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There is a lot is going on

in the vineyard,

his time of year. 


Don't be fooled by all this warm weather. 

Mother Nature can be very unpredictable;
and at this time of year,
FROST can be a major concern.

           Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Vines Are Already In Bud Break

Many varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are waking up from their short nap over the winter.

We call it bud break, a term used to describe the tender young green shoots, emerging from its bud;
their protective cocoon.


This can be one of the most crucial times
in determining,
if it will be a successful year in the vineyard... or not.

The young shoots are susceptible to major damage from the environment as well as animals.  

Most vineyards are protected
by deer and rabbit fencing
which when closely monitored, is a successful deterrent from critters looking for a midnight snack!


Frost is a Big Worry!

Many people don’t realize how much damage can be caused on one chilly night!

It only takes around twenty minutes of freezing temperatures, to destroy the young, tender shoots.

Therefore, many vineyards have frost control.

There are three ways to protect the vines from the overnight freezing temperatures: 

Heaters, Sprinklers and Wind Machines.
Most heaters, smudge pots,
are not used, due to environmental concerns.

Sprinklers are very expensive to install and maintain, plus, they need water. 

However, most vineyards have collecting ponds,
that rely on the winter rains to fill.

Smudge Pots and Wind Machine in a Vineyard

How Does the Wind Machine

Protect the Vineyard?

During most frost events, the cold freezing air,
is heavier than the warmer air
and settles close to the ground; around 40 to 50 feet.

This is called an inversion layer. 
The wind machines are tall enough, (30 feet tall
with long blades), to mix the warmer air
with the freezing air, around the fruiting zone.

Most wind machines are powered by propane;
which is a reliable source of energy, 
and is not affected by power outages.

Most wind machines provide 1 to 3 degrees of warming, for a ten-acre vineyard
and are very successful in Sonoma Valley.

Carneros, which is one of the
coldest areas of the Valley,
produces many of the early varieties,
and is very susceptible to frost.

Therefore, they heavily rely on wind machines.

Normally, frost occurs after large rainstorms.

The predicted weather pattern,
may cause some frost incidents, in the next few weeks.

   That’s farming... we are ready!

Quote of the Week:

“March winds and April showers,
bring forth May flowers.”

                                                                           -English Proverb



 VOM Garden Club
Will be selling Heirloom Tomato Starts & More here at CVM / Cook's Mercantile
Saturday, April 4th from 10am to 1pm

Prices start @ $3.00 a plant

Cara Todd from 

    E.B. STONE  will be here to discuss your soil,    
     fertilizer and plant food options.
Don't miss this great opportunity, to get your heirloom tomato plants in the ground or pot,
just in time!

 Cook’s will have “all you need” to transplant your tomatoes into your own garden.
Now is the time to feed your plants E.B. Stone Organic Blood Meal.

Available at Cook's Mercantile
Blood Meal –  NPK 13-0-0
A long-lasting source of organic nitrogen which is readily available to plants.

It will continue to release nitrogen gradually throughout the growing season.

Blood meal is ideal for use on
most garden plants to encourage growth
and improve leaf color.

It is suitable for use on fast growing plants including vegetables, perennials, annuals, roses, shrubs, and trees.

EB Stone’s Blood Meal may also be used as a source of nitrogen in compost piles.

-CDFA registered organic-



Come in and check out our new
"Olive Sonoma,"
Olive Oil section, at Cook's


You can now purchase this year's, olive oil varieties:
in a bottle,
buy a food grade reusable stainless steel bottle,
a 5 liter Fusti,
or bring a bottle of your own to fill.

Come in for a tasting soon...
...and pick out your favorite!





Sonoma Syrup
We are proud to carry SONOMA SYRUP Co. products!

When life gives you lemons...


Classic Lemonade
  1. Mix in a pitcher with plenty of ice.
Recipe by Sonoma Syrup at


We are proud to carry

Wall Décor & Pillows

by Rue Sonoma

Come in and see what we have!

"As a local Sonoma business, we celebrate all things Sonoma!"

Natalie Rupiper

Rue Sonoma is a home décor business,
based in the Sonoma Valley

 specializing in soft furnishings & wall décor.


All materials used in their designs are locally sourced in Sonoma County. All the wall décor is made with reclaimed wood - the frames are made with reclaimed redwood and the images are original designs using vintage images. The pillow covers are made with American grown & milled cottons, and the images are created using vintage images. All home décor is handmade in the Rue Sonoma studio & workshop.



Come in and see our amazing Bird Boxes from:


Their Green Agriculture Approach,  provides an environmentally friendly approach, for controlling rodents,
significantly reducing crop loss
with minimal use of chemicals.


Rodent Control - Nature’s Way!
“Due to increasing rodent populations and a need to reduce chemical use in the field,
use of barn owls in agriculture, is rapidly increasing.” 


you can use these boxes to help control pests without using poison and insecticides.

We have the boxes here for purchase.


 For more information, Please Call 707-938-7917
or email:


Good News for all you "Hair Sparkle" Fans!
DazzLites will be at Cook's, the 2nd Saturday of each month
12:00pm until 3:00pm

Next Event: April 11th, 2020

 So we can plan...  if you are coming;
Please RSVP
to Lisa @ 707.732.3505

Upcoming Classes & Events at Cooks

19626 8th Street East, Sonoma, CA  95476

2020 Cheese Class Schedule 


Complimentary Wine Tasting is included during each class. 
Each participant receives a recipe, and a delicious sample of cheese. 
Artisanal cheeses for tasting before and during class.

Our informative and highly interactive classes are taught by the
award winning team from The Epicurean Connection.

Each cheese class is $40.00, payable at time of registration.

Give us a call at 707-938-7917 to reserve your space.


Saturday, 4-18-2020
Buttermilk, Sour Cream & Kefir & Kefir Soda with Spring fruits
As a group, we will make a fresh Buttermilk, Sour Cream and Kefir. Then we will make a Kefir Spritzer with a variety of fresh Spring Fruits.

Saturday,  5-16-2020                                   
Crème de Ricotta & Poached Salmon
As a group, we will make Crème de Ricotta, then poach fresh salmon in the whey from the Ricotta

Saturday, 6-20-2020                                           
Chèvre, Crème Fraiche & Fromage Blanc with local honey tasting.
As a group, we will make Chèvre, Crème Fraiche & Fromage Blanc and taste a variety of local honeys. 

July                 No Class
August            No Class

Saturday, 9-19-2020                    
Feta Three Ways with fresh pressed harvest grape juice
As a group, we will make Feta from Cow's Milk, Goat's Milk and Sheep's Milk, plus add flavors including Peppercorns, Oregano and Olives.  We will also press grapes from a local vineyard, for fresh juice.

Saturday, 10-17-2020                          
Pumpkins stuffed with Maple Crème de Ricotta
As a group, we will make Crème de Ricotta, then season with fresh herbs and stuff, pumpkins and squash
Saturday, 11-21-2020                 

Sage Cheese Curds
As a group, we will make a fresh cheese curd and season with fresh and dried sage.
Saturday, 12-12-2020

Cheese, Chocolate Truffles, three ways!
 As a group, we will make Chèvre, Fromage Blanc and a blend of Chèvre/Crème.
Fromage Blanc and coate with dark, milk and white chocolate, along with sprinkles and spices. Each guest will make truffles to enjoy and or take home.


For More information on these classes, please visit:
or call the store at



Click the Buy Now  Link below
and someone will contact you regarding signing up for a class
Buy Now



 Do you need to rent a Van or Truck? 

Need moving supplies?

CVM is an Authorized U-Haul Dealer
We can help you with your moving needs

 Call: 707-948-7917  or  707-938-7917

Have you been to CVM / Cook's lately? 

19626 Eighth Street East  Sonoma CA  95476


  If not, drop by and see what's new!





We have expanded our Wine and Beer Making Supplies, in addition to having a larger than ever Gift Section.  Check out our beautiful selection of Wine Country Gifts - Rosy Ring and Frasier Fir Candles and home goods, Harry Barker Dog bowls, leashes and collars, slate cheese plates, Stolzle Wine Glasses,  Olive Sonoma Olive Oil, McEvoy Ranch Products, Stonewall Kitchen Specialty Food Gifts and More!




Vineyard and Irrigation Supplies.

If you use it in the vineyard... we sell it at the store.

We also carry Beer and Winemaking Supplies along with Specialty gifts.

We are an Authorized Dealer!

The CVM Store, or "Cook's" as the locals call us,  is located at
19626 Eighth Street East, Sonoma. 
Our hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Monday through Saturday.

We are looking forward to serving you!  Please drop by the store or call with questions.

707-938-7917  "Cook's", The CVM Store Direct Line
707.490.8921 After Hours

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