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Welcome to November's YouAreUNLTD Longevity Briefing. The global Longevity Economy represents a massive $25T and growing market opportunity that can be unlocked across every industry segment. Read on to learn how you can harness the opportunity for your organization.

Unlock A $25T (And Growing) Market Opportunity 

Globally, the population is aging, fueled by declining birth rates and increases in life expectancy. The doubling of lifespans in the past century and a half is one of the most remarkable success stories in human history. Over half of children now being born are expected to live to age one hundred and beyond. Every organization needs to develop its strategy to harness the potential presented by the new longevity.   
Read what exactly is this new economy and why should this matter to you (YouAreUNLTD).

Are You Ready? 


People over 50 make over 50% of consumer spending decisions and hold 83% of US wealth. But you wouldn’t guess this if you were analyzing most companies’ marketing or product development strategies. Despite the sweeping impact of one of the biggest demographic shifts the world has ever seen, organizations have seemed largely disinterested in the growing economic impact and potential of this market and audience.

From the Editor’s Desk: Feeling Bullish on the Potential of the Longevity Economy (YouAreUNLTD).

What’s The Barrier? 


The problem today is that aging is generally seen as negative, and society has an in-grained deficit mindset around aging. Our youth obsessed culture is distracting organizations from realizing and embracing the potential value of today’s aging world. Through our global research, YouAreUNLTD understands that successful organizations and governments have reframed their thinking to see the socioeconomic value of an aging society. 
Learn more about how ageism blocks progress (World Health Organization).

Older Adults Are More Than One Demographic 


With longer lifespans and healthspans, so-called old people can’t be lumped together as one demographic. Just as a 25-year-old is not the same as a 40-year-old, a 55-year-old is not the same as a 70-year-old. Winning organizations segment their market and deeply understand their audience. Today, negative vernacular and imagery is oftentimes attached to older adults. To be successful in the new longevity economy, new approaches and strategies are required. 
Read more about age related myths and perceptions (YouAreUNLTD).

Who Is Harnessing The Longevity Economy? 


Globally, the Longevity Economy impacts every industry sector and there are many great examples of big brands like NIKE who have evolved and adapted to harness the power of this new economy and consumer. You can too. 
In her new book entitled “Stage (Not Age)”, author Susan Wilner Golden discusses how organizations can find their longevity opportunity 

YouAreUNLTD: Experts In Aging and Longevity 


YouAreUNLTD has been at the epicentre of aging and longevity since 2017, partnering with first movers and innovation centres globally. We are a boutique aging and longevity advisory, communication firm and thought leadership network, assisting organizations in identifying and unlocking potential and opportunity in the new longevity economy.
We’d love to hear from you. We’ve created a scorecard to get you started on assessing your aging and longevity opportunity. If you are interested in receiving this scorecard, please reach out to Anne Marie Wright, Co-Founder and Partner.

We hope you enjoyed our YouAreUNLTD Longevity Briefing! We're always sharing curated content on longevity economy global trends and insights, thought leadership, breaking news on disruption and innovation and leading-edge research on our LinkedIn page.


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