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YouAreUNLTD has recognized that aging is becoming one of the biggest economic opportunities of the century. The field of longevity grew exponentially in 2021, with significant developments, new products and services, across all sectors including science, technology, healthcare, financial, home and housing, nutrition and wellness.


Has your business kept pace with the rapid evolution of the Longevity Economy and focus on Healthy Aging? Now’s the time to learn and take action.


YouAreUNLTD’s vision to inspire all people to age powerfully, no matter what their circumstances, continues. We’re excited and energized about the many new initiatives that YouAreUNLTD has in store for 2022. Please stay tuned for more news and thank you for being a part of our community!

The New Science of Aging Puts Healthspan at the Forefront

There has been a significant shift in how researchers view aging. Previously, longevity or life expectancy was the focus, but now healthspan is the priority, which aims to help people live longer and with a higher degree of wellness. This has opened the door to game-changing scientific advances and a more individualized approach to identifying health risks and how to manage them, thanks to the use of biomarkers for early detection, prevention and disease management. Read more about these innovations now.

Agetech Innovations at This Year’s CES That Could Be Beneficial to People of All Ages

It’s great to see that with each passing year, tech for older adults receives more attention at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology show. A number of startups at this year’s CES made it evident that Agetech innovations can improve the quality of life of not just older adults, but for many other people too. Read more about CES 2022 now.

Canada Needs a National Aging Strategy

Healthy aging is a major global priority — it’s on the top of the United Nations and the World Health Organization’s agenda. Countries like Japan and Singapore have made major investments to support their older population, such as promoting lifelong learning and social integration, as well as building age-friendly home-care and assisted living, and designing age-friendly technology. It’s time we had a national aging strategy. Read the story by Paula Rochon and Surbhi Kalia in their op-ed in the Toronto Star. 

Join YouAreUNLTD at CABHI Summit 2022 

What does empowered aging look like, and how can innovation help us get there? The CABHI Summit 2022 explores innovation and investment in longevity – and the ways in which Agetech is helping older adults and caregivers make choices that are right for their own aging journeys. Learn more and register now.  

YouAreUNLTD is thrilled to be a media sponsor of CABHI Summit 2022

Ready to tap into the longevity economy? Let's work together. 


YouAreUNLTD provides leadership advice and counsel on how to uncover business possibilities to capture opportunity in the longevity economy. Have questions on how to maximize this opportunity for your business? Let’s talk now.

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