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Dear Outsiders,

'Self care' is everywhere. (Anti)Social feeds, magazines, podcasts, everyday conversations, food adverts, cinema pre rolls....

We can see by now that this so-called 'self care' narrative is just another sales tool. Spending your way into being good to yourself. What has me confused is how all suggested therapeutic activities and practices are done alone.

Here's a meditation on this latest form of individualisation.

– Jess

Outsider 148



Can we do it alone?

In the West, 'self care' is a much-hyped coping tactic. Coping with life. Coping with the world. Coping with eachother.

Now more than ever, we see eachother as stressors rather than a comfort. It's a mad busy life and you're just another thing to handle.

Actually being with eachother, that's a coping we're not hearing about.

Coping is suggested as an alone thing. Though also not a feel-good alone time. It’s tinged with sadness. Less healing method, more condoned reason to get legitly-lonely.

At a talk last year, Stefano Harney reminded that,

'Nobody can take care of themselves.'


Self care is not binge watching series. Self care is not bailing on plans with friends to stay home alone. Self care is not lonely, it is not self-centred. 'Self care' is collective. We need one another.

Socialising is self care. Admitting vulnerabilities is self care. Acknowledging that we don't always know what's best for us – that it may feel good to get wrap up and eat sweet food on the couch, but it may have felt better to go to that dinner with loved ones – is self care.




Resisting increased individuation and isolation is self care. Seeking and recognising collective joy is self care.

Taking solitudinal pauses away from social media, and exposure to the material designed and affecting of anxiety, envy and distraction, is self care. Allowing yourself to not feel guilty for not working is self care.

Fresh air is self care.

Maintaining friendships is self care. Caring about others is self care . Allowing yourself to be cared for is self care.



Learning that there is no such thing as the self without each other, is self care. Being together in a way that the one and the other become unclear, is self care.


In a world where the self is central and the best selfie wins, we can still take care in how to care.

Until next time. Yours faithfully,




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