Fall 2021 Edition
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Message from the CEO
Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) is gearing up for our fall programming. In September we engaged with the many partners of SCC as they joined us, the SCC Board of Directors and Operations committee in a virtual Stakeholders meeting. Leading into October SCC will be hosting a virtual meeting with our National Technical Committee to finalize the contest descriptions, material and equipment requirements as we continue our planning for the 2022 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), in Vancouver in May of 2022.
National Skilled Trade and Technology Week (NSTTW) 2021 runs from October 31 to November 6. SCC will host an online Virtual Career Exploration event on November 2 where students, apprentices, teachers and career seekers will have the opportunity to learn about many education and career paths by visiting over 30 of SCC’s partners. This year’s Skills for Success theme is Innovation & Creativity and will be highlighted throughout the day in fun and informative ways. The goal of this week of activities is to promote and host awareness raising events around the many career opportunities in skilled trades and technologies in Canada. Watch our social media channels and website to learn about activities that are happening in your region.
Once again, SCC in partnership with Let’s Talk Science will be holding another Let’s Talk Careers Competition from October 25 to December 3 on the ChatterHigh platform. This is an exciting opportunity to engage students in career discovery and exploration.
SCC has also recently launched their new online presence. This new website features some exciting and informative content and with the user in-mind is easy to navigate throughout. We are proud to continue promoting careers in the skilled trades and technologies to youth in Canada and #CreatingPossibilities for our future skilled workforce. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next face-to-face event. See you in Vancouver at SCNC 2022!


Shaun Thorson
Skills/Compétences Canada

SCC News

Skills/Compétences Canada Newsroom 📰

Check out the latest news on Skills/Compétences Canada.
  • Published in the National Post on August 3, this article features industry celebrity Mike Holmes: The boon of the multi-generational workplace.
  • Published on August 3 in Education Canada : Sask Polytech students win big at Skills Canada provincial and national competitions.
  • Featured in Education Canada on August 13, this article highlights winners of the Skills Canada Virtual National Competition: Six CNA students walk home with awards.
  • Published in Seaside Magazine on July 29, this article features an SCC alumni: Trade Student Spotlight - Damien Jones: A Different Path.
  • This article is featured in Autosphere on July 26: Quand la passion mène à l'or (When passion leads to gold).
  • This inspiring article features a WorldSkills Brazil 2015 competitor in Cooking, published in Restobiz on July 12: Raising the bar: Chef Peter Keith. 
  • Published in Town and Country Today on July 7th: Two R.F. Staples students prove their skills on the national stage. 
Social Media Highlights
Skills for Success Corner 

SCC wants to welcome students and teachers Back to School, which has never been so different in the midst of a pandemic. In order to be able to successfully study, learn, and work in our ever-changing world, our skills have to change as well. The new framework emphasizes Skills for Success. Skills for Success are skills that help everyone succeed in a quickly changing world. They help you to get a job, progress at your current job, adapt to a new job and succeed in learning.

  • Students you use these skills every day! Your timetable? You will use Reading skills to interpret the information in it!  
  • Hybrid learning online and in class? Adaptability skills will help you learn and retain new material regardless of the learning platform! 
  • How to finish your assignments in your classroom? Creativity & Innovation skills can help you come up with unique ways to complete your homework! 

Skills for Success are the skills needed to participate and thrive in learning, work,
and life.

To learn more visit:

SCVNC 2021 Recap

Check out our recap booklet of the Skills Canada Virtual National Competition (SCVNC) to see the highlights of this event! 

SCC Launches New and Improved Online Presence

Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) launched its new online presence on September 7. We are very proud of this new website which highlights our programs, initiatives, and events. On this platform, we promote and profile skilled trade and technology occupations, and engage Canada’s future skilled workforce. SCC will continue #CreatingPossibilities for our country’s youth and their communities.

 There are many new features including: 
  • A modern look and feel with the user experience being top of mind; 
  • A calendar of events with details on events which will be hosted by SCC, its Member Organizations and partners; 
  • An interactive map which highlights the numerous training institutions from across the country, for the occupational areas featured at the Skills Canada National Competition;
  • A Skills for Success section (formerly Essential Skills) with additional resources such as downloadable workbooks which can be used in the workplace or classroom; 
  • A resource section which includes  event and competition documents such as past projects completed during previous Skills Canada National Competitions, promotional materials and more; 
  • A section on ‘how to get involved’ featuring volunteer opportunities; 
  • Accessibility tools to help individuals with disabilities better navigate the website. 

    Check it out at

Upcoming Events

Calling all Students: Register for Round 3 of Let’s Talk Careers Competition!

Skills/Compétences Canada has partnered with Let’s Talk Science to offer an exciting opportunity to engage students in career discovery and exploration, on the ChatterHigh platform. The Let's Talk Careers Competition is offering students the opportunity to discover careers in the skilled trades and technologies while having fun!

Students from across Canada will have the opportunity to answer a 10 question quiz each day to earn points towards their personal leaderboards and their school. These quizzes allow them to explore thousands of career options that they may not have been exposed to. The schools with the highest ranking at the end of each round will win a cash prize, and the students who answered the most questions correctly in the time period will also win personal cash bursaries. There are
$25,000 in cash prizes available to be won!

The next round of competition is from October 25 to December 3, 2021 on the ChatterHigh platform. To register, click here. For more information, go to our website.
SCC Will Be Hosting A Virtual National Technical Committee (NTC) Meeting
On October 2, 2021, Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) will be holding it’s planning meeting for the 2022 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), that will be hosted in Vancouver, B.C. Due to ongoing
COVID-19 restrictions, this meeting will be held online. During this meeting, members of the National Technical Committee and SCC staff will gather virtually to discuss several items for the event.
This will include:
  • The new Skills for Success framework,
  • The infrastructure list,
  • Communications guidelines for the event,
  • NTC responsibilities and
  • Contest descriptions.
SCC looks forward to working with our volunteers for the many preparations for SCNC 2022, in Vancouver!

Mark your calendar for A Virtual Career Exploration 

National Skilled Trade and Technology Week (NSTTW) is a key date in the annual Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) calendar. The goal of this week-long event is to promote and host awareness-raising events around the many skilled trade and technology career opportunities in Canada. During NSTTW organizations from across Canada get involved with SCC to promote skilled trade and technology careers to youth, parents, career seekers and the public. This year, NSTTW will be held from October 31 to November 6, 2021.


Due to C
OVID-19 restrictions, SCC will be hosting the launch for NSTTW 2021 on a virtual platform. Join us on November 2 from 11 a
.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT for A Virtual Career Exploration. Register for FREE at At this event, you can learn about careers in the skilled trades and technologies, interact with over 30 industry and education partners, answer trivia questions, check out our virtual stage and learn about the 9 Skills for Success. Student visitors can also enter an exciting contest for a chance to win great prizes!

Check out our
website and stay tuned on our social media channels in the coming weeks for more information. #NSTTW2021

Join us for SCNC 2022, in Vancouver!

Skills/Compétences Canada is happy to be heading back to Vancouver in 2022 for the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC). This event is the only national, multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices in the country. By providing a forum where young Canadians can compete at the national level, SCNC provides hands-on work experience related to skilled trade and technology careers.

For more information, visit the SCNC 2022 website landing page.

Partner and Industry News

👷‍♀️ SCC highlights its partners 👨‍🍳

UA Highlights Their She Is Skilled Program
The doors that open for you when you pursue a career in the skilled trades are endless! During the Skills Canada Virtual National Competition, UA Canada featured their “She Is Skilled” program by highlighting some of the incredible women within the UA. Here are a few things they had to say:
Courtney (Welder) – “I’ve been able to take a skill like welding and turn it into a side business where I can create metal art. The trade has given my family so many opportunities.”
Julia Ballentyne (HVAC/R Mechanic) – “Every day is different on the tools. When a big freezer in a grocery store breaks down, it’s on you to fix it, and when you do, it’s like you are a Rockstar!”
Tricia (Plumber) – “The moment I found plumbing, honestly, it’s been the love of my life ever since. Where do you go that you don’t need water?”
Christina (Steamfitter) – “Safety is a huge aspect of our industry! It’s great for someone who likes working with their hands and on their feet, someone who is precise and pays attention to detail.”
Emily (Plumber)– “There are lots of positives to being a woman in the trades. There is always someone to reach out to and talk to. Always someone willing to give you a leg up.”
Rachel (Plumber)– “I love how different every day is. Don’t be afraid of how long an apprenticeship takes, it goes by quick, and best of all, you do get paid along the way!” 
Angel (Sprinkler Fitter)– “It’s a job that pays a livable wage and gives you and your family a work life  balance. It can take you anywhere. It’s up to you to decide where you go with it.”
Each one of these women are inspirational in their careers. They work in this industry because they want to, not because they have to. They have built careers for life. To view the video in its entirety,
click here.

Contributed by: UA Canada

Consulab Highlights Renata Iguchi, an Electrical Engineering Technologist
ConsuLab believes we need more diversity in the skills workforce. Likewise, we believe it’s valuable and important to promote the skilled trades to women and encourage them to enter in the trades as well. This month we are proud to feature Renata Iguchi, a newer hire here at ConsuLab. Renata is an electrical engineering technologist at ConsuLab. We asked Renata some questions about her career path at ConsuLab and also her thoughts about diversity in the workforce.


What is your background professionally within the trades? 
I worked in the automobile industry for about 10 years. I started my career as an intern at Mahle, a German company of engine components. After that, I worked as a technical assistance analyst at Volkswagen and as a mechanical engineer at Peugeot Citroen. I started to work for ConsuLab in May of this year. 
What brought you to ConsuLab and what did you find appealing about working here? 
I believe that ConsuLab products have a great importance in student training and are a facilitating support for teachers. Our products enhance student understanding and help them acquire the skills needed
to solve problems. 
How do you think ConsuLab and other employers can promote the trades to women and make it more inclusive? 
I think that ConsuLab could promote seminars for girls in high school to show how interesting the technical area is and encourage them to enter this field. We could show an interview with the female employees to show the students what it is like to work at ConsuLab. It would show the importance of women in a sector that is predominantly male but that can start to change, and they can be the agents of this change. Showcasing female role models encourages other women. 
What did you study in school to help you with this current job and what is your educational background? 
I have a degree in mechanical engineering, and I came to Québec to do a college degree in programmable electronics and robotics. The Cégep gave me the background I needed to start as a technologist at ConsuLab and I’m learning a little bit more every day at work.

Contributed by: Consulab
Promoting Safe Welding With Fume Extraction and Weld Booths

We all know the importance of welding safety and instilling it as a part of welding education. However, what safety measures are you taking in your classroom when it comes to fume control? In order to implement a safe welding environment for your students and yourself, you should be implementing and maintaining fume extraction and weld booths.

At Lincoln Electric, we have the experience and expertise needed for weld safety and fume control. Whether with weld booths, fume extraction systems, portable and mobile weld fume extraction, Purified Air Purifying Respirators, downdraft tables or weld fume guns, we can help you determine the right fume control solution for your classroom. Weld fume solutions allows you and your students to weld in a safe environment – minimizing weld fume exposure.

here for more information on the fume control welding equipment that is available to you.

Continue to promote safe welding and improve student efficiency. Don’t let fumes stand a chance.

Contributed by: Lincoln Electric

Dana Skovrinskie Shares Her Journey Into the Skilled Trades

Growing up in western Pennsylvania, Dana Skovrinskie developed an early fascination with watching how things were built and dreaming of ways that she could improve that process. Her natural talents led her to the University of Pittsburgh to earn a degree in industrial engineering and to the job she always knew she’d have – working in manufacturing.


Dana Skovrinskie, Industrial Engineering/Mechanical Engineering Manager of
Fabrication, Volvo Construction Equipment, in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.
Her pathway into transportation was a series of happy discoveries. Her position as a co-op at Toyota during her college years sparked her interest in the automotive industry. Right out of college she went to work for General Motors as a production supervisor and discovered a love for working in a fast-paced production environment. In 2006, she moved into construction equipment, enjoying the opportunity to work on big machines and to work on the whole piece of equipment being produced rather than on just one portion, as is common in automobile production. At the Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) plant in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, Dana gets the opportunity to collaborate with co-workers from the inception of the vehicle to the moment it rolls off the line. With design engineering, purchasing, operations and sales all housed in the same location, Volvo CE can be nimble and responsive, another thing Dana enjoys about her job.
Dana’s team is responsible for all processes to build equipment. Right now she is focusing on fabrication, including machining and welding processes. She previously worked in assembly and was able to come up with improved ways to build the equipment in the plant. That’s Dana’s continuous improvement mindset at work, and it’s something that she and her team keep in mind in everything they do. “Once we start building, we keep improving the process,” she says. Using lean processes, she works to balance the line to build equipment efficiently, using poka-yoke or error-proofing to ensure precision in production. While Dana is passionate about improving processes, she’s equally passionate about developing the people on her team. She’s been a manager for five years, but her nature is always to help those she works with grow and develop, believing it’s better for the whole team.

“It’s all about empowerment,” she says of her leadership style. She loves to see an eagerness to learn, willingness to get on the floor and work in her team. In fact, one of her favorite things about working at Volvo CE is that it’s not as big and specialized as automobile manufacturing, so there are ample
opportunities for people to gain more broad experience. As she leads projects, Dana loves assembling a cross-functional team to work together toward a goal. She makes sure everyone is on board and knows where they come in, enabling her to run teams that are more autonomous and agile.

Outside of work, Dana enjoys living with her husband and children in nearby Mechanicsburg, a growing area with lots to do that is also conveniently located, close to Harrisburg with easy access to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New York City.

“I love my job and the people I work with. I am challenged every day,” Dana says. “I love Volvo for the community they provide. I’ve have so many opportunities since I started, with
leadership training and the chance to try new things. The plant is our community and I’m proud of that community. People here are able to get things done that seem impossible.”

Contributed by: Volvo Construction Equipment

Interview with Barry Renaud, Industrial Mechanic at Vale’s Manitoba Operations
  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 
    My middle name is Halfdan (prounouced ‘hauldown’). I was named after my uncle who died in the Battle of Ortona in Italy in December 1943, in World War II.

  • Tell us about your current job and how long you have been in this position. 
    I am currently an Industrial Mechanic Leader at the T1 mine for Vale, in Manitoba. Our crew repairs, maintains and rebuilds stationary equipment throughout the mine. I have been with the same crew for 26 years.

  • What made you decide to pursue a career in the skilled trades and specifically in your trade 
    When I was exposed to mining equipment as a summer student, I found it interesting. When I became a full-time employee, industrial mechanical apprenticeships became available. I applied immediately. I knew I could also work in other industries with this ticket.

  • Who have been some of your biggest influencers and mentors that encouraged you to enter a career in the skilled trades?
    My supervisor Les Robinson was the Industrial Mechanical foreman who showed me the trade and recommended me for full time employment. My father also gave me the confidence to pursue it.

  • What do you think industry leaders and education personnel need to do to attract more people into the skilled trade and technology industries?
    Promote women in the trades, offer paid training in colleges and more government financial support to companies to facilitate apprenticeships.

  • What advice would you give young people when choosing their career path? 
    Take your time, choose wisely and do your research!
Contributed by: Vale

SCNC 2022 Partners

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