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2020 continues to be a very interesting year, to say the least. But the health of aging Canadians continues to be as important as ever. Read on as we share some recent trends and information that will help drive your business forward in these challenging times.

Ageless Living. Not Your Grandma's Bathroom.

In collaboration with our colleagues from Mykigai, Your Longevity Concierge, and design expert Linda Kafta from Livable Environments, YouAreUNLTD recently moderated a roundtable webinar entitled: 10 Design Trends in Wellness and Ageless Living. Kafka is an advocate of ageless living, and a movement called Living in Place. This, she says, is not about your grandmother and grab bars for her bathtub. It is instead a holistic approach, “To support everyone, regardless of age, ability or size.” How, Kafka asks, “can residential environments adapt to us as our needs change over an entire lifespan?” To learn the answers to this question, view the full webinar on our YouTube channel by clicking on the image above, or here.

There is big money in this untapped field, and a chance to help people with smart design before they need help. The Canadian Home Builders Association says that home modifications are worth $77 billion dollars a year in Canada. This roundtable webinar precedes the LivABLE Environment Conference, a large and virtual trade event that Kafta and her team are running on October 28 to 30thYouAreUNLTD is the media sponsor of this event and will be speaking on the topic of “Aging is a Powerful Market Driver”. Over 30 thought leaders will be presenting on the future of Ageless Living.    


We are pleased to offer complimentary passes to the LivABLE Environment Conference for our valued partners and friends. Use the promo code YOUAREUNLTDguest upon checkout for a complimentary pass. For more information and to redeem this offer, click here.

The Longevity Economy: Gigantic and Getting Bigger 

YouAreUNLTD continues to monitor global trends in aging and how the largest demographic in history is fueling economic growth and creating opportunities for all.   Daily, we receive global information on this new economy and are committed to sharing meaningful knowledge with you.   The Economist Intelligence Unit, supported by Amgen, recently introduced this report on creating inclusive environments for an aging population.

Educating and Engaging Patients in Pacemaker Decisions

There is a myriad of myths that persist about life as a pacemaker recipient. With sponsorship from our global MedTech client, YouAreUNLTD created a campaign to educate consumers and patients on new pacemaker technologies. The goal of this education campaign was to empower consumers and patients to proactively ask questions and to get the most current information available for making informed decisions, with their physician, to suit individual needs, medical situations, and lifestyle. Read one of the campaign pieces now.

Showcasing How Canada's Pharmacists Help Osteoporosis Patients 

More than two million Canadians are affected by osteoporosis. It can have a major impact on our wellness, with fractures due to the disease more common than heart attacks, strokes and cancer combined. With the stakes so high, osteoporosis patients need support from many to help navigate their care journey. Our global Pharmaceutical client set out to highlight the important and integrated role that pharmacists play in caring for people with osteoporosis. As part of an integrated “Feel It in Your Bones” campaign created by YouAreUNLTD, read how pharmacist/pharmacy manager Carolyn Whiskin, with Charlton Health, discusses how pharmacists impact care

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As we move into late 2020 and early 2021 our focus will be on four strategic areas where we have architected initiatives to drive business agendas on aging forward:

  • Financial Wellness
  • Ageless Living
  • Nutrition

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us.

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