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Welcome to the first
Cyclades Preservation Fund Newsletter!

We believe that you share a profound respect for the natural environment of the islands of Cyclades and we thank you for your interest in standing up, together with the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF), for its beauty and natural value!

The CPF raises funds locally and internationally from people and businesses that care and rely on the  islands’ well-being and future while ensuring that funds are directed appropriately to local and effective environmental initiatives, with measurable impact on land and at sea. Our aim is to create positive change in environmental behavior, policy-making and develop a collaborative network to help the local communities of the Cyclades follow sustainable solutions. To this end, we need your support and involvement.

We are now proud to announce that our Steering Committee selected recently the first four grants following our strategic principle to empower local partners and experts with capacity and willingness to engage in conservation and sustainability.
Learn more, stay tuned, stay with us!


First aid support to injured wild animals

In the Cyclades complex you can come across rich flora and fauna, but locals and visitors seem to have little knowledge about biodiversity, including wildlife. Almost 23 years ago, a special Hospital was established aiming to treat and rehabilitate all wild animals that have been injured, often deliberately, and release them back into their natural environment. They also encourage the protection of the fauna through Environmental Education.

The name of this Aegean Wildlife Hospital is ALKYONE a beautiful bird that symbolizes tranquillity. The CPF is proud to be among its supporters!



Historical Footpaths and experiential tourism

Have you ever visited Apano Meria (meaning ‘northern place’) of Syros Island where tranquillity and serenity surround the scattered farmhouses with the heady scent of fennel, thyme and wild olives?
Did you know that there is an ongoing initiative made by the locals for establishing the area
as an  UNESCO geological park?  We are happy to support their efforts!



Marine Protected Areas
and Public Participation

We are proud to support -in the transition period of 2018- the continuation and empowerment of the 'Consortium of Stakeholders' of Gyaros Marine Protected Area (MPA), facilitated by WWF Greece. The Consortium of 15 different stakeholders will pave the way for conservation measures and zoning into management plans approved by the new Cyclades Management Body.



Co-living in Cyclades
with Monachus Monachus

Did you know that most of the population of the critically endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal live in Greece? MOm's field team, with the support of the National Geographic Society, are planning to complete recording, mapping and evaluation of all important monk seal pupping sites throughout the entire Cyclades island complex!
We are very proud to support MOm who will increase awareness by creating and sharing broadly a short video presenting the rich marine and coastal biodiversity of Cyclades, including the rarest seal on the planet.

Keen to learn more? Visit our WEBSITE!

Getting to know Ben Goldsmith, one of our co-founders

10 years ago, Ben founded the Ibiza Preservation Fund and in his quest to encourage philanthropic giving to the environment he replicates the successful model across the world! The CPF is the new member of the Preservation Fund's family.

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