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November is Prematurity Awareness Month!  Group B strep (GBS) can cause preterm labor as well as cause an individual's water to break too soon, also known as preterm premature rupture of membranes (P)PROM. 

This month, let's focus on promoting awareness of GBS as a cause of babies being born too soon and what we can do to prevent it!
November 2022
November Observance Dates
  • November is Prematurity Awareness Month
  • November is Bladder Health Month
  • November 3rd is One Health Day
  • November 12th is World Pneumonia Day
  • November 17th is World Prematurity Day
  • November 18-24 is Antibiotic Awareness Week
GBS and Prematurity

GBS can cause preterm labor as well as cause an individual's water to break too soon.  According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 3.5% of preterm births globally are associated with maternal GBS colonization. 

We urge healthcare providers to discuss the warning signs and symptoms of preterm labor with all their pregnant patients. 

We are especially grateful to Prof. Dr. Udo B Hoyme for sharing his work on Prevention of early preterm birth by pH-measurement as a screening self-care habit​ and to Dr. Karen M. Puopolo for sharing her expertise on GBS Infection in Extremely Preterm Infants at ICGBS 2022.
GBS and One Health

GBSI is proud to recognize #OneHealthDay and the insightful research being done around the world regarding the relationship of group B strep between humans and animals.

A special shoutout to Drs. Laura Oliveira, Chiara Crestani, and Dinah Seligsohn for their excellent presentations for ICGBS 2022 on GBS and One Health issues!

Please visit our GBS & One Health page to find out more!

Join the global movement of giving this November 29th! GBSI counts on your support to give parents around the world crucial information on how to help protect their babies from group B strep disease, not only at birth, but also during pregnancy and up to several months of age.

Please give generously via Facebook or our website to help make a difference for families worldwide! 

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Recent News and Publications

We are grateful to those working to better understand group B strep and prevent GBS disease in babies!

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made a $100 million grant towards a group B strep vaccine

The IMPRINT network recently produced an animation resource explaining Group B Strep vaccines

A Novel Conserved Protein in Streptococcus agalactiae, BvaP, Is Important for Vaginal Colonization and Biofilm Formation 

Molecular Epidemiology of Group B Streptococci in Lithuania Identifies Multi-Drug Resistant Clones and Sporadic ST1 Serotypes Ia and Ib

Mast cell-derived factor XIIIA contributes to sexual dimorphic defense against group B streptococcal infections

Sublingual immunisation with GBS serotype III capsular polysaccharide-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine induces systemic and mucosal antibody responses which are opsonophagocytic and inhibit GBS colonisation of vaginal epithelial cells

Interested in more studies? Check out our GBS Medical Articles and Abstracts sorted by topic.
Test Your Knowledge on GBS

How much do you know about group B strep? Find out by taking a 10-question quiz! Share the quiz with a friend or colleague to help spread awareness of GBS!

General GBS | Prenatal-onset | Early-onset | Late-onset 
Share Our GBS Awareness Materials

Check out our downloadable awareness materials ranging from our brochure on "How to Help Protect Your Baby from Group B Strep (GBS)" to a variety of informational .pdfs to hand out or post on your bulletin board!

Our awareness ribbons and logos are also available to view and download in a variety of languages.
The WAVES Study

We are working to identify gaps in care and communication surrounding GBS disease. To do this we need your help! We are asking both mothers who have had a baby infected with GBS and those who have not to share their experiences in this survey if they have conceived on or after January 1, 2003.

Please share the link with your contacts and social media. Together we can wave goodbye to GBS disease! 

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