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Now is a great time to work on your yard and garden. 
We carry a variety of E.B.Stone soils, plant foods & fertilizers,
as well as aeration Grow Bags. 

Free Delivery in the 95476 zip code, for orders of a $100.00 or more.

Come in, get your E.B. Stone soil, plant food and more 
Load and Go...    or we can deliver!

We will be getting more plant starts in this week.
Call 707-938-7917 for updates;
or look for updates on Facebook or Instagram.

Now is the perfect time to plant...

and face it; you have the time!



 So far, “Vintage 2020” 

has been a little unusual.


The latest round of May stormscan be a little disturbing.

Even though we are a few weeks away from our flowering stage,
it can give us reason to hold our breath,
knowing the rain could last awhile.

  There isn’t much we can do about it! 

So, let’s just keep our fingers crossed,
that Mother Nature,
gets the rain out of her system, 
after this series of storms.

Years like this, that are unpredictable, 
and keep us on our toes;
remind us, that we need to be
prepared for anything that
Mother Nature throws our way.

In the past few weeks we have experienced all of the above. 
Yes even snow, with  more snow falling in the Sierra's!


Predicting weather patterns
and trying to be
prepared for Mother Nature’s 
embrace or wrath, is very crucial
in the growing of world-class grapes.

Farming has always been dependent on the weather,
and growing grapes is not an exception
and is more likely the rule.



When it comes to weather,
what tools do we have to level the playing field?

 That question has been asked since humans
went from being "Hunters & Gatherers" 
to farming our food.

Our answer is simple “Canopy Management.”

There are many tools we can use
throughout the year to compensate 
for Mother Nature’s short comings,
and to stay one step ahead.

One of the best tools is, Canopy Management.

Canopy Management is best described as
removing some of the laterals and leaves
to open the fruit zone
to filtered light.

Filtered light during the summer months
helps mature the grape clusters at a constant rate, without allowing them to burn
in the direct sunlight or to become shaded.

Too much sunlight or shade,
can hurt the quality of the fruit.

When dealing with Canopy Management,
there is one important issue to be aware of,
and that is; 
which side of the vineyard row
gets the direct sunlight?

The area of the vineyard that gets
the direct sunlight,
is called the afternoon side, 
and the other the morning side.


If a vineyard row is facing 
due north to south, 
 the west side is the afternoon side 
and the east is the morning side.


When pulling leaves and laterals
away from the fruit zone,
we mainly remove from the morning side of the row, and do not touch the afternoon side.

Later in the year,
when the fruit has become acclimated
to direct sunlight, 
we may remove some vegetation
from the afternoon side,
allowing air to pass easily
between the clusters in the fruit zone,
to ward off mildew.


It’s never too early to think about what
Mother Nature will bring us. 

Being prepared with a diverse farming plan,
could be the difference between
Good Wine and  World-Class Wine.


Quote of the week-


“Excellence is not a destination;
it is a continuous journey that never ends."


                                                                           Brian Tracy



Come in and see our amazing Bird Boxes from:


Their Green Agriculture Approach,  provides an environmentally friendly approach,
for controlling rodents,
significantly reducing crop loss
with minimal use of chemicals.


Rodent Control - Nature’s Way!

“Due to increasing rodent populations and a need to reduce chemical use in the field,
use of barn owls in agriculture, is rapidly increasing.” 


you can use these boxes to help control pests without using poison and insecticides.

We have the boxes here for purchase.


 For more information, Please Call 707-938-7917
or email:


Do you need to rent a Van or Truck? 

Need moving supplies?

CVM is an Authorized U-Haul Dealer
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Vineyard and Irrigation Supplies.

If you use it in the vineyard... we sell it at the store.

We also carry Beer and Winemaking Supplies along with Specialty gifts.

We are an Authorized Dealer!

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