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Econlib QuickPicks- Personal Finance

Welcome to Econlib QuickPicks!

Each month, we send a collection of resources about a particular topic right to your inbox. In this, our first collection, we've focused on personal finance. The new year always seems to bring with it a rush of resolutions, but since we don't have much to say about weight loss,* we thought we'd start with some things that might be useful for those other resolutions...

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* Well... maybe we do have something to say about weight loss. In case you missed them, you might like Julia Belluz's recent EconTalk on Epidemilogy and Metabolism, as well as the episode with Gary Taubes on Why We Get Fat.

Podcast: John Bogle on Investing
Conversation with the legendary founder of the Vanguard Group and creator of the indexed mutual fund.
Concise Encyclopedia: Present Value
How much will today's money be worth in the future? How can you use this concept when making decisions?
Concise Encyclopedia: Marginal Tax Rate
Often confused with average tax rates, marginal tax rates have been the focus of intense policy debates. They're also important to understand for your own financial planning.
Podcast: McArdle on Debt and Self-Restraint
What can the psychology of self-restraint teach us about debt and budgeting?
Economics Guide: Money Management & Budgeting
Find links to help you make a budget, decide whether to rent or own, and play an online personal finance game.
Article: Mandatory Savings Programs
How much will you be able to rely on Social Security in your retirement? Are criticisms of the system overblown? How would your retirement be affected if the system were privatized?
Economics Guide: Saving & Investing
What's the difference between saving and investing? What tools you can use for each?
Podcast: The First National Bank of Dad
Looking to help your little ones gain some personal saving savvy? This classic EconTalk describes one dad's great approach.
Concise Encyclopedia: Stock Market
What is the stock market? What can it tell us about the overall economy? How is it used for personal and corporate investment? 
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