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Thank you for the wonderful response to our new YouAreUNLTD Longevity Briefing. In this new format, each month we'll share some of the most important stories, research, opinions, and insights you need to know about the longevity economy.

This month: clocks that predict how long you'll live, society's need to adapt for a 100-year life, medication packaging innovations, retailers expanding for older adults, and more. Read on.

Aging Clocks Aim to Predict How Long You’ll Live
(MIT Technology Review)

These clocks promise to measure biological age and help identify anti-aging drugs, but there are lingering questions over their accuracy.

A Conversation on Aging Research 
(Harvard Medical School)

The head of the National Institute on Aging discusses investigating the biological intricacies of growing older.

The 100-Year Life is Here. How Can We Meet the Challenges of Longevity? An Expert Explains
(World Economic Forum)

Why we need to start redesigning institutions, practices, and norms to align with today’s reality of a 100-year lifespan.

Innovation in Medication Adherence Packaging Empowers Patients

Healthcare professionals understand that prescription drugs must be taken as recommended. Unfortunately, current data suggests just half of patients do. But recent innovations in medication packaging have been game-changers for patient health and the healthcare system.

Retailers Are Tailoring Their Offerings to Older Adults 

At home improvement big-box chain Lowe’s, after CEO Marvin Ellison helped retrofit his father’s home so he could age in place, the selection of items targeted towards older adults were expanded in stores.

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