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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and welcome (or welcome back) to Econlib's QuickPicks. Each month, we curate a collection of resources around a particular theme. In past collections we've explored personal finance, the value of education, international trade, the economics of politics, and more.

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Encyclopedia: Property Rights
The definition, allocation, and protection of property rights comprise one of the most complex and difficult sets of issues that any society has to resolve, but one that must be resolved in some fashion.

Podcast: Property Rights and the Environment
EconTalk host Russ Roberts talks to Terry Anderson of the Hoover Institution about free-market environmentalism, the dynamics of the Yellowstone ecosystem, and how property rights can protect natural resources.

Concept Application: Snow Jobs
Before snowfalls, a parking space belongs to the one who occupies it: you leave it, you lose it. In wintertime Chicago, however, excavating one’s car changes the system of property rights.
How Property Rights Solve Problems
What public policy "problems" might not be problems at all if property rights are respected?
Property or Property "Rights"?
Sophisticated talk about “property rights” when what is meant is “property” helps to prepare the ground where both lose much of their force.
Biography: Armen Alchian
Other than through his text, Alchian’s largest impact has been in the economics of property rights (he wrote the article on property rights in this encyclopedia). Most of his work in property rights can be summed up in one sentence: You tell me the rules and I’ll tell you what outcomes to expect. 
Encyclopedia: Intellectual Property
Although expression and invention must be transformed into physical embodiments before they can have market value, they can also exist, and indeed must originally exist, in the creator’s mind. As such, traditional laws of property, which require physicality, do not apply.
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