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Uniform Review
Introducing the Grace Project
A message from our College Council
The College Council would like to congratulate the 2019 graduating cohort on their very good academic results. They also want to extend a warm welcome to new staff joining Peace Lutheran College. We look forward to a productive and exciting year ahead with the first cohort completing the ATAR pathway and the new Hospitality Centre being opened.
500 years ago, Martin Luther was not only a key figure in the Reformation but a strong advocate for education for all. He lived in a time when only the sons of wealthy families could attend school, but Luther argued for the right to an education for all children. A quick study of Luther reveals not only his emphasis on Jesus Christ but also his significant role in modern educational reform and practice. Lutheran schools today continue to provide quality education for all.

Principal's News

People are, by nature, social creatures.“We need communities to sustain us, but if those communities are to survive and prosper, we must engage with them and nurture them” (Mackay, 2015).

Schools play an important part in building community. All of us; students, staff, families and friends, help shape the culture of the community we are part of now, and into the future.

In modern Western societies like Australia, community engagement and involvement is facing challenges: our changing family patterns of marriage and divorce make for difficult social adjustments; the rise of the two-income household means many are too busy to give much time to the local community; the mobility of the population (in Australia we move, on average, every six years); universal car ownership; and the social media revolution that creates the illusion of connectedness while making it easier than ever for us not to meet face-to-face (Mackay, 2015).

In the face of these challenges, the school’s role as community hubs is greater than ever before.

Peace is blessed to have very dedicated staff who are committed to their calling, to provide the best educational environment possible for the students. Peace is also blessed to have a vast majority of parents who are tremendously supportive and who work collaboratively for the benefit of the students and our community. All communities, Peace included, have differences of opinion, social divisions and cultural tensions. In other words, communities are both diverse and, inescapably, human (Mackay, 2015). To be part of a community, you need to accept the imperfections, the complexities and the tensions, and be prepared to engage with it and contribute positively.

Schools are extremely complex environments and teachers’ work is demanding. Teachers deserve to be respected for their professionalism while working within this environment. At Peace, we don’t claim to get it right all the time, but we always strive to do our best and believe that obstacles can be overcome through kindness, understanding and honest, respectful communication.

It is important to remember that we are all working towards a common goal; we all want the best possible outcome for the students. Communities that work together effectively, and are supportive of each other and their school will have a stronger, more connected and harmonious community.

The College is committed to a respectful learning environment for all and has its Parent Engagement Policy available on our website for more information.
Peace is also blessed with a very active and supportive P&F association who work tirelessly to raise funds and build community spirit. Just like any other kind of human relationship, our relationship with a community requires some effort on our part if it is to flourish. I encourage you to consider how you can support the P&F in their work. The next P&F meeting is held on Wednesday 11 March at 7 pm in the Staff Lounge.
Reference: Mackay, H. (2015). The Art of Belonging. Macmillan, Australia.

Yours in Christ.
Elisabeth Fenske - Principal

Learning & Innovation News

2020 has seen Peace launch the Peace Parent Portal. The Parent Portal is a way of further developing communication between the College and home. In the last few weeks, the staff at the College have been providing information about upcoming events and excursions via the Peace Parent Portal. 

The portal allows you to acknowledge and give permission for excursions without the need for completing paper forms.

If you have not yet visited the Peace Parent Portal or you are experiencing issues in doing so, please contact the College.   

Staff Professional Development: A Unified Vision Around Teaching and Learning

Last year, the teaching team at Peace commenced projects focused on Peer Coaching and Action Research. These projects are continuing and growing during 2020 as part of the ongoing professional learning that takes place at the College.  

The Peace teaching team works together to create a College-wide and shared responsibility for student learning and success. Teachers work in pairs and teams across Prep to Year 12 to develop continuous and ongoing learning for staff and students.   

The teaching team promotes a culture of professional improvement and this is enacted through Peer Coaching and Action Research. The teachers work hard at these projects to help students across the College learn and grow. 

Thank you to the dedicated teachers at Peace.

Teachers working and learning together during a Peer Coaching session.

Best regards,
Clare MacDermott - Head of Learning & Innovation

Pastor's News

On Wednesday 26th February our College community celebrated the beginning of Lent with our Ash Wednesday chapel. Students and staff had the opportunity to receive the “Imposition of Ashes” – this is the practice of ash marked on their foreheads or wrist in the shape of a cross, accompanied with the words “Remember you are dust” or “Return to God and trust in Him”.

Dust and ashes are elements that remind us that we are connected to the land and soil and that all life is created by God and will eventually decompose and return to the ground. Sounds like divine composting! And yet it is God’s plan for the world and shows us that new life and growth is coming.
Christmas and Easter are more popular celebrations than Ash Wednesday, but all three are celebrations of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The true message of Christmas is that our Saviour has come, the true message of Easter is that our Saviour died and rose again for us, and the message of Ash Wednesday is that our sin results in death but we have forgiveness and eternal life in our Saviour Jesus who has ‘marked’ us as his own. We turn to Him for a new life.
What if you could give a refugee child the best gift ever? A gift that can change their world. An education.

Students and families can help change the world for children through the Australian Lutheran World Service’s Grace Project. At our regular Friday Junior School Chapels, there will be an opportunity to give to the Grace Project. A free-will offering will be gathered, and all money collected will be given to ALWS. And just $26 can support a refugee child at school for a year!
Students and families attending Junior School Chapel are encouraged to donate to our free-will offering. Even a little bit of loose change from everyone will add up to $26 very quickly.

Let’s challenge ourselves to help as many refugee children as we can to receive an education

God bless.
Pastor Adam - College Pastor

Senior School News

Hello and a very warm welcome back to our returning 2020 senior students. I hope you and your families have enjoyed a wonderful summer break and are feeling refreshed and motivated about the year ahead. We have an exciting year in front of us, but it is up to the individual to ensure that your time here at Peace Lutheran College is a rewarding experience.
This year we are looking forward to witnessing the development of our new Hospitality Centre with the exciting extension and refurbishment of our facilities. Our Swimming Carnival has just taken place and our Cross Country Carnival is just around the corner. We will also be building on our fantastic CISSA and JSS records in 2020, to consolidate the College’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the regional sport.

I am very excited to be working with our new student leaders, Captains, Bethany Simkins and Gnu Kim and Vice Captains La’Schaya Body and Christopher Beckman.
The Senior School Captains have already met with the Principal and me to discuss their role, which has helped to crystalize their ideas and plans for the coming year. The Captains are very keen to expand our community recess activities program and develop more opportunities for service and leadership.
In Week 2, our assembly involved the induction of our new school captains and leaders, it is always an important part of the new year, as they accept their duties and promise to do their best, with the help of God. It is an exciting opportunity not only for the captains but for all senior students to show their character as true leaders around the college and for the school community to support their elected student representatives.
Year 12 Camp
During Week 4, the Year 12 students embarked a rewarding two-day retreat of self-reflection and goal setting for their final year of study. Students enjoyed seeing the sunrise over four Mile Beach and on top of their physical effort, the Year 12 students were encouraged to reflect upon their time at Peace and celebrate who they are as individuals.
Mrs Brayshaw and Mr O’Mara played a key role in the retreat while a special mention has to go to our tremendously hard-working Year 12 Co-ordinator, Mrs Eime who goes to extraordinary lengths to organise the event and support the Year 12 students. Such dedication was also reflected by Pastor Adam’s logistical efforts in maintaining the supply chain as well as supervising himself. Thank you to all staff for such a wonderful service to the Year 12 Students.
Valentine's Day Fundraiser
The Year 12 students did a fantastic job of delivering another highly successful Valentines Day Fundraiser, bringing flowers, fun and colour to the campus. Thank you to all students, staff and carers who helped to provide some delicious sweet treats for the Valentine Bake Sale, by all accounts it was a complete sell out by the end of the day.
QCE Review
This year graduating Year 12 students will be aiming to leave with the Queensland Certificate in Education (QCE). The QCE is Queensland's senior school qualification, which is awarded to eligible students at the end of Year 12 in most cases. We need to ensure that students are passing five subjects (C/Sound or above) in Year 12 in order to accumulate enough points (20) for their QCE.

The QCE offers flexibility in what is learnt, as well as where and when learning occurs. Students have a wide range of learning options; these can include senior school subjects and vocational education and training (including TAFE courses). We are currently interviewing all Year 12 students to advise them on their subjects and effort with the assessment. Details of this review will be made available to parents and carers so that in partnership we can support seniors students in achieving their goals and targets for 2020.
The QCE confirms achievement in contributing studies of a significant amount of learning: at a set standard and pattern while meeting literacy and numeracy requirements.
We are proud to be offering The duke of Edinburgh International Award Australia to Year 10 students this year. This highly recognised youth development program helps equip young people for life and work by enabling them to realise their full potential.

Mrs Brooker launched the program in Week 4 and has 22 interested students. They begin the skills section of the program, bushwalking and camping in Week 5.
Peace Lutheran College is proud of its image in the community and an important part of this continues to be our uniform. I am very pleased to see that the students are taking pride in their appearance and I would like to say thank you for all the parental support of our policy. Apart from student safety, the image we project has many positive benefits both at school and in the wider community.

God bless.
Peter Cummings - Head of Senior School

Middle School News

Middle School 2020 Year Start
After the excitement of starting a new school year, Middle School students are now settling into the routine of their new timetable and the expectations of their teachers. Student uniform has been excellent and we extend our thanks to parents in the support of maintaining high standards of uniform. It is only through strong partnerships with parents that we can continue to develop a robust culture of College identity and mutual respect.

Ms Chantal Mortimer (Student Welfare Officer) and I took the opportunity to visit all homerooms to introduce ourselves and the role that we have to play in supporting Middle School students in their academic and emotional progress into Senior School and beyond. Practical information on where to find us in the school and the services on offer was also shared with the students.
Middle School Captains
I am looking forward to working with the Middle School captains, Geordie Wood, She-in Kim, Lachlan McCarthy and Meleka Henseleit and to see them realise their potential as leaders and play a key role in Middle and Junior School events.
Ms Fenske, Mrs Brooker and I have been regularly meeting with the Middle School captains to develop ideas in support of the Senior Captains and of unique Middle School initiatives.
Recess Activities Program
Our 2020 recess activity program is developing nicely, with a wide range of activities offered daily for students to get involved in. The Middle School captains are running the Friday Trivia Competition in Week 4, with a celebrity-themed quiz, and have many ideas for future events and initiatives. Watch this space. I for one am looking forward to what our captains come up with this year to meet student interests.
GRIP Student Leadership Conference
Middle School Captains attended the GRIP Leadership Conference in Week 3 with Mrs Brooker, where the students were given some great ideas and advice on how to manage their role and responsibilities. One of the key presentations was to equip them with the ability to gain support and participation from the wider school community when running events and activities.
From the organisers of the GRIP Leadership Conference - "The GRIP Student Leadership Conference concentrates specifically on training student leaders for their role as School Leaders. The style, topics, and content of the conference all focus on what the students can do right now. Our goal is that your student leaders would leave our conference with a clear vision, a solid understanding and dozens of ideas for their time as a leader."

God bless.
Peter Cummings - Head of Middle School

Junior School News

Welcome to the new school year! A special welcome to the 55 new students in Junior School and their families. We have experienced a fantastic start to the school year. Classes have quickly settled into the routines of learning and students are showing great Gabby Get Along skills with each other.

All the staff are looking forward to the new school year filled with exciting learning possibilities!!!

Our Junior School Goals
At the Junior School Parent Information Evenings (PIE’s) I talked about 21st Century education and how we are incorporating relevant learning and knowledge with real-life experiences and skill development in order to best prepare students for the modern world. Some of the quotes below are quite relevant to our endeavour at Peace.

Students who come into our JS classrooms at PLC will experience:

  • A happy and safe environment with staff and students who care, respect others and accept differences
  • Active inquiry-based learning that is relevant and engaging
  • A consistent approach to learning through a common language, pedagogy and programs
  • High expectations that are delivered clearly and in an open manner for all to achieve accordingly
  • A place of service to others and the community
Junior School Student Leaders
The Junior School House Captains and Student Representative Council members were inducted at a special assembly in Week 2. Congratulations to these students and may God bless you as you help lead the Junior School community.
Blue Dolphins – Olivia, Issac and Maiala
Gold Dingoes – Arian-Rose, Amelia and Darcy
Green Eagles – Minou, Ezra and Layla
Red Emperors – Taylor, Mitchell and Chaila

Car Park Safety


This is a 2-minute stopping area. Please do not leave your car and remember this is not a parking space. If your child is not ready to be collected, please move on and around to allow other parents to move up and collect their child.

SPEED LIMIT in this area = 10km

Please use the internal pedestrian crossing.
There is only one way to exit the Junior School car park which is through the Stop-Drop-Go area, not straight out the entrance to SDG area.
If everyone does the right thing it will provide a safer environment for all. We know the safety of your child is very important to you so here are a few tips to help keep children safer in traffic areas:
  • HOLD HANDS – Children need to be actively supervised in and around traffic. Hold hands with your children when crossing the road. Students should be carrying their own school bag, on their back, leaving hands free to hold.
  • SET A GOOD EXAMPLE – Children are always watching – they want to be just like adults. Make sure you are modelling the correct procedures and adhering to rules when you cross the road.
  • TALK TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT ROAD SAFETY – Explain road rules, why you are stopping and looking and listening. Most importantly remind children that they are so important to you that you need to keep them safe at all times.
Let’s work together to make 2020 a year of exciting learning for all of us in the Peace Community!

Best regards,
Sarah Rowan - Head of Junior School

Boarding News

Middle/Senior School Sports News

Swimming Carnival
Another great Swimming Carnival took place last week with lots of enthusiastic team spirit. The winning House was Green Eagles, with a convincing win of almost 200 points more than second-placed Gold Dingoes.
  • 1st Place - Green Eagles on 662 points
  • 2nd Place - Gold Dingoes on 471 points
  • 3rd Place - Red Emperors on 433 points
  • 4th Place - Blue Dolphins on 431 points

2020 Age Champions
  • Girls 11 yrs & Under - Sophie
  • Boys 11 yrs & Under - Quintin
  • Boys 11 yrs & Under - Lachlan
  • Girls 12 yrs - Fern
  • Boys 12 yrs - Daniel
  • Girls 13 yrs - Kiera
  • Boys 13 yrs - Louis
  • Girls 14 yrs - Tori
  • Boys 14 yrs - Tsubasa
  • Girls 15 yrs - She-in
  • Boys 15 yrs - Morgan
  • Girls 16 yrs - Tali
  • Boys 16 yrs - Thomas
  • Girls 17 yrs & Over - Lorraine
  • Boys 17 yrs & Over - Gnu
CISSA 2020
Our CISSA teams have had a fantastic start to the 2020 season. Many teams have had victories with some teams undefeated so far. Teams that haven’t been victorious as yet have shown great sportsmanship and improvement.

Our opponents in Division 1 this year are Redlynch State College, Woree State High School and St Mary’s Catholic College. PLC will play each of these schools three times with the top three teams in each sport playing finals. Keep up the great work seniors!
TCN Representatives
Term 1 is notoriously busy for TCN trials. So far PLC has 16 students selected in TCN teams to compete at Peninsula Championships. Sports we have representatives in are Soccer, Rugby League, Baseball, Tennis, and Volleyball.

Congratulations to the students selected so far, I am sure there will be many more over the coming weeks.
Running Club
Mr Von Dietze and Mr Dunsmuir have a running club each week on Thursday mornings from 7:30 am – 8:00 am. All students are welcome to attend. The goal is to improve fitness and challenge yourself.

Please wear clothes suitable for running (and sweating in), bring a water bottle, and your school uniform to change into after you finish running.

Yours in sport.
Jason Atkins - Middle & Senior School Sports Coordinator

Junior School Sports News

This term we have been focusing on team building games as we reinforce concepts such as how to treat others, following the game rules and how to be safe when we play sports.

The second arm to our HPE program is the 'throwing and catching' unit where students are taught the fundamentals of how to do this using a tennis ball. Last week I tested the students' accuracy when throwing and in the coming weeks the catching test will follow.

Another focus this year will be to improve the students' technique and strategies when running long distances. We have covered things such as controlling their breathing, getting into a running rhythm, not wasting energy and to be more resilient to wanting to stop. A short running test was conducted last week with the majority of the students lasting the required time to run without stopping. I was extremely happy with the level of determination the students showed during this testing time.

Lastly, the cross country practises start this week and I ask parents to send in a second pair of runners for their children as it's likely that muddy shoes will result from these lessons.
This year's Junior School Cross Country Carnival will take place on Friday the 27th of March at the Peace Sports Field.

Schedule of approximate race start/finish times:
  • Preps - 8:50 am - 9:10 am
  • Year1s - 9:10 am - 9:30 am
  • Year 2s - 9:30 am - 9:50 am
  • Year 3/4 - 9:50 am - 10:10 am
  • Born in 2010 - 10:10 am - 10:30 am

Best regards,
Tom Dunsmuir - Junior School Sports Coordinator

Careers Corner

Welcome to 2020! It looks to be a very busy year from a Careers perspective with a number of exciting activities already planned for the coming year.
Vocational Education & Training (VET)
Interest in vocational education and training opportunities is growing and the College is meeting this demand by partnering with a number of providers including TAFE, Aviation Australia and CQ University.
Aviation: Our aviation students have commenced their training at the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre and will be completing their Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance. As I have talked about previously, aviation is a growing sector in our region given our proximity to Asia.

TAFE: Year 11 and 12 students have started across a wide range of vocations. This year we have students studying courses such as marine operations, sport and recreation healthcare, engineering and vehicle mechanics.
Vocational education in combination with a supportive college environment allows students the opportunity to develop academically as well as becoming ready upon graduation.
Parent Information Evening
It was great to see so many parents and students at our recent information evening. As I mentioned on the night, parents are welcome to contact me at the College to arrange a time to talk about career pathways, ATAR, VET courses and university pathways. There is so much information available to students and parents which can make the process seem overwhelming and confusing, so please do not hesitate to make contact by phoning 4039 9000 or emailing me.

Students are also welcome to visit me during the second break on Monday and Wednesday in SU1 to discuss any careers or subject matters during this time.

Finally, please encourage your child to visit the Careers Yammer page. Information about careers, university, work opportunities and general advice is posted on this site each week.

Best regards,
Rebecca Bolton - Careers & Guidance Officer

Learning Centre News

Welcome Miss Marcelle
A very warm welcome to our new Learning Centre Assistant, Marcelle Humphreys. Miss Marcelle has a wealth of knowledge in children’s literature and readers advisory and will be a wonderful asset to our team.
Library Research and Systems Training
The Learning Centre has had a very busy beginning to the term with information literacy sessions being held with Junior and Middle School students. Students are provided training on how to source and reference reliable research materials for PBL, history and geography assignments using our Library website and online databases such as Britannica Schools.
Wheelers e-Books and Audiobooks
The College will be trialling Wheelers Audiobooks and e-Books in 2020. This digital collection will complement the existing print collection at school and is currently available to all Middle and Senior School students.

Did you know that students who have difficulty reading can benefit from listening to audiobooks, which increase vocabulary and build up exposure to the language of books?  Audiobooks can also help to eliminate the stress of sounding out words, therefore reducing anxiety so children can focus on enjoying reading (Moran, 2017).

Students can borrow digital audiobooks and eBooks from the Library website.
Or they may wish to download them from the Wheelers ePlatform app to their device.
  1. Download the Wheelers ePlatform app from Appstore, Google Play or Windows
  2. Find Peace Lutheran College library and login using your student login
  3. Browse and borrow a book, and read it on your device
Readers Cup News
Selections for the 2020 Readers Cup Teams will be underway in Week 7, with students in Years 5 to 8 being eligible to participate. The teams will be announced and team members issued with their books before the end of the Term.
 Printing from BYOD Devices and Using OneDrive
  • When printing to the College printers, students with BYOD devices are reminded to use Papercut to upload work and release printing. Instructions for accessing Papercut can be found at the printers in the Learning Centre.
  • Students should always save their work to their school OneDrive account, rather than on local devices.  OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere at any time, including Library and home computers, and it automatically saves as students are working.
Library Reminder & Overdue Notices
Students are able to borrow library items for a period of two weeks, with the option to renew in person at the Learning Centre, or online via the Library website. Reminder notices for Junior School students are sent out via email to parent/carer providers. In Middle and Senior School, reminders are emailed to students via their school email address. Second overdue notices are also sent to the parent/care provider and House Parents for boarding students.
Book Club
Welcome to a new and exciting year of Book Club. Scholastic Book Club is a great way for the College to fundraise and to immerse our students in the wonderful world of reading. There are two issues of Book Club each term.
Orders can be placed in person with a completed order form and correct cash, or online using Scholastic Book Club LOOP.

Thank you in advance for your support and if you have questions that can’t be answered from the Scholastic website  please email Miss Marcelle.
Book Fair
The Easter Book Fair will be held during Week 9 from 23rd to 27th March. A range of books and novelties will be available for sale in the Learning Centre before and after school. A percentage of sales comes back to the College to purchase new resources for the Learning Centre.

Best regards,
Tanya Mills & Marcelle Humphreys - Learning Centre and

Parents & Friends News

The P&F are looking forward to another successful year in 2020. We welcome all families to become involved in our College's P&F. There are many ways you can become involved and we would like to encourage all families to consider doing “just one thing” to assist the P&F this year.
In Term 1 we will be hosting a Junior School “Under the Sea” Disco on Friday 20th March. Tickets will be on sale shortly!

The Bonus Benefits of Volunteering
Firstly, as our community faces increasing mental health challenges, volunteering is more important than ever. Volunteering offers a unique combination of connection and a sense of purpose, the importance of which cannot be overstated.

Secondly, I have often met people who have found work or business opportunities through their volunteering work. This is rarely the intention but happens naturally as people witness various skills being put to work. Anthea says, "I helped source sponsorship for our school fete and from there was offered work in a sales role by a fellow committee member. I had no experience with sales previously and have now happily worked there for 8 years."

Making The World A Better Place
"Perhaps I am biased because I engage with volunteers in my everyday work. I see first-hand the energy and passion of thousands of volunteers – solving problems, creating opportunities and building stronger communities. I see volunteers growing in personal confidence, meeting new people, learning new skills and experiencing satisfaction from their efforts. Volunteering is the ONE THING that is guaranteed to make the world a better place." - Mandy Weidmann from the Fundraising Directory
Our next meeting will be held in the Staff Lounge on Wednesday 11th March at 7 pm with light refreshments available from 6:45 pm. Meetings generally run for approximately one hour. We look forward to seeing some new faces and hearing about your new ideas.

Kindest regards,
Larisa Millyard - P&F President

College News

Academic Scholarships

Registration for Academic Scholarships is now open, closing on Wednesday, 13th May 2020.
Application for an Academic Scholarship is available for students who:

  • Are current Year 9 or Year 10 students who sit the ACER exam
  • Are currently attending Peace Lutheran College, OR
  • Are from another school and have a desire to join the Peace Lutheran College community
  • Are Australian citizens or hold a Permanent Residency Visa
Further information is available via our website. Registration can be made via our website.

Boarding Scholarships

Registration for Boarding Scholarships is now open, closing on Wednesday, 13th May 2020.
Application for a Boarding Scholarship is available for students who:

  • Are current Year 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 students who sit the ACER exam
  • Are Australian citizens or hold a Permanent Residency Visa
  • Require either weekly or full-time boarding
Further information is available via our website. Registration can be made via our website.

Uniform Review & Update

The Peace Lutheran College uniform plays an important role in the College identity and culture. It is the public face of the College.

The students wear the uniform with pride which demonstrates respect in themselves and the College.  Thank you to families for supporting Peace by ensuring your children wear the uniform well. 

Currently, the uniform policy and expectations are under review.  An initial consultative group, tasked with updating the College uniform has been established. The consultative group consists of a College executive member, a College Council member, a P&F representative and a staff representative. The group has begun the process of reviewing the written policy and current uniform requirements.   

This group is pursuing specific avenues of enquiry and information gathering in preparation for completing the uniform update.  As a result of the review of the policy and expectations, the consultative group will present proposed options for an updated College uniform to the Peace community.   

The proposed uniform options will consider sun safety, equity, climate/fabric suitability and cost. A timeline for feedback from the community and implementation will be determined and shared with the Peace community.

Dust Monitoring Program

The College has utilised the services of the Department of Environment & Science to complete an investigation into potential dust nuisance in the area of the College in response to concerns raised.

Monitoring instruments and equipment were located within the College grounds for four weeks from mid-September to mid-October 2019. The equipment was used to collect data to investigate potential sources and impacts of airborne dust, along with the direction from which it could be blown.

A Summary of the Findings
The findings have concluded that there was no dust nuisance risk identified based on the dust deposition samples collected over the monitoring period; particulate matter collected over the period of the program met the relevant air quality standards for health and wellbeing; the dust deposition and particulate matter samples showed low concentrations of metals and quartz, which are not considered to pose a risk to health and wellbeing.

Queensland Health officers were consulted throughout the monitoring program and were provided with the results of the monitoring data for review upon completion of the program. Queensland health officers did not identify any concerns in relation to the monitoring results.

Should you wish to see the full document provided by the Department of Environment and Science, please contact the College Administration.

Dates For Your Calendar

MARCH 2020
Middle/Senior School Chapel
Thursday, 5 March 2020
Peace Centre
Junior School Chapel
Friday, 6 March 2020
Peace Centre
P&F Meeting
Wednesday, 11 March 2020
Staff Lounge
Middle/Senior School Chapel
Thursday, 12 March 2020
Peace Centre
Junior School Chapel
Friday, 13 March 2020
Peace Centre
Middle/Senior School Chapel
Thursday, 19 March 2020
Peace Centre
Junior School Chapel
Friday, 20 March 2020
Peace Centre
Junior School Disco
Friday, 20 March 2020
Peace Centre
Harmony Day
Friday, 20 March 2020
Easter Book Fair
Mon 23 - Fri 27 March 2020
Middle/Senior School Chapel
Thursday, 26 March 2020
Peace Centre
Junior School Chapel
Friday, 27 March 2020
Peace Centre
Junior School Cross Country
Friday, 27 March 2020
Peace Sports Field
Prep In Action Open Day
Monday, 30 March 2020
Prep Classrooms
Prep In Action Open Day
Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Prep Classrooms
APRIL 2020
Middle/Senior Cross Country
Wednesday, 1 April 2020
Peace Sports Field
Closing Chapel
Friday, 3 April 2020
Peace Centre
Last Day for Students - Term 1
Friday, 3 April 2020
Boarders Travel Day
Friday, 3 April 2020
School Holidays Commence
Saturday, 4 April 2020
School Holidays
Sat 4 - Mon 20 April 2020
Staff Only PD Day
Monday, 20 April 2020
*No classes for students on this day
Boarders Travel Day
Monday, 20 April 2020
First Day for Students - Term 2
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
Year 9 Leadership Day
Wednesday, 22 April 2020
Goomboora Park
ANZAC Day Chapel
Friday, 24 April 2020
Peace Centre
Year 6 Camp
Wed 29 April - Fri 1 May 2020
Genazzano Retreat Centre
Middle/Senior School Chapel
Thursday, 30 April 2020
Peace Centre

PLEASE NOTE: The above events and associated dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please check the Peace Lutheran College website for most up to date calendar information.

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