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Can Republic of Srpska declare independence? 

On July 23, 2021 Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) top international official, outgoing High Representative Valentin Inzko, used his power to impose amendments to the country’s criminal code to ban the denial of genocide and the glorification of war criminals, aimed directly at the Serbs. This scandalous, and politically polarizing decision led to immediate emotional and knee-jerk reactions calling for the sovereign and independent Republic of Srpska. As an official response, an unprecedented, commendable and much needed unity was demonstrated by the entire political establishment in Srpska, who decided to immediately halt all involvement and participation in the joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), as this law is a direct attack on the Dayton Peace Accord. Likewise, reciprocal laws are being implemented, including prison sentences for those who label Republic of Srpska or Serbian people as genocidal. 

It is important to note the timing and symbolism of this imposed law by an unelected EU bureaucrat whose term has come to an end. On July 23rd 1914, the Austro-Hungarian empire sent an ultimatum to Serbia, which was the trigger for WWI. Needles to note that Valentin Incko himself is Austrian, making the move a very interesting historical coincidence.  
Also reflecting upon the recent statements made by the John Hopkins professor Daniel Serwer, who continues to claim that the only threat to the Balkan stability is the alleged Serbian expansionism, calling on NATO to protect Serbian neighbors from its territorial aspirations.
"It is time for the EU and NATO to become realistic about Serbia and for Washington D.C. to send a clear signal that NATO will protect all of Serbia's neighbors from 'Belgrade intentions. Serbia has eight close neighbors, all of whom have Serb minorities, although Bulgaria has a smaller one. Six are NATO member states: Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Romania. Two other neighbors have EU and NATO troops, committed to preserving territorial integrity - Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.
What happened last time when Serbia in the 1990s tried to expand its political scope and unite some of these minorities into one state: the war with Slovenia, the war with Croatia, the war with Bosnia, the war with Kosovo and the war with NATO. The aftermath: Serbs have left neighboring countries, and Serbia has not been given a single square centimeter of neighboring countries" concluded Serwer who in certain circles is a known expert on the Balkan affairs, positioning himself to lead the charge in the region through the Biden Administration.    

The question lends itself, have the "International representatives"/(unelected bureaucrats) ever done anything to improve the already insurmountable tensions in the Balkans, advancing the lives of the people who have suffered so much?! Deliberate, calculating destabilization continues, as a foreign appointee imposes "a law" in direct contradiction to the Dayton Peace Accord, while conveniently ignoring the official report just published by the Independent international commission on Srebrenica (International Commission on the Suffering of All People in the Srebrenica region ( Furthermore, imposition of such laws only contribute to the further polarization of Bosnia and Herzegovina's already tarnished possibility of future joint existence.
So, what would be  the implications if Republic of Srpska were to declare independence? Does the stipulation that ALL people reserve a right to self-determine apply to the Serbs as well?

The cold-headed and rational reaction to this clownish imposition of law is realizing that it is a deliberate provocation of the Serbian side to react, justifying the accusation that the Serbs are violating the Dayton Agreement (even though Inzko violated it first). This challenge presents itself as a litmus test of the Serbian political maturity, rationale, and unity in defense of the national interests and equality under the BiH laws. The direct finger pointing and
 fabricating a new cause for aggressive intervention in the Balkans, which given the current geopolitical situation is highly desirable by certain powers that be, must be met with stern but rational and level headed response. Biden's recent regulation for the Western Balkans and Inzko's genocide denial ban were brought up back to back for a good reason, planned in advance, to drag Serbs into a new war in the Balkans, in order to further dismantle Serbia's role as the regional power leader.

Ultimately however we must face the stark reality of viability of unified Bosnia and Herzegovina, and work tirelessly with our friends and allies in Washington D.C., Europe and elsewhere to think outside the box and find solutions that will benefit all those involved, without consistently doing the same things expecting a different result. Eliminating emotional reactions and recognizing interest of self preservation above all else is a good first step. 

Anastasija Zolotic, 18-year-old Serbian-American becomes first US woman to win gold in taekwondo

Anastasija Zolotic on Sunday became the first U.S. woman to win a gold medal in taekwondo. Zolotic, 18, defeated Tatiana Minina of the Russian Olympic Committee 25-17 in the women’s 57-kg final at the Tokyo Olympics, in a competitive three-round bout. Entering the final round with a one-point lead, Zolotic gained seven more points to beat the fifth-ranked taekwondo fighter in the world. 

Zolotic defeated Morocco’s Nada Laaraj, Turkey’s Hatice Kubra Ilgun and Chinese Taipei’s Lo Chia-ling en route to her gold medal match. 

Zolotic is the fourth Team USA athlete to win gold in Japan, joining swimmer Chase Kalisz, shooter Will Shaner and fencer Lee Kiefer. 

Zolotic was the fourth American to reach the taekwondo final match, with former team USA athlete Steven Lopez holding two gold medals from the event.

Srpska dijaspora u trci za Kongres i Senat

"Američkim glasačima srpskog porekla želim da poručim da se pridruže našoj organizaciji, da se angažuju, da su svi prekopotrebni kako bi se ostvarili zajednički ciljevi o kojima moramo kontinuirano razgovarati. Svi ljudi u našem rasejanju su predstavnici srpskog nacionalnog korpusa i interesa. Potrebni su u ime svojih predaka i u ime svojih budućih pokolenja da se uključe na svim političkim nivoima u zajednicama u kojima žive, doprinose i plaćaju porez”, poručuje Olga Ravasi.
Click here for more: Srpska dijaspora u trci za Kongres i Senat - (

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