Finding an edge when you need it most 

Well, that’s another three months flown by. Or has Brexit-fuelled uncertainty felt like you’re wading through treacle? Either way, it's always a good time to focus on leadership.

So this Breaking Bland explores your response to changes in client buying habits, new frameworks for refining your strategy and a wealth of leadership insights from a real expert.

What's that? You want more? Sure! Feast on some powerfully independent views on measuring your financial health and the impact of language on your strategy, ideas and clients. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s *ahem* take back control...  

cheers, Rob 

Are you keeping up with how clients buy? 

In ye olde days, with fewer disciplines and simpler briefs, clients were happy to engage agencies when they needed a solution.

That meant your focus was on being visible and getting on pitch lists.
But things have changed. Smart clients are more open to agencies getting upstream; defining the problem, as well as the brief. 

So have you adapted to this massive opportunity to standout and win more

De-risking fast strategy

When it comes to growth, agency chiefs often ask me where to start. All the options and moving parts can be daunting, especially if time's not on your side.

This prioritisation framework will help you create the speediest impact. Alternatively, if you're undergoing serious change, then this strategic review model will get you aligned.

Becoming a better leader

Any change in strategy puts pressure on your leadership skills. And your behaviours set a powerful example to your team. So feeling confident and being at your best is a must.

This interview with Executive Change Mentor Sally Henderson is choc-full of insights. 

Measure the right things

Great leaders keep making good decisions - in part by acting on the right information. But if you're wrestling with spreadsheets, then it can be hard to update core metrics and keep usable insights within easy reach. 

Convivio's bespoke finance dashboard does exactly that. Good learnings aplenty.

Why words matter

It's hard to overstate how much good stuff there is in strategist Martin Weigel's essay on strategy and words. For a start, 'strategy and words' is a massive undersell; he speaks eloquently to proposition, clarity and action.

Look, just read the thing, yeah? 

Standout simplicity

On the subject of leadership and language, check out Accenture Interactive's Anatoly Roytman on their purchase of Droga5. 

From simple, hype-free points of difference, to the confidence to name the clients they don't want and talk-up Payment By Results, there's a lot to admire here

Accelerate your journey from good to great

If growth has slowed or you're just not where you feel you could be, it can be hard to know what to change - especially when day-to-day priorities eat up all your time. 

This is where an external view can really help. So drop me a note and let's get you back on track.

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