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Dear Outsiders,
Last week you loved those sharp barbs. Good news, there's plenty more where that came from. Hard, fast, and heavy. Here they come.

– Jess

Outsider 145



Quick, Deep Cuts

  1. The Portfolio Self is No Fun

    Maintaining a consistent image of your self and work can be murderous to the spirit. We are multifaceted and ever-changing, to portfolio the self flattens that like a compressed accordion. Keep them on their toes. Fluctuate and deviate, fake it and be whatever you want to be that day. An implication of the internet’s documentation of everything is we need to get creative with our bluffing. Bluffing for work is always 100% shameless.


    If you’re convinced you can follow through,
    nema problema.


  2. Guilt-Free Existence

    You don't have to 'utilise' every minute of the day. Stare out the window. Do a crossword. Sleep. Untie the nagging voice of working 24/7.


  3. Do We Have To Talk All Day Long?

    Low-level chat communication is syphoning our energy. Cut it out and see all the new time you find.

  4. Notifications Off = No Brainer

    Would you tolerate being repeatedly tapped on the shoulder while trying to get something done? Control your interruptions.

  5. Learn To Flâneur

    Of all the interesting people you've met in your life, I guarantee you that the ones who captivated you the most, those that left a lasting impression on you and stuck in your memory, are all avid flâneuses or flâneurs.

    The flâneuse/flâneur was an essential figure to any street scene in 19th century France. Mega-bourgeois, flânerie was an act limited to those who could afford to wander the streets observing society with ambivalence. Stroller, lounger, saunterer, loafer... today's slacker is a lower-class embrace of the right to do nothing. A wanderer of city streets, detached from society while taking it all in. Spend no money, take no phone, and see what the day brings.

  6. Who Cares About The Audience?

    “I think the truth is if you really care about the quality of somebody’s life as much as you care about the quality of your own, you have it made.” 
    – Edie Winsor

    And this is why (not) communicating through platforms designed to addict, destroy and diminish, does matter.

  7. "I'm A Creative" is Cringe

    When did we decide which jobs are more creative than others? Writer, creative. Caregiver, not creative. Illustrator, creative. Hairdresser, not creative. It doesn't take much thought to realise the work of a caregiver or hairdresser requires as much creativity as that of writers and illustrators.

    What we have come to define as creative work is incredibly narrow and ironically unimaginative. Jobs deemed 'creative' are done so with a pretentious wand that positions certain forms of work above others. 'Uncreative' work is rendered lesser, while 'creatively qualified' members of society are revered as higher value.

    "Creatives" are not superior beings. Your cousin/landlord/neighbour is as creative as you are. Move on from the Better-Than-You act.

  8. Penpal Your Idols

    Nobody is too far away. Unless they’re dead. Write to the people you admire. Start a dialogue. Express yourself, be generous, ask for nothing. I wrote to Iggy Pop and he wrote back.

  9. Melding Individual Creativity &
    Collective Solidarity

    How can we deploy our individual talents to impact and include the whole?

    Think the Pussy Hat movement, where self-made headgear unites the marchers dedicated to advancing women's rights as human rights. An individual creative expression that connects the group and visualises solidarity.

  10. Don't Accept Mythology As Reason

    A starving artist does not make better work than one who has been fed.

    Overworking is not better than underworking.

    There are other modes of time than that which is always urgent.





Keep critical. Until next time,




Outsider is a counter-culture punch from inside the creative industry.

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It came into being after watching client after client come seeking 'relevance' with 'millennials' and crying inside. Seeing misconceptions on the efficacy of social media rise. 

Named Outsider as, like Outsider Art, we observed that no/informal training cultivates greater instinct and disregard for 'rules' and established systems.

Jess is a pseudonym to keep the digital footprint of our real identity to zero.

Born 1991 but knowing better than old man CEO's.

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