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Staying Connected
REMINDER - The new Sports Polo Shirt (pictured above) is compulsory for all students from the start of the 2019 school year. This one Polo Shirt will replace both the current navy/green Sports Polo and the coloured House Team Polo.
The Sports Polo Shirt is available for purchase from Uniform Link.

Principal's News from Mrs. Fenske

The next few weeks are very busy with many events where students’ hard work and achievements are recognised and celebrated. These events are particularly significant for our Year 12 students who are about to graduate and set out on the next chapter of their lives.

It begins this Friday, 2 November with the Informal for our Year 9 students to celebrate the conclusion of Middle School. I would like to thank Ms. Pudelko and the Middle School captains for their involvement in organising this event and for their excellent leadership throughout this year. I look forward to seeing the students’ progress through Senior School.

The Informal is followed by the Year 12 Formal on Saturday, 10 November. A highlight is always to see the students arrive to the venue and to hear the tributes they share about each other. Not to mention the dancing that they have been preparing for throughout this term.
Take a look... Year 12 Dance Lessons
These celebrations are followed by Presentation events, a time to recognise and highlight the many achievements by our students. The Middle and Senior School Presentation Evening takes place on Tuesday, 13 November and the Junior School Presentation Morning on Tuesday, 20 November. Students are required to wear their formal uniform for these events.

Then on Friday, 16 November we hold a Graduation Chapel for our senior students. This is a day with mixed emotions. Whilst we are sorry to see them go, we are at the same time excited for them as they embark on a new journey beyond Peace and wish them every success in their future endeavours. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Seniors this year and am confident they will do themselves and their school proud.

I look forward to seeing you at some, or several of the upcoming events.

Yours in Christ,
Elisabeth Fenske - Principal

News from Pastor Adam

“But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
- Mark 10:43-45
As I write this, the Year 11 students are attending camp at Echo Creek and I am blessed to be able to attend. We are enjoying (enduring?) the heat and humidity, engaged in challenging activities and team games. The Year 11 camp is our school’s leadership camp, and during the course of the camp our College Captains for 2019 will be nominated.

The Lutheran Youth of Queensland (LYQ) have sent a team of youth adults to facilitate the leadership training. Our students are enjoying the games, discussion and training. A key theme is the challenge to see leadership as a relationship and not a position. The 2019 student leaders, who are our current Year 11’s, have great potential that, when realized, will be a blessing to many. Please pray for the Year 11’s as they grow to be leaders of the school and community.
Of course, among the many models of leadership, we look to Jesus Christ who perfectly modelled servant-leadership to the point of giving his life for all. Jesus calls us to a life of service to others, to seek the best for our neighbour.
By serving others, we show true leadership, and our families, homes and communities will be places of love, peace, joy and grace.

God bless.
Pastor Adam - College Pastor

Senior School News from Mr. Cummings

Year 12 Formal
In preparation for the upcoming Graduation Formal, on Saturday 10th November, the Year 12 Students are now practicing their Formal Dance on Wednesday afternoons with the help and patience of Mr. Brigden and his considerable dancing expertise. Mr. Johnson and Mr. O’Mara, who are the supporting College teachers, also bring with them some very clear ideas on choreography and an enormous amount of improvised dancing experience.

Thank you to Mr. Johnson for organising these classes and his ongoing work towards the graduation and formal events, it sounds like it is shaping up to be a spectacular evening this year.

This year’s graduates will enjoy a final week of retreat activities before the big Graduation send off on Friday, 16th November.

New Zealand Ski Trip
Travelling in groups is never easy, but imagine travelling with 39 students! During the September school holidays, teachers Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Brooker, Mr. O’Mara and Ms. Pudelko, along with 39 Year 11 and 12 students, embarked on a 10 day trip to tackle the snow.
The journey began in the small town of Wanaka where we tackled our first mountain at the Cardrona Alpine Resort. Regardless of whether kids had seen snow before or not, everyone was definitely tired after just the first day, but that didn’t stop anyone. We spent three days in total at Cardrona and it was a favourite amongst all skill levels, but it was time to move on to the heart of the trip, Queenstown.
Not only did this city have The Remarkables, but it offered luging atop a mountain with stunning views overlooking the town and Lake Wakatipu. But nothing could beat the buffet at the Skyline Restaurant. It was hands down the best meal anyone had. The Remarkables proved tough for everyone as once it began to snow heavily, visibility was at an all-time low, but that didn’t stop anyone from having fun as the largest snowball fight ensued. Students were also given the chance to bungee jump off a bridge.
And then, sadly, it was time to move to our last destination, Methven. Mt Hutt was the locals’ hub with tracks that were much more challenging. This was really when the rivalry between snowboarders and skiers surfaced the most, a competition on who could do the hardest routes and pull the coolest tricks. But in the end everyone was happy to just be in the moment together. Although sad faces followed closer to the end of the trip, everyone was ready to return to the good old Cairns heat.
"Not only did we learn about a new sport and culture, we soon learned more about each other, something that we might never have done without this trip. Next time there’s an opportunity to travel abroad, I encourage you to take it, as you never know what you might enjoy with all the world offers."
- Ms. Claudia Pudelko

Survive Your Drive - Year 12
On the 17th October, the Year 12 students had a day of activities provided by the Queensland Police Service under the Survive Your Drive initiative. This included a hard hitting presentation from the Forensic Crash Team, intended to really carry home the message of the consequences of poor choices when in control of a motor vehicle and also to raise awareness of the need to be alert for the unexpected when travelling on the roads.

A workshop of activities from the Police Service, Fire Brigade, ATODs and Queensland Department of Transport covered scenarios such as the impact, short term and longer term, of a road accident and the range of people involved in such an event, as well as exploring decision making exercises, focusing on choices students may be faced with regarding drugs and alcohol and associated behaviours.
Students were given a walk-through of a defective vehicle, and were also placed into the driver's seat of a simulator whilst wearing goggles that give the driver the sensation of being intoxicated. The confronting nature of the message prompted many students to reflect on their experiences, and without taking anything away from the seriousness of the circumstances that were investigated, the students did still manage to have a great deal of fun, especially with the use of the simulator.
"We thank the Police Service and their colleagues for giving up their valuable time on the day, to help our students better understand the very real consequences of their actions as a result of poor choices."
- Mr. Carl Johnson

Year 11 Camp
Year 11 students are on camp Monday to Wednesday in week four, where the process of electing our new Senior School leaders will begin.

Mrs. Brayshaw and Pastor Adam have been working hard to provide an action packed and reflective program. The camp is also supported by four Lutheran Youth Queensland (LYQ) staff who will be leading some activities.

Students will enjoy three days of varied activities heading down to the beautiful Eco Creek Adventure Centre located in the heart of the Tully Valley, midway between Cairns and Townsville. Situated on a 240 acre cattle property amongst the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area our students will experience the thrills, spills and adrenalin of activities but also the tranquil, peaceful and abundant natural aspects of the Wet Tropics.

God bless,
Peter Cummings - Head of Senior School

Middle School News from Mr. Elliott

"Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up." - Ecclesiastes 4:9

In the last school holidays, I celebrated my 40th birthday by accomplishing a long-held and planned goal of riding my bicycle 400 kilometres in one day. The ride started in Mt Surprise at 3 am and finished in Cairns that evening. It took us a bit over 14 and a half hours of riding time.

For me to complete this task, I had many supporters. From those who rode with me, to my family who allowed me time in preparation for the ride, I am grateful. Reflecting on the old adage of, “it isn’t the destination, but the journey”, I am reminded that the Bible teaches us another factor in that line of reasoning. Both the destination and journey are important, but WHO we journey with makes all the difference.

I would ask you to take a moment and prayerfully consider the passage from Ecclesiastes, reflect on those you are travelling with, and rewards gained through valuable relationships.

Indigenous Youth Parliament
On Thursday the 25th of October, Kenny, Val, and Julian attended the first ever Indigenous Youth Parliament. The event was hosted by the QLD Parliamentary Office, attended by notable local Ministers, and publicised on radio, television, and print media.

Students engaged in the process of government, gave speeches and were challenged to be leaders even if they do not hold a position of leadership.
Middle School Orientation
On Tuesday the 16th of October, students entering Peace in 2019 were on campus for orientation. Students from as close as Kamerunga to Port Moresby met teachers and students, learned about Middle School at Peace, went to classes, and were buddied up. Some students, Boarders, spent the night prior in the Boarding dorms.

It is always exciting to welcome new students to Middle School and see the potential they bring to making Peace an even greater school.

Existing Year 5 students have many opportunities to experience Middle School in Term 4 and will have an official orientation morning on the 26th of November.
Middle School Maths
Mr. Brooking's Year 8 Maths class has tried a new way of consolidating and revising their understanding of their recent statistics work. They used their skills at calculating measures of centre (and a dose of strategic thinking) to construct the most potent battling force that they could!
Middle School Teacher in Focus
Q: What is your name?
A: Mr. Dave Downing
Q: How long have you been at Peace?
A: 2018 is my sixteenth year at Peace.
Q: Did you work prior to coming to Peace?
A: I taught in several schools in South Africa and then migrated to Australia. Upon moving to Australia, I was a supply teacher for six months before teaching full time at Peace.
Q: What and where did you study (tertiary)?
A: I studied a Higher Diploma of Education, which was a four-year program. I studied this at Edgewood College of Education.
Q: What subjects do you currently teach at Peace?
A: This year I teach Science, Maths, STEM, History & Geography (Year 8), and I am the Makerspace Champion.
Q: Have you held any other position(s) at Peace?
A: For nine years I was the Middle School Behaviour Management Coordinator.
Q: Why do you choose to teach?
A: I enjoy working with young minds. During my senior year in high school, and while I was s studying at Edgewood, I ran youth camps and before/after school programs. I became aware of the enjoyment and challenges that come with working with children.
Q: What does life “look” like for you outside of work?
A: First and foremost, I am a dad and husband. My family is my main priority in life. As a family, we are involved in CosPlay and charity fundraising.

Best regards,
Chad Elliott - Head of Middle School

Junior School News from Mrs. Rowan

World Teacher's Day
Friday, 26th October was a worldwide celebration day of, and for teachers. Here are some quotes that summarise what our Peace teachers do on a daily basis...

PEACE Award Winners
Congratulations to these students for their positive, caring and resilient attitude.
Prep - Elleryanna and Nathan
Year 1 - Charys and Grace
Year 2 - Sienna and Ashton
Year 3 - Isabella and Isaac
Year 4 - Ethan and Yazmin
Year 5 - Honey and Cole
Year 5 - Matthew and Natasha
Year 4 - Yazmin and Hannah
Year 3 - Miu and Sienna
Year 2 - Alyssa and Emmy
Year 1 - Navroop and Dion
Prep - Summer and Mia

Here are a few dates to take note of as we come close to the end of the school year.
Tuesday, 20 November at 8:45 am
The Peace Centre

This is an opportunity to recognise students and present awards for Service and Leadership, Academic Achievement, Encouragement, Sport, Japanese and The Arts. We will also be celebrating with the Year 5 students as they leave Junior School.
Monday 26 November

Each class and all new students will spend the morning in their 2019 classroom, becoming familiar with their new surroundings and teacher.
Tuesday, 27 November 3 - 5 pm
Junior School Classrooms

An opportunity to see your child’s Semester 2 learning journey in action, and take a tour of all the Junior School classrooms.
Friday, 30 November from 5 pm
The Peace Centre

Join us for an afternoon of song and dance and celebration of the festive season.

Best regards,
Sarah Rowan - Head of Junior School

Boarding News from Mr. Connell

Welcome back to all Boarders for Term 4. The first three weeks have flown, which will be the case for the remainder of the term I am sure.

All Boarders will need to ensure they are on top of their school work throughout the shorter term, remaining focussed during study time will be a priority. With the access to tutors and teachers, our Boarders need to be proactive in seeking assistance when required. The House Parents will continue to monitor your child’s progress, but please do not hesitate to make contact should you have any concerns. We will work with all students to ensure they are getting the best results for themselves.

Along with having a strong focus on study this term, we are also continuing to foster a greater balance in the boarder’s lives. This has seen the four boarding houses committing to a couple of technology free afternoons. This will provide opportunities to make the most of our swimming pool, sports fields, basketball courts, REC Centre, with tutoring also being allowed during these times.
It was extremely pleasing to see a number of Boarders volunteer their time for the Spring Fair. The P&F have expressed their appreciation to the Boarders for this. This service to the broader school community represents the type of community we have in Boarding.

Weekend activities have seen the Boarders play games of ten pin bowling, a trip to Lake Eacham to escape the heat, and a lot of fun was had at roller skating on Sunday. I would like to remind all families they can keep up to date with the boarder’s activities via our Boarding Facebook page. The Weekend Activities timetable is also posted on the College website on a weekly basis.
Check out our Boarders' weekend Activity - Ten Pin Bowling
A highlight of the term so far was the Boarders Orientation where we welcomed a large number of the new Boarders who will join our community in 2019. Our current Year 11 students played an instrumental role throughout the program. They shared their experiences of boarding, whilst also answering a number of questions from the new Boarders, questions like…
What do you do if you are feeling homesick? What do you do after school? How was your first day at Peace? What do you do on the weekends? Do you miss your family and friends? Do we all eat together? How often do you have homework? Who was the person who helped you when you were in need? Do we play sports? Can you describe your experiences in Boarding, growing up and fitting in? What did you think when you first came to Boarding?
This is only the second year we have offered an orientation, and we believe it is invaluable for the transition to boarding school.
I would also like to thank our current Year 7 and 8 students who acted as buddies for the new Boarders. They have certainly matured over the past 12 months and started creating friendships with our new boarding students.

I am looking forward to Term 4 being a positive time for all our students and their families.

Best regards,
Patrick Connell - Head of Boarding

Middle/Senior Sports News from Mr. Atkins

After 10 rounds of JSS competition throughout Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4, we have four Peace teams qualifying for semi-finals. Our Boys Basketball will take on St Andrew’s Catholic College, Girls Touch Football will play Saints, Boys Touch Football will play St Andrew’s Catholic College and Girls Volleyball will play Cairns State High School. These games are being played on Wednesday 31st October and are elimination games with winners progressing straight through to the Grand Final for their sport on Wednesday 7th November. Good luck to these teams and congratulations on reaching this stage of the competition.
Overall we have had a successful JSS competition this year. Whilst we are one of the smaller schools involved we have a very good chance of winning the aggregate Trophy which is based on results divided by enrolment numbers. Regardless of whether we come home with this trophy next week or not, I am extremely proud of the efforts of our students and coaches, and the manner in which they have applied themselves throughout the season.
Talarah Henseleit (Year 8) – Queensland Track & Field Athletics
Talarah has had a very impressive Track & Field Athletics season in 2018. She was PLC Age Champion, runner-up Age Champion at TCN, then ran excellent times in both the 100m and 200m sprints at the Peninsula Athletics Championships to qualify to compete at the Queensland Schools Track & Field Athletics Championships.

Talarah travelled to Brisbane where she competed in these two ‘Blue Ribbon’ events at QSAC (Qld Sport
and Athletics Centre) from 25-28 October. Against the best athletes in the state, Talarah qualified for both the 100m and 200m Sprint Finals. She ran PB’s (personal best times) in both Finals, finishing 6th in the 100m, and 7th in the 200m. This is a fantastic achievement from a dedicated athlete. Congratulations on these wonderful achievements Talarah.

Yours in sport.
Jason Atkins - Middle & Senior School Sports Coordinator

Junior School Sports News from Mr. Dunsmuir

As we approach the end of the year the Junior School HPE program has focused on the sport of tennis, kick ball, frisbee and games. PLC has had much success in tennis recently and some of our athletics athletes have been competing in the state titles.

Over the past five weeks the Preps and Year 1 students have been playing the game of kick ball. Over this time their understanding of the tactics has improved noticeably as has their fielding and throwing abilities. I am trying to organise a competition between the Year 1 classes to see who can be recognised as the kick ball champions!

The Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 students have recently engaged in the sport of tennis. They have learnt the difference between forehand and backhand, how to control the speed of the racket and how to use angles on the court to help win a point. We finished the program with a mini tournament which mirrored the red ball competition which is run nation wide and I was pleasantly surprised at the skill shown throughout this program.

Recently, 10 students from Years 3 and 4 were invited to participate in the annual Red Ball Tennis Tournament. The nervous players competed in a round robin competition at Trinity Beach Tennis Club, against schools from our local area.
By the days end they had managed to win the tournament and were invited to play against the best teams from the greater region. Our nervous players competed, this time at the Cairns International Tennis Center, where they faced much harder competition. 

Again, our little warriors found their fighting spirit and by the days end they had managed to place second, meaning they were invited to participate in the upcoming state-wide tennis competition in Brisbane.

I would like to personally thank Mr. Mark Fernandez for coaching this group of players and I congratulate them on an outstanding achievement. Players: Micah Fox, Sophie Potter, Daniel Yanez, Marley Serpa, Jack Cashell, Rhys Donaldson, Maxwell McKenzie, Sam Dawson, Olivia Allan and Arlo Jones.

Recently Charlie Wood and Atalia Turner competed in their respective events in the State Athletics titles here in Cairns. In the under 12's High Jump, Charlie jumped a personal best of 149cm, 9cm higher than ever before, and placed 4th overall. Atalia was competing in the 1500m and after all the times were collated she was recognised as the 10th fastest in the state. A fantastic achievement by both of these wonderful athletes. 
As we draw closer to the end of the term the Preps and Year 1 students will be returning to team building games. It has been pleasing to see the progress the students have made, especially in their confidence and coordination, and I look forward to continuing this next year. Meanwhile the Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 students will try their luck at frisbee and the multitude of games that can be played with the flying disc. Since beginning the unit last week there has been much enthusiasm and frustration in trying to get it to fly straight.

Best regards,
Tom Dunsmuir - Junior School Sports Coordinator

Careers Corner

This month I would like to congratulate the achievements of our Year 12 Vocational Educational and Training (VET) students.
Firstly, congratulations to Thomas Wojtas (Year 12) who completed his Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance with Aviation Australia. After two years of hard work, Thomas not only successfully completed his qualification but also received the prestigious AAA Award for his efforts. Upon graduating from Year 12, Thomas will commence the Certificate IV course and is in the final stages of securing an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship for 2019.
Qualifications such as this are highly sought after as the airline industry is experiencing a shortage of maintenance staff as well as pilots.
Declan Bell was our first student to successfully complete the Certificate II in Sport and Recreation with CQUniversity.
This course saw Declan participate in a number of off campus activities including completing his First Aid certificate.
Declan is now work ready and qualified to commence a position in the sport and fitness industry.
Finally, congratulations to Year 12 student, Abbey Gavin, who has now completed two units of her Bachelor of Nursing as part of the CQUniversity’s SUN Program. SUN is an acronym for ‘Start University Now’ that allows students to commence their university studies whilst still at high school. As Abbey wasn’t studying an OP pathway she needed to complete two subjects to receive direct entry into the Bachelor course, which she has now done. It takes dedication, organisational skills and hard work and Abbey has shown she has what it takes to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.
If you or your child would like to find out more about these programs, please do not hesitate to contact me via or on 4039 9000.

Best regards,
Rebecca Bolton - Careers & Guidance Officer

Learning Centre News

Premier’s Reading Challenge
Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 2018 Premiers' Reading Challenge. In all, 131 students across Junior and Middle School participated, and 91 students completed the Challenge, reading over 2,000 books.  What a great achievement!
Across Queensland 836 schools and 223 early childhood centres also participated. Certificates for students who completed the Challenge have just arrived and will be presented at an assembly.
This is the first year Peace has been involved in the Challenge and we look forward to participating again in 2019.

"Peregrine", by Lugus Collinson
The Learning Centre is very proudly displaying "Peregrine", a book written and illustrated by Year 12 student, Lugus Collinson for his final Art project on “Place”.

We would like to thank Lugus as there have been many students and classes coming into the Learning Centre to read and enjoy his book.
End of Year Returns
The Learning Centre will close to students at 4 pm on Friday, 30th November, at the end of week 8. This will enables staff to conduct a whole of school stocktake. All Library books, English texts, and textbooks must be returned by:
  • Year 12 students – Friday, 9th November
  • Prep to Year 11 students – Friday, 30th November
Book Club
Issue #7 of Book Club closes on 19th October. There will be one last issue for 2018 that will be distributed to students in November.

Best regards,
Tanya Mills & Kim McKinlay - Learning Centre

P&F News

On behalf of all of us on the Parents & Friends Committee, we would like to say thank you to every person who volunteered, sponsored, and worked very hard to make the 2018 Spring Fair fantastic.

The final P&F meeting for the year will be held in November.
New ideas and new enthusiasm comes with new faces - everyone is welcome so come along and join in.

WHEN: Wednesday, 14 November 2018
TIME: 6:45 pm for refreshments & 7:00 pm meeting commences
WHERE: Peace Lutheran College Staff Lounge

Should you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, or would be interested in being involved in 2019, we'd love to hear from you.

Best regards,
Handan Y.Roper - P&F President

College News

Have you completed your Bus Application for 2019?

The College is currently planning for its future bus transport needs.To assist us in this endeavor, we are asking all families who currently use, and intend to use the College bus service in 2019 to complete the online Transport Application Form, available via this link.

We would also be interested in any suggestions you may have as to how we could improve the Peace bus service. Please pass on these suggestions to Mr. Nick Hill-Murray, Transport Coordinator, via email.

Representing the Region

Year 10 Drama students, Holly Cummings, and Emma McMullen, this month represented not just the school, but the far north Queensland region, at the State Finals of Shake & Stir Theatre Company's annual Shake Fest at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.
The girls won the Regional competition with their 'Taming of the Shrew' drama piece, then went on to compete against the best in Queensland. Holly said, "It was such an amazing experience and we were so glad to have been a part of it."

Donate old Sports Polo

With the new Sports Polo compulsory for all students from next year, why not offer your old polo shirt/s (pictured) to be donated to schools in PNG?
The College is taking up a collection of the old shirts to be sent to PNG.
Bring your washed garments to the school Administration.

College Events

Presentation Evening

13 November - 6 pm to 8:30 pm

The Middle and Senior School end of year presentation ceremony is our opportunity to celebrate the success of students for the year that has past. We invite you to help us celebrate this moment with them.​

Graduation Chapel

16 November - 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Year 12 Peace Lutheran College students, parents, caregivers, and family are invited to attend the Year 12 Peace Lutheran College Graduation Chapel.
This annual Peace event is one that will remain with our students and their families, and also our staff, forever. It is a time of reflection and celebration and always involves laughter and tears.
Join with us as we bless our Year 12 cohort and bid them a fond farewell.

Junior School Awards

20 November - 8:30 am - 10 am
The Junior School end of year presentation ceremony and Year 5 Graduation is our opportunity to celebrate the success of students for the year that has past and celebrate with our Year 5 students upon their completion of Junior School. We invite you to help us celebrate this moment with them.
Year 5 Graduation - At the completion of the Presentation Ceremony, Year 5 students and their families are invited to the Boarders Dining Room for refreshments.

What's on @ Peace

Middle School Captain Speeches
Thursday, 1 November 2018
Peace Centre
Year 9 Mini-Business Market
Thursday, 1 November 2018
Peace Green
JS Rugby Rookie2Reds (weekly)
Thursday, 1 November 2018
Peace Sports Fields
Year 9 Informal
Friday, 2 November 2018
Peace Centre
Year 12 Block Exams
Tue, 6 - Fri, 9 November 2018
Peace Lutheran College
Sports Presentation Assembly
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
Peace Centre
Junior Secondary Sport (weekly)
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
Code Club (weekly)
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
Computer Room
Senior School Captain Speeches
Thursday, 8 November 2018
Peace Centre
Year 12 Formal
Saturday, 10 November 2018
Cairns Convention Centre
Middle/Senior Award Presentation
Tuesday, 13 November 2018
Peace Centre
P&F Meeting
Wednesday, 14 November 2018
PLC Staff Lounge
Year 12 Graduation Chapel
Friday, 16 November 2018
Peace Centre
Last day for Year 12
Friday, 16 November 2018
Junior School Awards
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Peace Centre
Junior School Learning Expo
Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Junior School Classrooms
JS Instrumental Concert
Wednesday, 28 November 2018
Junior School Christmas Concert
Friday, 30 November 2018
Peace Centre
Last day for Year 10 & 11
Friday, 30 November 2018
Last day for Prep - Year 9
Wednesday, 5 December 2018
Boarders Travel Day
Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Admin Office closed
Friday, 14 December 2018
Admin Office reopen
Monday, 7 January 2019
Australia Day Public Holiday
Monday, 28 January 2019
1st Day Back to School
Tuesday, 29 January 2019
Boarders Travel Day
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

PLEASE NOTE: The above events and associated dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please check the Peace Lutheran College website for most up to date calendar information.

Community News

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