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MAY 2019

Johns Hopkins University
Climate Change Symposium

“Changing by Degrees” -- Multidisciplinary Approaches to Climate Change

May 3, 2019. The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Krieger School of Arts and Sciences held a day long symposium hosted by the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) at its auditorium in Washington, DC to review Multidisciplinary Approaches to Climate Change through the eyes of the private sector, civil society, government, university experts, and the public. The event culminated more than a year of planning and preparation by interdisciplinary programs of JHU. To see the full day symposium, WATCH THE CLIP
Dr. Kirk Johnson of NAS provided an overview of The Relevance of Deep Time Climate, including the geologic history of climate change and its progression during human history, with a forecast of future change. Among the key issues he noted, our generation of modern humans is the first to live in a world of 300 parts per million (PPM) greenhouse gas (GHGs) levels. Current levels are 415 PPM and forecasted to become consistent with the “hot house” earth of geologic times unless strong mitigation action is taken. He also provided a sneak preview of the new Fossil Hall of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC on June 8, 2019 and its coverage of Earth’s climate history, including a life size mount of Megalodon, the massive ancient shark. To see Dr. Johnson’s Deep Time Climate keynote, WATCH THE CLIP
Angela Fritz of the Washington Post moderated a panel on Championing Climate Change Action: Case Studies of Leadership and Considerations for Present and the Future, with experts that included: Kate Johnson, Chief of the Green Building and Climate Branch, District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment; Marcus D. King, Senior Fellow, George Washington University Center for Climate and Security; Chris McWhinney, Founder and CEO of Millennium Reign Energy (Hydrogen); and Tom Peterson, President and CEO of the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS). Tom is also an Adjunct Professor and Teaching Fellow at the JHU Energy Policy and Climate Program as well as the JHU Center for Global Security Center in the Krieger School. To see the Leadership and Solutions panel discussion, WATCH THE CLIP 

Tom Peterson focused on key topics poised by Angela and the audience, including:
  Creating New Leaders –  WATCH THE CLIP 
  Facing Dual Realities –  WATCH THE CLIP 
  Finding Solutions That Work –  WATCH THE CLIP 
  Removing Impediments to Progress –  WATCH THE CLIP 
  Financing New Energy Innovation –  WATCH THE CLIP

Tom Peterson of CCS describes the dual realities that young people now face from climate change and economic risk and the process used to solve both problems. 

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