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We’ve heard it before. The bold B2B product-meeting assertions: “Our product is 100 times more efficient than what competitors offer.” Or: “We’ve done a bunch of research and development, we know our customers want this.” Or the tried and tested: “Our product is going to change the world.”

As humans, we're quick to defend something that we’ve spent time creating, refining and selling. It’s in our nature. If you’re a business leader, your product is your baby. You’ve brought something to life. You’ve experienced both sleepless nights and joyful breakthroughs with it. Nobody knows it quite like you.

But how do you sell a product without seeming salesy? To people who aren’t as invested as you? We as humans give ourselves too much credit. We like to believe that we’re a lot more logical and savvy than what we actually are. But we’re self-serving creatures. We want to know, ‘what’s in it for me?’ How are our lives going to change significantly if something works 10 times faster? It's about selling the emotional outcome rather than the physical product itself.

If you want something to stick, you tell a story. If you take one message, wrap it up in a narrative and it’s 22 times more likely you remember it. So secure the attention your product deserves by letting your ego around it go. Start with your customer. Get obsessed with their needs. Make them the hero of your brand story. We’re often asked how S&T’s story-first approach still holds true with B2B branding. At the crux of it, you’re still selling to people. We need to take a page out of the book of B2C and simply put our customers first. Gone are the days of chest-beating brands and out-of-touch B2Bs. In are the brands who spend time with their customers’ problems, using products as a catalyst to serve them in ways they never knew they needed.

Get your brand story straight. Get it clear. Get it as one. If you do all this, people may stick around and get to know your brand. If you’re lucky, they’ll start to care about your product. And if you’re really lucky, your business may just stick around for a while.

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“We are not thinking machines that feel, we are feeling machines that think.”

― António Damásio, neuroscientist
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Product benefit stories reign supreme in the B2B space, telling tales of product efficiency, agility and iteration. When inploi – a plug-in tech product that helps companies hire people – approached Sonder & Tell last year, they knew they needed to go up a level and empathise with the end user to make a lasting emotional connection. We spoke with co-founder Alexander Hanson-Smith about inploi's evolution and how their new positioning has served as a springboard not only to rally their team, but also to project clear and achievable ambitions for the future.

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Even the unsexiest of products can tell the most compelling brand stories. They just need to have their customers’ needs at the heart of their brand strategy. Look at WeTransfer. If we focus on the product, they essentially found the simplest way to send big files around the world. Super functional, and arguably unsexy for some. But they understood that that’s not what they’re selling. They sell the ability to share ideas. Hence their brand belief ‘we deal in big ideas’. They understand that they help
millions of people find inspiration, mould ideas, and deliver stunning creative work.

Take one piece of product sales copy. Check if you’re selling it *without being sales-y*.

Have we spent time analysing the problem, before jumping to solutions? Are we sharing the value rather than selling the features? Are we aligned to one key message?

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