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On behalf of the entire team at YouAreUNLTD, thank you for joining us at UNLTD Live! 

It’s fantastic and inspiring to bring together so many great leaders and executives from diverse industries and organizations to explore what we know is one of the most disruptive market trends in history—the rise of new aging consumer, who is changing what it means to get older and looking for the knowledge, products and services to age powerfully, on their terms. 
Our team is ready to help you create content and build relationships with this valuable demographic: It’s what we do.

During the event, we set out to highlight the eye-opening research and insights that are influencing how forward-thinking businesses and organizations can position themselves to capitalize on emerging and UNLTD opportunities:
  • Power in Numbers: Canada already houses a population of 9.6 million Boomers – almost one in every three residents. Plus, there are 1.6 billion people aged 50 or older in the world, and that number is expected to double over the next three decades. You can’t ignore them. They are YouAreUNLTD readers.
  • Reality Check: This older, yet active, consumer group is redefining aging. They’re not lamenting lost youth or fading into the sunset, but relishing in their power and purpose—they’re healthier, wealthier and working longer. YouAreUNLTD is telling their stories. 
  • Shifting Perceptions. It’s high time to bust myths, banish ageist stereotypes and get to know this influential demographic. The first step is shifting personal biases about aging, then using those insights to change our organizations and tap into unprecedented potential for growth. YouAreUNLTD is leading the movement to redefine aging in Canada. 
  • Spending Power: It’s estimated the global spend by people age 60 and older will hit US$15-trillion by 2020. There has never in ever been such an influential consumer group. YouAreUNLTD understands their wants and needs: What's your market share going to be?
  • Lead by Example: Despite wealth and influence, older consumers are largely ignored by marketers and rarely appear in creative briefs or at the core of a company’s strategic vision. People don’t hit 45 and stop spending. In fact, aging consumers are disrupting every vertical from health care to home renovation, travel, technology and more. Companies and organizations must connect with this group to stay relevant and first movers will reap the greatest benefits. YouAreUNLTD is already there and you can be, too. 
  • The Time is Now: You understand the opportunity and now it’s time to take action. Through our properties, YouAreUNLTD is already engaged with Canada’s most substantial consumer demographic. Our content reflects their interests and aspirations, speaking directly to aging Canadians in a way that is fresh and authentic. We can help you do the same.

UNLTD Influencers. UNLTD Possibilities. 

Connect with the new aging consumer.

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In the coming days and weeks, we will be rolling out content delving into the themes and personalities discussed during UNLTD Live! Be informed, JOIN OUR NETWORK.
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