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"Talking about climate change without talking about the ocean is forgetting the very heart of the climate system."
Françoise Gaill, CNRS, Vice-President of the Ocean and Climate Platform
& Member of the Scientific Committee of Pure Ocean


On September 25th, in Monaco, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a "Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate".
As we know, the ocean is at the heart of the global climate system: it absorbs more than 25% of the CO2 we emit each year and provides 50% of the oxygen. It also absorbs more than 90% of the heat resulting from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, de facto limiting the warming of the air we breathe, and thus playing a key role in climate regulation.
This special report by the IPCC marks a crucial step! Ocean and climate interactions are finally the subject of a very detailed inventory, that is clearly highlighting marine biodiversity as a major component of the global climate system, the services provided by coastal and marine ecosystems to the whole humanity and their vulnerability to global changes.

These are points on which Pure Ocean is already committed through the funding of applied research projects related to biodiversity and the preservation of fragile ecosystems.
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In September, let's talk about international projects:
the last Race for Pure Ocean which took place in Morocco

the presentation of one of our projects, in Mexico,
& the interview of one of our partner, active in 10 countries.


Alex Caizergues reaching Agadir from Essaouira - © Vassili Rouan

Alex Caizergues, world champion kitespeed surfer and Pure Ocean ambassador

In August, he asserted his engagement with Pure Ocean by creating his own Race for Pure Ocean in Morocco: on a pre-established route between Essaouira and Agadir, he kitefoil-travelled 98,4 km in one tack in 3:30:20, establishing a new reference time! Read More.


Preserving fragile marine ecosystems in the Caribbean with sustainable multi-trophic land-based aquaculture

IMTA is a sustainable alternative to sea-based aquaculture: it is based on land and uses underground salt water, an abundant resource in the Yucatan Peninsula. Several edible species can be bred at the same time in a system in which the waste produced by certain species provides food for the others, reducing the amount of feed needed. Moreover, the water is naturally purified by the organisms present in the ‘circuit’. Read More.


Leyton in London on July 8th 2019: François Gouilliard, Sam Goodchild & Arthur Le Vaillant  ©Gyan Gurung Photography

Leyton is committed to protecting the oceans 

Just like Pure Ocean, Leyton’s work is based on innovation on a daily basis. They now decided to believe in the potential of innovation to protect the oceans, and to support Pure Ocean. Read More.

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