Time to get busy selling

When I hear ‘filthy lucre’, I always think of the Sex Pistols. But it’s actually from the Bible. Who knew? Anyway, Summer’s over, Christmas cards are in the shops (seriously!) and Q4 is definitely time to make some money. 

So the theme for this edition of Breaking Bland is selling. 

Read on to unlock new revenue from existing clients, get beyond sales being the dreaded ’numbers game’ and stop the burden of selling resting solely on you.  

You'll also learn how to craft the perfect sales story, side-step clients who’ll drag you down and avoid common mistakes when it comes to growth. 

Right then - let’s get cracking. 

cheers, Rob 

Unlock new revenues from current clients

Do you worry that your account handlers aren't proactive enough? Many CEOs do, especially given that growing existing clients is the single best way to improve profit. 
So while helping gatherers to hunt would be good, what if you could create new solutions for current clients and develop the skills to sell them?

Working 'on' or 'in'?

If you're a Founder or CEO who's still the best - or only - salesperson in your company, then you may well be a bottleneck.

Everyone wants to work 'on' not 'in' their agency, so how can you get beyond the daily fire-fighting without the wheels coming off? 

Kissing fewer frogs

Selling suffers when you treat it as a numbers game. It sucks time from your day and joy from your soul.

It's far more profitable to have fewer conversations, but with more senior clients. Find out how with this practical framework.

Newsflash: clients fib

Another great way to sabotage your sales effort is to take client feedback at face value.

For a start, a little more honesty in the pitch process would help everyone. These home truths for Marketers are well worth knowing.

Facts tell, stories sell

Constantly tinkering with your sales deck? Here's how to craft the perfect story. Spoiler: don't bang-on about capabilities.

Andy Raskin's five-step process will help you lead clients to your offer, rather than leading with your offer. 

Dodging the pitfalls

A great top-tip makes you think 'jeez, I wish I'd known that years ago'? With any luck, you'll find some nuggets in this interview.

From inertia and market dynamics, to agency morale and building client trust, you'll find a whole of learnings and common mistakes.

What got you here won't get you there

Co:definery works in short sprints to help agency Founders & CEOs make tangible improvements to standout and profit.

It's about defining change, then making it stick. Let's talk and we'll see if there's a fit.

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