MARCH 2020
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Staying Connected

Peace Community Catering Takeaway Meals

Year 8 student, Charlotte, decided to spend some of her own time writing down her thoughts in the hope it would help all Peace students to be encouraged about what supported online learning might mean for them...

"With the daunting news there could potentially be a lockdown on all schooling, there are many fears about what this will entitle for our students. At Peace Lutheran College, education is highly valued, so it is understandable that we would be expected to engage with online supported learning.

In our day to day education, there are many programs that teachers use to post homework and other important documents online, giving us unlimited access to them. We’re already familiar with these programs and use them when we aren’t at school to catch up on work. This means we are already prepared to use these programs daily when we aren’t at school.

Many of my peers agree that students at Peace are ready and will be able to continue their learning in an online environment. Some of my peers would prefer this to regular school too.

The Learning Management System at Peace is very helpful when it comes to time management and parent-teacher communication. The Student Café that we use online reminds us of when our assignments are due and when we have been given them. The program also notifies parents of this, so they can make sure we are doing our homework. Yammer allows teacher-student communication to be easily accessible, with its handy features of being able to private message people or being able to ask a public question that others can answer. The Office 365 suite with programs such as One Note and Word, allows our teachers to provide online feedback in the form of comments. This allows it to be much easier for us to understand where we may have missed things and be able to reach the best possible grade that we can.

Using these programs help students learn at their own place and in their own styles. Students that are auditory learners can use videos and audio posted online to watch and listen to them at their own pace, pausing and replaying them when necessary. Kinaesthetic learners have programs like Stile which provide fun games to help understand the concept more and be more hands-on. Students are able to have access to worksheets and activities that are posted online too.

My peers and I are all catered for with the Learning Management System that we use. Switching over to online learning will be easy for us, and it may even help some students learn better. In my opinion, I think it will help students be more creative.

When my peers and I can learn in the right environment, we can work faster. This is easier to make happen through online learning, as there are little distractions and students can work in an environment that is comfortable for them. If students finish their work quickly, then they have more free time to indulge in hobbies that can help their brain grow."

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Friends,

Term One 2020 has been like no other. So much has changed since we all returned from the summer break, rested and refreshed. Now our world has been thrown into turmoil, with COVID-19 filling the media channels, and with vast changes to how school, and life in general, is conducted.

Sometimes in these anxious times, we forget to say thank you. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the whole school community, for your support of the College in this time of uncertainty. Your kind words, encouragement and understanding of the challenges we are facing mean a lot to us. There are so many factors to consider and the situation is constantly changing. I hope that you feel well-informed and confident in how we are approaching the challenges ahead.

I want to say a huge thank you to our parents who work in the health care system and all other essential jobs. Your role in the community right now is incredibly important. We are grateful for all that you do and pray that you are kept safe and supported as we move through this pandemic.

I want to thank my colleagues, the College staff. I am immensely grateful for their unwavering support and collegiality, their grit and bravery in these challenging times, and their commitment to the students in their care. They have worked tirelessly for the past few weeks, learning to use new methods and tools in anticipation of supporting offsite learning. This has been a big task and a very steep learning curve for many teachers. I could not be more impressed by how they have embraced this challenge and I am confident that we are in a good position for the start of Term 2. They are truly our unsung heroes!

The partnership between schools, parents and carers is more important now than ever before. Student learning and well-being remain our priority and a shared goal. I believe this is the time when the community needs to band together to support one another. We need to reimagine schooling together. We need to stay calm and think clearly. We need to work together to prevent widespread infection of COVID-19.
We need to ensure that we model positive and helpful conversations so that we effectively demonstrate to the young people in our care how to work together and support one another. If we all unite in the challenges we are facing and continue to demonstrate commitment, kindness and service, our children and students will grow to emulate these behaviours as adults.

Elisabeth Fenske - Principal

Learning & Innovation News

Peace Parent Portal and Student Café
In coming days, the Term One Reports will be available to you via the Peace Parent Portal. An email will be sent to inform you when they are uploaded. Thank you to all students for their hard work this term.

Following the issuing of the Term One Report, the College would usually hold Parent/Teacher Interviews. Given the current situation, these interviews will be conducted later in the year; however, if there are any concerns regarding the Term One Reports please contact your child’s teacher.

In recent weeks, the Peace Parent Portal and Student Café have been further developed to provide you with access to work set by your child’s teacher. This will continue into Term Two to support offsite learning. Guides to using the Student Café have been provided under the School Links tab in the portal. 

The screenshot below indicates the tabs to access the Term One Reports (Academic Reports tab), the work set by your child’s teachers as homework (Homework tab) and the User Guides (School Links tab) to support online learning.

If you have not yet visited the Peace Parent Portal or you are experiencing issues in doing so, please contact the College administration.

Best regards,
Clare MacDermott - Head of Learning & Innovation

Pastor's News

These miraculous healings fulfilled what the prophet Isaiah had predicted: “He took our infirmities upon Himself, and He bore our diseases.”
Matthew 8:17
In the gospel of Matthew, there are many stories of miraculous healings by Jesus. And the short verse above is easily overlooked among the healings. But this single verse, a quote of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah (chapter 53, verse 4), is a word of great comfort in times of sickness – and even in times of anxiety during a pandemic.

Jesus healed many, but not all, through his earthly ministry and we are not promised perpetual health and healing in this life. The stories of Jesus’ miracles, including the healings, are to show us that he is the Messiah. And the Messiah saves his people from their sins, which is our greatest need. But these words from Matthew remind us that, as the Messiah, Jesus took humanity’s sin upon himself and also the consequences of original sin which include sickness and death. And he carried them to the cross. And by his resurrection, we are freed from them – they cannot keep us from God’s love and from sharing in Jesus’ resurrection to eternal life. God’s gift of salvation includes being made a new creation, which we will see on the last day.

Jesus says, “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; nothing can snatch them out of my hand” (John 10:28), and the apostle Paul confirms this truth, declaring that “neither death... nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8: 38 – 39).

Sickness is a thing. Covid-19 is a thing. No “thing” can separate us from God and His love for us – love that led Jesus to give His life for our salvation. God lifts the burden of our sins, and removes any possibility of an illness to threaten our hope of eternal life. What a relief and comfort that is. So we do not despair in times of illness, and we are free to love and serve.

God bless.
Pastor Adam - College Pastor

Senior School News

We have welcomed a number of new students into Senior School this year and it is great to see them all settling in well and becoming integral parts of our school community. As we approach the end of term, students need to ensure they remain focused and capitalise on their hard work in their assignments and examinations.

With the current world and national events unfolding we have been working hard to remain focused on student outcomes and continue to plan for the resumption of usual school operation while remaining adaptable to the changes ahead.
Year 11 & 12 ATAR students
Year 11 and 12 students have been working on their SET plans and QCE progress data, in homegroup class, to make sure they are in suitable classes and working towards successfully achieving their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).
After one term, students on contract need to seriously consider their initial subject choices if they continue to have difficulty in certain subject areas.
Pastoral Care staff are experienced and well placed to offer students and families good advice and alternatives to current subject pathways.
Study Skills, Learner Types, Learning Environments and QCE Scenarios have been some of the topics covered in homegroup to support their studies this term.
Duke of Edinburgh
The Duke of Edinburgh, Bronze Award team has been busy designing their programs which they tailor to suit their personal circumstances and choices ensuring they are exploring their full potential. 
As a team, we have started learning the skills component of the award. The focus has been on bushwalking skills and so far the team has identified what first aid is vital for the adventurous overnight hike to Speewah in June. Next, we start to look at the required equipment.
As several team members have moved to learn online we have moved our skill lessons online until all members are back at school. Many are using their initiative and creating training programs for the Physical Recreation component in which they are required to complete one hour per week for the next three months.
Fingers crossed we will be setting up our tents and hammocks soon in preparation for the overnight hike.
Environmental Group
Planting continues to beautify the school with more varieties going in around the new memorial garden area. Students have been working hard, rain or shine, to dig holes, fertilise and water the new plants with the considerable help and guidance of maintenance and teaching staff. A recent patch of succulents has been introduced in one area to cope with more challenging conditions that have prevented regular plants from thriving.
Students keen to help with environmental initiatives, recycling and maintaining vegetation have an opportunity to log these hours towards our Peace Service Awards.
Speak with Mrs Cummings if you would like to get involved.
The P.A.R.T.Y. Program (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) at the Cairns Hospital exposes students to an experience of life post-trauma with the view to altering their perceptions of risk-related activities such as drink driving.
Young people are grossly over-represented in trauma statistics in terms of both death and disability.  Programs such as the P.A.R.T.Y. aim to change behaviour and assist students to identify risks and make safer choices.
Thirty-two senior students attended the Cairns Hospital on March 6th to benefit from this amazingly powerful Program. Students experienced the range of disciplines performed by health professional whilst receiving a powerful message about personal safety and the impact poor choices can have on their family and wider community.

Students were exposed to a range of experiences including the Physiotherapy ward, Occupational Health, ICU and Emergency room simulations which had the students thinking deeply about the consequence of young people making poor choices about drug and alcohol dangers. Some members of the public and long-serving staff served up a very thought-provoking and powerful message.
Many students commented on the value of the program and on a new interest in health as a possible career pathway.
I hope you have a relaxing Easter break. Keep safe and God bless.

Peter Cummings - Head of Senior School

Middle School News

With a term under our belt we are seeing many students settling into good habits of study and organisation, hopefully, student progress reports reflect the hard work many are putting into their studies.

Student uniform has been excellent and we extend our thanks to parents in the support of maintaining high standards of uniform. It is only through strong partnerships with parents that we can continue to develop a robust culture of college identity and mutual respect.
Student Welfare Yammer Group
We are exploring the expansion of this student information group to upper Middle School students as a place where they can access age-appropriate information and advice on a range of issues that adolescents face. Chantal Mortimer (Student Welfare Officer) manages this information group and is well placed to provide further support for students if necessary.
2020 Recess Activities Program
Our recess activities program continues to support our 'no mobile phone use' during the day from 8:30 am - 3 pm. Apart from the benefit of cyber safety while at school this is improving students' concentration, learning and wellbeing as they are encouraged to socialise, eat well and participate in a range of recess activities organised by student leaders and staff.
Parents also need to consider these factors at home to support a good study environment, promote sufficient sleep, encourage a balanced approach to exercise and diet and manage excessive use of social media and gaming.
I hope you have a relaxing Easter break. Keep safe and God bless.

Peter Cummings - Head of Middle School

Junior School News

As we come to the end of the term we are in a situation that is unfamiliar to us all. Whilst COVID19 has taken some of our normality, it is important to remember the things that hold people together; love and respect.

Treasure the extra time we have been given to be a family. The life skills that students will learn during this time will be just as important as those learnt from the formal curriculum.

Now more than ever, open communication between home and school is essential. The connection is strong and will continue to be so as we work together to keep all students learning.

As we head towards Term 2, there are many unknowns. Please know that as a College we are ready for different learning scenarios. Teachers are upskilled in offsite learning and have thoroughly prepared work so learning can continue for the benefit of all students. I thank the teachers for their dedication to planning the future of teaching and learning programs within the school.

Student Café and the Peace Parent Portal are the two platforms that you will engage in daily. This will provide the learning students are to complete, including the resources needed. Learning will not be exactly the same as in the classroom and please ensure that you are balancing a mix of learning time with play and downtime.

Thank you for a great Term 1 and start to the school year. Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in the College.

Stay happy and healthy during the holidays and I look forward to the exciting new challenges Term 2 will present us with.

Best regards,
Sarah Rowan - Head of Junior School

Boarding News

The past couple of weeks has been a significant challenge for our boarding community as we have been trying to gain an understanding of what is best for our students in regard to their safety and welfare. Ultimately we have taken the approach that family is foremost and this is a time when families should be together to support each other and look after their communities. In doing this, however, we understand that by encouraging students to go home this may mean that they will not be able to return in the immediate future or if they do have to self-isolate for the mandatory 14 day period when entering back into Australia.
At this point in time we have 95% of our boarding students at home and for most of them from this Friday is going to be an exciting period as they gradually begin to emerge from their self-isolation and quarantine periods.
We would like to thank all our families who have been very supportive during this time as the ever-changing situation and information has made precise decision making difficult.
During this extended period of absence from the College, the Boarding team has created a Boarding Yammer page that we will encourage all our boarders to engage with. It is important that we continue to chat, stay connected and share our stories. We will be creating themed chats and competitions to encourage communication and as boarding staff, we are looking forward to seeing how all our boarders are using their time. Our House Parents will be staying in contact with our families and are looking forward to supporting the students as much as we can.
Prior to the last couple of weeks, we had enjoyed a very positive first term in boarding and all our students had certainly engaged in all of the initiatives that we have introduced. Below is a snapshot of what’s been happening in boarding this term.
Our Staff and Staffing
House Parent: Kim Hunter
House Supervisor: Kales Billy
Gap Student: Kelly-Ann Turner
House Parent: Patrice Hancey
House Supervisor: Sharron Myhre
Gap Student: Kelly-Ann Turner
House Parent: Lara Asinari
House Supervisors: Norie Lee, Kales Billy and Adrian Bonser (Teacher)
Gap Students: Christopher Crowson and Peter Voges

Norie Lee and Sharon Beck
Weekend Activities
During the term, the students have been involved in all sorts of activities such as Jumpmania (indoor trampoline venue), Lasertag, Swimming at Stoney Creek, Basketball, Volleyball and Rock Climbing on the Esplanade to name a few. We have been impressed with the number who are involving themselves in the activities.

We celebrated the start of the NRL season by watching the Cowboys take on the Broncos on the big screen with pizzas at half time.

In the future, we will be looking at providing different opportunities for our juniors and seniors, with a theme for the seniors being to “Experience the best of Cairns”. With this in mind, we are going to try and organise trips to the Reef, local islands, Hartley’s Crocodile Farm and maybe even Canyoning through Freshwater Creek.
General Changes
Throughout the term, we have made some general changes to our routines and they have included creating an alfresco dining experience, opening the Boarders Recreation Centre on a regular basis, introducing flexibility into our study routines, altering the access that the students have to their devices as well as generally just providing opportunities for our students to engage in the community and for us to trust them in being able to do so. On the whole, these changes have been well received by both the students and staff and we look forward to developing these when we eventually return.
As we move into our school holidays we encourage everyone to continue to follow the advice of the government and stay safe. Boarding at Peace will look very different over the next term or two and we are very much looking forward to life resuming to normal. The next two weeks are holidays so we hope you enjoy the time and look forward to connecting with you during Term 2.

Best regards,
Marcus Wilkinson - Head of Boarding

Middle/Senior School Sports News

COVID-19 has placed the 2020 CISSA competition on hold until it is safe for students to return to school across the Cairns region. Depending on when everyone is cleared to return, will determine whether the CISSA competition is completed (in a modified format) or whether it is cancelled in order for the JSS competition to commence in Term 3.

Our current placings in Division 1 (second tier) before the competition was placed on hold are:
  • AFL – 3rd
  • Netball – 1st
  • Boys Basketball – 2nd
  • Girls basketball – 1st
  • Boys Soccer – 2nd
  • Girls Soccer – 2nd
  • Boys Touch Football – 4th
  • Girls Touch Football – 1st
  • Boys Volleyball – 4th
  • Girls Volleyball – 2nd
TCN Representation
All representative School Sport competitions have been suspended due to COVID-19. PLC has had a number of students selected in a variety of sports so far in 2020:
  • Cajun Darby - Rugby League
  • Isaac Tomlinson - Rugby League
  • Robert Dau - Rugby League
  • Newman Noipo - Rugby League
  • Bruce Unsworth - Rugby League
  • Keenan Yougie - Rugby League
  • Nardia Amini - Rugby League
  • Kiali Wapau - Rugby League
  • La’Schaya Body - Rugby League
  • Dane Debel - Baseball
  • Haanbie Lee - Tennis
  • Serah Merrick  - Volleyball
  • Matthew Nelson - Volleyball
  • Alice-Lee Walker - Volleyball
  • Kiali Wapau - Volleyball
  • Marjorie Atio - Soccer
  • Abigail Anderson - Soccer
  • Jayden Lee - Soccer
  • Gomae Zuwi’e - Soccer
  • Mayesh Bhattarai - Soccer
  • Nisan Bhattarai - Soccer
  • Isaac Tomlinson - Basketball
  • Michael Chan - Basketball
  • Kyle Shortjoe - Basketball
In addition, both Dane Debel and Haanbie Lee were selected to represent Peninsula at the Queensland State Championships for their respective sports (Baseball and Tennis).

Congratulations to all our sports representatives.
Further information regarding the re-commencement of School Sport competitions will be sent out once received. PLC is planning to run an Inter-House Fitness Challenge in place of Sport (Year 9 - 12) that students can participate in from home during Term 2. More information regarding this will be provided at the start of Term 2.

Yours in sport.
Jason Atkins - Middle & Senior School Sports Coordinator

Junior School Sports News

March has certainly turned all our worlds upside down and has seen the cancellation of all sporting events until further notice. This means that the school’s cross country competition has been postponed as has all TCN sporting competitions.

Before the shut down occurred, the Peninsula basketball competition was held at the Early Settler Stadium. Peace had five students - Saxon Toyne, Isaac Okumu, Matthew Alderman, Atalia Turner and Charlotte Powell - who were selected for TCN and each of these students contributed positively to their teams. Saxon was selected to trial for the Peninsula team and was selected as a reserve.

Harrison Bennett made it three in a row when he was selected in the TCN AFL team. At this stage, the competition has been postponed indefinitely. However, a well-deserved congratulations should go out to Harrison. 

Please remember that during these stressful times try to find time for exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep.

Take care,
Tom Dunsmuir - Junior School Sports Coordinator

The Arts News

Have you ever wondered what do we do in music classes? We play lots of musical instruments of course!

Our Middle and Senior Students have been very busy preparing for their performances at the end of the term. As well as playing either as a soloist or forming their own student bands, the two Year 10 Music classes are learning a piece together! Year 10s are currently studying the Blues and all of the class has learnt how to play a 12 bar blues which they are all performing really well. The students play guitar, bass, keyboard, vibraphone, rotor toms, congas, cowbells and of course the very popular gong!
A blast of blues from Year 10 music students
P.U.G.S (Peace Ukulele & Guitar Society)
Mrs Moore's lunchtime activity in the PPAC's Music room takes place on Tuesdays at second break. Ukulele is a relatively easy instrument to learn and is lots of fun, so if your child has ever fancied trying the Ukulele, they are welcome to come along.

Students who like to sing are also welcome to come along and let their vocal cords loose! No experience is necessary.

P.U.G.S play a variety of popular songs that students would know, and we find that once they can play three or four chords they can usually play a large selection of songs.

What do they need to bring? Their lunch, a sense of fun. They can then sing or strum to their heart out!
Would you like to be in the College band? Do you already play a wind instrument or wish to start?

There are positions available for students to get involved in the College Concert Band and experience playing music within a large group.
If you do not currently play but are keen to be involved, it is never too late to start learning an instrument.

Lessons are available from Mr Fox on Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto and Tenor, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone.
See our website for application and information forms. Please contact our Instrumental Music Coordinator, Mr Jason Fox by email if you have any questions or are interested in signing up.

Learning Centre News

Thank you to all of the students who tried out for Readers Cup 2020. Congratulations to the following students who were selected to represent Peace this year.
Year 7/8 Teams
Team 1
Amber Fritelli
Sonia Hansen
Matthew Nelson
Molly O’Mara
Team 2
Ella Nulley
Jasmine Lambert
Kiera Hewitson
Lucy Warne
Year 5/6 Team
Harper Buck
Noah Johnson
Lachlan Hewitson
Sarah Kochi

This year’s Readers Cup regional competition will be held remotely at the end of June.
Wheeler's eBooks and audiobooks
The College now has a subscription to over 4,000 ebooks and audiobooks. This digital collection complements the existing print collection at school. Students can borrow digital audiobooks and ebooks from their laptop or desktop devices by logging into the Library website with their student sign-on and clicking on the Wheeler’s Junior or Middle School icon.

Any books borrowed from laptop devices can be read immediately from other mobile devices.
  1. Download the Wheelers ePlatform app from Appstore, Google Play or Windows
  2. Find Peace Lutheran College Junior or Middle/Senior library and login using the student login
  3. Browse and borrow a book, and read on your device.
Please email the Learning Centre if you are having any difficulties opening Library online resources
Library Reminder & Overdue Notices
The Learning Centre has ceased sending library reminder and overdue notices for the time being. Any books that students currently have out on loan have been extended until the end of week 2 in Term 2.

We encourage all students to keep reading during the Easter Break, using the books they have at home and ebooks and audiobooks which are now available on our library website.

Kind regards,
Tanya Mills & Marcelle Humphreys - Learning Centre and

Parents & Friends News

The P&F have held two meetings this term and it has been lovely to see some new faces and ideas at these meetings.
With social distancing in place, we will be postponing our next meeting for now. However, if you have any ideas on how the P&F can support our school community in the present time please email us as we will be communicating by electronic means. 
We would like to wish our College community a safe and blessed Easter. 

Kindest regards,
Larisa Millyard - P&F President


April Vacation Care - Booking Still Available
Bookings for the Easter school holidays are still being accepted. Booking form and information on the April vacation care program can be found on the College website.

Kindest regards,
Mallory Lloyd - OSHC Service Leader

Community News

Peace Community Catering

Peace Lutheran College's in-house food service is managed by the College's catering team, headed by Catering Manager and Chef, Luukas Trautner and the service they offer has recently been expanded to supply reasonably priced, quality takeaway evening meals that are fully prepared and cooked, along with salads, sides and dessert options.

This service will be available from Tuesday, 14th April 2020.

Drawing on his comprehensive knowledge and expertise in restaurant operations, Luukas has developed a takeaway menu of healthy meal options for the families of our College community.

Chef Luukas introduces us to just a few of the delicious meals on the Peace Community Catering takeaway menu.
For more information on this service and how to order, visit the Peace Community Catering page on the College website.

Dates For Your Calendar

APRIL 2020
Student Free Days
Mon 30 March - Fri 3 April 2020
School Holidays Commence
Saturday, 4 April 2020
School Holidays
Sat 4 - Mon 20 April 2020
Prep - Y9 Student Free Day
Monday, 20 April 2020
*No classes for Prep-Year 9
Y10 - Y12 1st day of Term 2
Monday, 20 April 2020
Lessons as per normal timetable
Boarders Travel Day - TBC
Monday, 20 April 2020
Prep - Y9 1st day of Term 2
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
Year 9 Leadership Day - TBC
Wednesday, 22 April 2020
Goomboora Park
ANZAC Day Chapel - TBC
Friday, 24 April 2020
Peace Centre
Year 6 Camp - TBC
Wed 29 April - Fri 1 May 2020
Genazzano Retreat Centre
MAY 2020
Public Holiday - Labour Day
Monday, 4 May 2020
Year 8 Camp - TBC
Wed 6 - Fri 8 May 2020
Mother's Day Stall - TBC
Friday, 8 May 2020
JS Undercover Area
Prep In Depth Open Day - TBC
Saturday, 9 May 2020
Peace Centre
P&F Meeting - TBC
Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Staff Lounge
Year 10 Camp - TBC
Tue 26 - Fri 29 May 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, some scheduled activities and events are to be confirmed (TBC). The above events and associated dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please check the Peace Lutheran College website for most up to date calendar information.

Staying Connected

COVID-19 Information and Updates
The College has a dedicated web page on its website - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information - that includes regular College Updates from the Principal, as well as helpful information in the form of resources and articles of interest, as we move through this current situation.

This webpage is being constantly updated and we encourage you to check it regularly for updates and information that may be of assistance to you and your family.
We strive to keep you informed through open, efficient communication. The Peace Lutheran College School App and Facebook pages are regularly updated with news, events and important notices.
School App
As a fast and efficient means of receiving school notices instantly, download the School App onto your chosen device. Our School App is available to download for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
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Stay updated with the goings-on on at Peace Lutheran College.
Facebook Group - P&F
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Follow Peace Lutheran College on Instagram.
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At Peace Lutheran College our mission is to develop informed, active, resilient and compassionate citizens within a Christian community.
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