Hi <<First Name>>, hope you, your families and teams are staying well. 

So, where to start? Business, priorities and planet Earth suddenly all look very different. 

That said, I’m optimistic. This is bad, but people are amazing, kind and resilient. We will be okay. 

For now, like many of you, I’ve wrestled with what feels right in terms of communications. 

Some of you will be struggling, others relatively buoyant. Either way, I’m writing this edition of Breaking Bland in the hope that it’s relevant, timely and adds something to the wealth of kindness, knowledge and support available. 

So below you’ll find some ideas on whether - and how - to keep your new-business efforts going, plus some resources for making tough decisions, maintaining high performance and keeping your kids occupied. 

Your feedback and replies are especially welcome. 

And in case you didn't know, Co:definery is just me. So right now, please treat me like a friend. Whether you need business advice, a sounding board or just a brief respite to share quotes from Airplane, just shout. 

Let’s stick together. Stay in and stay well. 

cheers, Rob 

Should you be doing new-business right now? 

To sell or not to sell? That is the question. It was certainly the question I was most asked this week. And of course it’s a nuanced one.
Amongst other things, this article explores empathy, how to adapt your offer and tips for remote pitching.

When empathy dies

If you are still selling, then don't do it like this. Here's some light relief for anyone who's bemused and irritated by companies failing to switch off their spammy automated email sequences.

Is this insane lead generation approach real or not? You decide.

Nurturing performance

There's a shedload of resources out there for performing well under unusual conditions. Some of it's pretty good and some of it, not so much.

But high performance specialists PlanetK2 literally wrote the book - so check out their bite-sized elite-level guidance

Making better decisions

Obviously with everything that's going on, many of you are having to calmly plan horrendous scenarios based on very patchy information. And that sucks.

So hats off to Subsector for quickly tailoring their decision making tools to help people adapt to the new landscape.

So, er, now what? 

If podcasts are your thing, this interview I did for the silky voiced Nathan Anibaba explores many of the themes above, as well as collaboration, leadership and how we can all prepare for what happens next.

Note: there’s an indecently massive picture of my face. You have been warned.

Keep 'em off the street

In amongst the trials and tribulations of WFH, many of you have the added complication of juggling your children (probably literally, if it occupies them for 10mins). So prepare to love Brad Smith forever for collating this epic list of stuff for families to do at home.

Sidenote: a prize for anyone who can tell me why I've chosen this particular image...

Pick up the phone and call someone

The blurb here usually summarises what Co:definery offers. But surely, as Leslie Nielsen would've said, that's not important right now (and don't call me 'Shirley'). 

What is important is recognising that talking to one another really matters right now. It's tough at the top at the best of times. And these times may be the worst. Call an old mate, call a mentor, call your clients. Of course, call me for a natter, a rant or to ask a question - if I can't help, I might know someone who can. 

And if you're feeling good today, then pay it forward - take five to call someone who might need a boost.

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