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"Examine Nature, that is where your future lies"
Leonard De Vinci

In October, Pure Ocean had the opportunity to be a partner of the Biomim'expo show that took place in Paris at the Cité des Sciences and Industry of La Villette. "Biomim'expo is the annual gathering of stakeholders in biomimicry and methods inspired by Nature, to innovate and create the conditions for a renewed and sustainable development model."

We still have a lot to learn from nature!
Biomimicry is a process where one observes what nature does and draws inspiration from it to try to respond to issues in our society.
Forged by the American academic Otto Schmitt, the term "biomimetics" can be summed up in a few words as the transfer of biological models and mechanisms to technology.
The idea is to consider the 3.8 billion years of evolution as the largest open lab in the world. This lab is an endless source of engineering and inspiration in energy management and production, materials manufacturing, green chemistry, recycling, circular economy, and community-based organization. A great opportunity for the ecological transition.

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This month, we would like to talk about Mediterranean Sea,
- the Pure Ocean's base camp -
with an event between Nice & Monaco & a Spanish project.

And we will be part of the "Mediterranée du Futur" program
on November 26th, 2019 in Marseilles.

EVENT: A challenge between Nice and Monaco
to preserve the oceans

The Watch the Sea swimmers leaving Nice - © Watch the Sea

A Seatrekking by Watch the Sea during Day One Event

Created as part of the Day One Event, this challenge in partnership with Pure Ocean was brilliantly taken up by a team from the Watch the Sea association. They left the Baie des Anges in Nice on October 15, 2019 and arrived in Monaco on the next day.
Swimming between 15 and 20 kilometers at sea is not easy, but these committed swimmers also collected 22 kg of trash during their journey! 
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© Ari Muskat

A study of the capacity of marine sponges to treat organic compounds present in plastics

Plastic waste is one of the greatest threats our oceans are facing with a projected tenfold increase in the marine environment by 2025.
Micro-plastics are an “invisible” fraction of this pollution, yet they are becoming more and more abundant, entering the food chain with dramatic consequences on sea life and unknown effects on human health.
The SPO-PLASTIC project developed in Spain and supported by Pure Ocean, studies the capacity of the sponges to remove microplastics from the water column. 
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Valérie & Pascal Ragois standing next to Thomas de Williencourt ©Lotti Pix 2019 

MEDIMAT is an economic player in the sale, repair and rental of recycling equipment, so they naturally go for a policy of actions in favor of the protection of the environment. Valérie and Pascal Ragois, leaders of RHF group - MEDIMAT and NOVA Groupe - trusted us and joined the Pure Ocean adventure in early 2019. Read More.


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