 😐


🏛️ Bill to Provide “Safe Harbor” for Crypto Fork Taxpayers Reintroduced in Congress

A bill aimed at alleviating the tax burden of cryptocurrency investors was reintroduced yesterday by U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer.

The so-called "Safe Harbor for Taxpayers with Forked Assets" bill attempts to bring tax clarity around hard forks. As the name implies, the bill will provide a "safe harbor" for taxpayers when their assets are forked, meaning they won't have to face penalties if they don't pay taxes on forked assets correctly.

This is round two for Emmer, who first introduced the bill in 2018.



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