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The health crisis, which we are experiencing with Covid-19, demonstrates the absolute necessity to transform our models. Preserving the planet and living things, finding solutions to climate change, we must act! 
I'm an entrepreneur. I know the transformative capacity of businesses. This is one of the reasons that led me to mobilize, around the Pure Ocean Foundation, a hundred companies allover the world. Through their philanthropic act, they fund innovative ocean research programs. Why the ocean? The ocean connects people, provides food and oxygen, and regulates our climate by absorbing nearly a quarter of the CO2 produced. When you know that only 250,000 species out of millions have been identified, you realize the richness of this treasure of biodiversity.

The ocean is the lung of the planet, our life insurance policy. Preserving it is therefore vital and there are more and more entrepreneurial, civic, sporting and media initiatives in this direction. Our partners and ambassadors are on the front line and I thank them for their fabulous commitment. Our calls for projects bring together scientists with ingenious concepts, some of which already offer answers to current human and environmental problems. Urgent action is needed and ambitious solutions are just around the corner! I therefore call on all leaders in France and around the world to join Pure Ocean in order to become players in this transformation.

Together, we will rise and overcome humanity's greatest challenge.

David Sussmann
Coastal Ocean Monitoring in Nunatsiavut
In Canada, bordering the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, Inuit communities are highly dependent on the environment for their food security and cultural preservation. This region is undergoing major climate-related changes: a 2°C increase in temperature over the past 30 years and 75% loss of sea ice over the past 50 years!
The impacts of such warming are not negligible for the inhabitants and why Eric Oliver, in partnership with local communities and the government of Nunatsiavut, has installed a series of sensors on a ferry that serves several Inuit towns during the summer. The data collected - temperature, oxygen, salinity, CO2, pH, etc. - will then be used by the local government as a basis for adapting their management of the marine environment and anticipating the effects of climate change. See more.
On World Ocean Day, Pure Ocean organized an underwater marathon to remind people of the fragility of the ocean and the need to protect it, in partnership with Dune - a reference in the world of diving, snorkeling and freediving trips. See more.
Alfagel, a Marseilles-based SME, was created by Fabrice Jaubert and Alain Kaskassian in 2005 and acquired the Maison de la Glace, the historical reference for artisanal ice cream in Marseilles.
With the expertise of this company (dating back to 1947) they developed sales, particularly in mass distribution, and created two brands of popsicles that are now distributed nationally and internationally : Pop Fruit and Pop Polo.
This summer, these popsicles, in addition to being delicious, (the whole team tested and confirmed) will have eco-responsible packaging! Read more.
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