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Issue # 2 | March 5th 2019

This month on "Visibility":
How can we change the world when we’re invisible?

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Join us for #VisibleWikiWomen 2019 now!

Do you care about making women more visible in Wikipedia and beyond? Join us to stop the struggles and accomplishments of women from going unnoticed on the internet! 

#VisibleWikiWomen launches on March 8th! This is a campaign to add more faces of notable women to Wikimedia projects, and from there, make their presence online more visible. Whether you are familiar with the Wikimedia movement or not, there are many ways to join: you can help spread the word, ask for image donations, include this campaign as part of other events you are organizing, become one of our super amigxs and friends… and much more!

Learn more about how the campaign works and how to participate, or reach out to us at if you want to go a step further.

Want to start participating right away? Wonderful!
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Whose Knowledge? Podcast Series Episode Two - “Ask for what you want”: Sydette Harry’s strategies on how to decolonize the internet
When we don’t ask for the things that have being denied to us, when we don’t tell our stories, when we don’t tell the world what we do want... then, Sydette Harry says, we are letting colonization perpetuate.

Editor of web properties at Mozilla and editor-at-large of Coral Project, Sydette is our guest for the second episode of the Whose Knowledge? podcast series, where we present interviews with Decolonizing the Internet conference attendees. Listen to Sydette talk about de-centering whiteness, community building, decolonizing archives and much more!

“[...] And then to decolonize is to say: ask for what you want. Ask for all the things you need. Ask for the things that you have been denied. Tell the truth about your story, and that is harder. It is harder to create that space than to know what you’re not supposed to do.”
Listen to the full podcast
Or read the full transcript.

An Internet for, and from, us all

In a special edition of Nature on the Digital Revolution, Whose Knowledge? co-directors Anasuya Sengupta and Siko Bouterse, together with Kira Allmann, co-authored the article “Build an internet for, and from, us all.” As the only women authors in this special issue, we addressed some of the challenges and opportunities of bringing online the faces, the experiences, and the knowledges of marginalized communities, including women.

"We are the majority of everyday Internet users, but our perspectives and histories are not well represented on the Internet. Technology is often said to be a democratizing force, but those in positions of power and privilege control what knowledge is visible and retained for posterity."
Read the full article

Aburò: A video series of women’s inspiring stories from Nigeria

Our friends from SheNation, a Nigerian non-profit organisation that supports and encourages women to fulfill their potential, recently launched Aburò. Aburò is led by Evangeline Dan-Yusuf,  and features the stories of women who have succeeded despite various challenges. Eva joined us for Decolonizing the Internet last year where she led discussions on storytelling circles.

Storytelling is a powerful way of sharing knowledge, and Aburò is a great example of how to make women’s views and experiences visible online. You’re invited to watch these moving and inspiring testimonies, and pass them along!
Watch the stories

Luchadoras: honoring the revolutions of everyday

Providing a platform where women can be read, heard, seen, and known, our amigas, the Luchadoras, are a feminist collective from Mexico. They are transforming the narratives that stereotype and subordinate women by using storytelling to place dignity, agency and freedom at the center of women’s stories.
We invite you to check out the “Genias” section of their website, where they interview women from around the world who fight and resist in every field, and whose stories often go unheard in mainstream media. These interviewees then suggest other women who inspire them, to be featured in "Genias", forming an ongoing chain of women's stories and knowledge.

Don't miss these wonderful feminist narratives!
Read about Genias
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