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Dear Outsiders,
This week, ten quick strokes to blitz you out of complacency.
Read ‘em and weep... know we're in the same boat.

– Jess

Outsider 144



For Your Immediate Consumption

  1. What Are Your Hobbies?

    If it takes you longer than 10 seconds to come up with an answer, that's too long. Reclaim your free time.

  2. Is It Just Me Or…

    ... do simply the words "social media strategy" feel old?

  3. Wake Up Sunshines 

    Virtually all cultural work is marketing work. Curator or art director, artist or brand strategist - it's all the same. No need to play superior, we're all suffering the same circumstances.

  4. "Best Practice" Guides Are Click-Magnets 

    If your boss reads "social media strategy" clickbait in the morning, and brings it into a meeting as a great new idea in the afternoon - you're not alone.

  5. Brain Fog Is Burnout 

    When you sit down to a task and cannot separate your mind from scrambled eggs, that is a sign something needs to change.

  6. Gimme Danger Little Stranger

    A creativity that offends, rather than appeals to, middle class taste. That is what we're aiming for. Did you say you were missing a hobby?

  7. Why PR Is Madness

    If you know 'influencers' buy followers, why rank their 'influence' by follower count?

  8. Life Is An Offline Platform

    Offline platforms are so much more interesting than online ones. Some of my favourites include my life, writings on temporary walls, writings on non-temporary walls, book exchanges on the street, toilet messages, hidden notes in newsagent magazines and library books, real life conversations, clothing, and faces.

  9. Everything Is Branded. Anything Is Brandable.

    Schools, museums, city districts, universities, even whole countries! Branding has migrated out of "traditional" commercial capacities to enter every sphere of what surrounds us. This reflects the neoliberal mindset that monetary value can be applied to anything and everything. That is why we preach doing and making "Just Because", because no reason is a reason.



  10. Are You Behind A Carrot?

    Has your employer been dangling a promise in front of you? The promise of a raise? Better projects? Shorter hours? A stable contract? New challenges or responsibilities?

    Beware of unfairness being disguised as what it means to have a "creative" career. Having a "creative" occupation doesn't mean trading off sane expectations of an employer. The carrot is an exploitation device that taps into hopes and aspirations to string us along with empty promises.


"Carrots are masking the collapse  of the cultural sector."





if they don't deserve it,

don't give it.



See you next time,




Outsider is a counter-culture punch from inside the creative industry.

Promoting real life interaction. Pro-offline.

It came into being after watching client after client come seeking 'relevance' with 'millennials' and crying inside. Seeing misconceptions on the efficacy of social media rise. 

Named Outsider as, like Outsider Art, we observed that no/informal training cultivates greater instinct and disregard for 'rules' and established systems.

Jess is a pseudonym to keep the digital footprint of our real identity to zero.

Born 1991 but knowing better than old man CEO's.

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This is not a trend forecast agency.
We will show you what you should be doing today. Yesterday.

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