As companies are now stranded or forced to shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, Rokid is helping frontline workers battle the contagion. We have just released a newly developed AR glasses with infrared thermal imaging, offering a helping hand to various communities in times of need.

This portable smart glass incorporated infrared temperature monitor enables frontline workers to measure body temperatures in places where public safety is concerned, such as airplane, subway, companies and malls. Such a system can measure body temperature with a safe distance about 2 meters (6.6 feet) while avoiding physical contact. The module can quickly perform the task with great accuracy in as fast as 0.5 second, outperforming the infrared thermometer’s 2-3 seconds measuring time. Compared to the traditional measurement methods, Rokid Glass could greatly improve the efficiency and safety of frontline work.

On top of auto monitoring through infrared thermal imaging, Rokid Glass also allows users to preset the temperature threshold, and send out a warning when abnormal body temperature is detected. In addition, frontline workers can share real time information with medical team and expert and receive first response or diagnostic advices from remote assistant.
Rokid believes in its philosophy of “Leaving Nobody Behind”, which guides the company’s research efforts in developing Tech For Good. The company pledges to continue offering technologies that will benefit mankind and bring the multi-functional AR glasses to serve vertical industries in the near future.                
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