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Variety Showcase Drama Production

Principal's News from Mrs Fenske

"It takes a village to raise a child".
This traditional African proverb is often quoted when examing the partnerships required to successfully raise children and young adults.

In our fast-paced, pressure-packed world, this 'village' is as important as ever.
Today's children and youth are faced with countless challenges and opportunities, and parenting in these new and unchartered waters can be a daunting undertaking. Therefore, partnerships and support systems are both welcome and necessary to prepare our students for tomorrow.

The central role of parents and families in supporting children's learning, development and well-being is widely recognised and highlights the importance of strong partnerships between family, school, and community. The core principles that underpin effective partnerships include recognition of parents and families as the first and continuing educators of their children, and that learning is a lifelong process and occurs in multiple settings, not just schools.
Parents’ involvement in their children’s education can make a big difference. Some key things that parents can do to help ensure their children’s success include:

Having high expectations
Ensure your children know that you value education and think it is important that they do well in school. High parental expecta­tions have a great impact on student achieve­ment. When children know their parents believe in their potential and expect them to succeed academically, they do better.
Talk about school
Talk to your children about school – what they are learning, extracurricular activities, etc. This simple act communicates to your child that you are interested, and this has a surprisingly positive impact on academic achievement. Research shows that there is much room for improvement in this area. In a survey conducted by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), only 46% of students in grade 3 report that they talk to a parent or guardian “every day or almost every day” about their school activities, and by grade 6 this figure drops to 38%.
Help your children to develop a growth mindset
Research shows that the greatest influence parents have on a child’s chances to achieve success in school lie in how they help to shape their attitudes towards learning, their sense of personal competence, and their work habits. Helping them to develop a growth mindset. Rather than trying to directly “teach” concepts, the focus should be on helping them handle distractions and crises of confidence, praising them for effort and persistence and demonstrating a positive attitude towards their learning and school as a whole. These are the attributes that will build solid foundations for lifelong learning and ongoing success.
Parent involvement in school activities
Whether it is attending a school play or concert, cheering on students at the carnivals, taking part in chapels and celebrations, or attending the College Fair and other P & F events; parent involvement helps foster a sense of community within the school. This helps build stronger relationships between staff and parents and provides an opportunity for parents to connect with and support each other.
We are blessed at Peace to have wonderful support from our families, which contributes to and helps foster a true village approach.

Yours in Christ,
Elisabeth Fenske - Principal

News from Pastor Adam

School is back for term 3! Some students are excited, and some are not. There are those for whom it is a struggle to get enthused and to get out of bed, and their parents struggle to get them moving. Others are up bright and early, and keen to go. A lot are inbetween, and are slow-moving and unenthused on Monday to Friday, but on the weekends they are always up bright and early, ready to make the most of their free time.
This is like the miraculous change that Jesus works in people. He saw us grousing about, blind to, and incapable of doing good to others. But in love, he could not leave us that way. So, Jesus did good to all. No one was a nuisance. No time was inconvenient. No price was too high — not even his own life. On the cross, Jesus paid the debt for all our sins — even our failures to do good to others.
Now, the risen Jesus sends his Holy Spirit to work in us through the gospel. He awakens in us the desire to make the most of our freedom — to do good to all people, especially those who follow Jesus in faith.
Can you imagine the impact we would have if we made the most of our freedom in Christ? If we did good to all with the exuberance of a child on Saturday morning? What if we jumped at every opportunity to love one another, honour one another, live in harmony and not judge but accept one another, encourage and serve one another, bear patiently and forgive one another, and spur one another on toward love and good deeds?
What are we waiting for? Because of the freedom we have in Christ, every day is an opportunity to do good.
Chapel at Peace Lutheran College
Chapel is open for anyone from the school community to attend and continues regularly for both Middle/Senior schools on Thursday mornings, and for Junior School on Friday mornings.
During the last week of term, we will have a whole-school closing chapel on Thursday 20th September, which is the last day for students.
This term promises to be as inspiring and varied as usual, with the year 3 and year 2 classes helping lead chapel later in the term, and with senior students assisting with music at various times. We may also be blessed to have a guest come and lead us.
Worship Services at Peace Lutheran College
Worship services for the Boarders and the wider school community continue to be offered regularly during the school term.
On the second and fourth Sundays of the month during term-time, there is a worship service at 9:30 AM in the Peace Centre, led by Pastor Adam. Everyone is welcome to attend. The services at Peace Lutheran College for term 3 are August 12th, August 26th, and  September 9th.
Morning tea and refreshments are served after each service. A free-will offering is gathered as part of these services, and for term 3, this will be donated to Australian Lutheran College to support a student and his family. This student is studying and preparing for full-time ministry in the LCA as a pastor.
Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) Program – Interns coming and going
Miss Brittany Barkus’ internship with Peace Lutheran College came to an end at the finish of term 2, and she is now back in her hometown of Chicago. We are grateful for all that Brittany did while part of the school community – she kept herself very busy volunteering across the school.
In early September we will be welcoming another intern to our school from the same program. Hopefully, in the next newsletter, we will be able to introduce you to our future guest.
God bless.
Pastor Adam - College Pastor

Senior School News from Mr Cummings

Hello all. I hope you had a relaxing break and are looking forward to some hard work this term.

Year 12 students are entering the final phase of their studies and OP-eligible students will be taking the QCS test in early September (4/5th) which will be used to calculate their final OP.

This term is also a very busy time for Year 10 who will be considering their senior subjects and embarking on work experience at the end of the term.
After last terms reporting, it should be clear to students what they need to do to achieve their potential this semester.

It was a pleasure to meet many parents last Tuesday during Parent-Teacher Interviews to discuss the end of semester reports. Any questions about senior subject selections for Year 10, which will be upon us very soon, should be directed to subject teachers, Mr. Bradshaw or myself. Parents and students in Year 10 need to consider career aspirations, subject requirements, prerequisites and performance in these subjects so far; so that students can make informed decisions and maximize their chances of obtaining the QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) by the end of Year 12. For students who are looking towards University entry after school, this is critical to ensure the best ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) rank for entry into courses.
Year 12 students and parents have the opportunity on Tuesday 7th August (Week 4), to learn about the Tertiary Admission process (QTAC) that they will be using to apply for post-school education. Mr. Johnson and Year 12 staff will be briefing attending students and parents about the process.
The aim is to provide valuable advice about the application choice system to maximize their options and chances of an offer.
Adventure under Sail
Several Year 10 students took part in the annual Adventure under Sail experience on board the tall ship, South Passage. Sailing from Townsville to Cairns, the trip provides a wonderful opportunity for students to bond, work as teams and problem solve, all whilst having quite an amazing sailing experience.
School Uniform
Senior students are reminded that they should still be wearing ties this term and that a hat is required at all times. The support of parents in achieving correct school uniform is essential in achieving a school that we can be proud of. I thank you for your support in this area.
God bless,
Peter Cummings - Head of Senior School

Middle School News from Mr Elliott

NAPLAN Item Trial
Assessment Calendar
At the beginning of each semester, Middle School publishes an assessment calendar for Years 7 to 9. The assessment calendar provides a description of each assessment, including when each assessment is issued, and due dates (draft and final). The semester 2 assessment calendars can be viewed via this link on the College website, then scroll down to Middle school students.
Subject Selections
This term Peace will begin corresponding with you and your child regarding subject selections for 2019.  Students in Years 5, 6, and 7 will be asked to choose a language to study, while students in Years 8 and 9 will be asked to choose Elective subjects. 
Best regards,
Chad Elliott - Head of Middle School

Junior School News from Mrs Rowan

Developing Child Focused School- Home Partnerships
Having a positive partnership between school and home that is focussed on the child’s social, emotional and academic needs is vital for their wellbeing and learning journey.
As a school, we want parents to be involved in their child’s learning and school experiences. Likewise, at home, promoting the school to your child also helps them to develop a positive approach to school life.

Some benefits of a positive partnership are:
For children
  • Children perform better at school
  • Children settle better into school programs
  • Children feel valued and important when their parents take an interest in their lives
  • Children observe and learn positive interactions through watching others interact
For staff
  • Staff experience a higher level of job satisfaction in an environment that encourages listening, respect and appreciation
  • Staff stress levels are reduced when staff and parents work in partnership
  • Staff can develop important social skills when they communicate with parents
For parents
  • Involvement gives parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s interests with staff, and to have some input into the program
  • Parents who are familiar with a program feel more comfortable about raising concerns and negotiating solutions with staff
  • Positive partnerships with staff can relieve parent stress
The popular saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is ever true. Together, with the best interest of the child, teachers and parents can nurture and develop a positive partnership. After all, we all want the same thing, that is, for each child to reach their full potential and develop into healthy, responsible and active participants and contributors to our 21st-century society.
References used in this article:
For both morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups, this area needs to remain as a stop, drop and go area.
Parents need to remain in their vehicle and stay for a short period of time (2 minutes).
If we are all adhering to these requirements, the flow of traffic will be freer, making an easier time for all parents and students.
Prep Students Vision Screening – Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th August
An information letter and consent form has been sent to Prep families via email and through the School App.

Book Week – Monday 20th August
This will be our dress up day, with grandparents and special persons' morning tea.

Best regards,
Sarah Rowan - Head of Junior School

Boarding News from Mr Connell

Welcome to term 3.

The Boarders have well and truly settled back into the routines of boarding life, having shared their stories of being back home, interstate or even overseas for the holiday period.
Parents and care providers would have received both the academic and boarding reports at the end of last term/start of this term. Given the difficulties in attending events such as parent-teacher interviews, I encourage you to speak with your child, relevant teachers, and boarding staff about their progress. I would like to remind you that House parents are also here to be a link between you and your child’s teachers, so please don’t hesitate to speak with them as well.
The Boarders are currently talking with their House parents about semester 1 and setting new goals for semester 2. This is for both their academic pursuits and personal lives. It has been pleasing to see students accessing the help of our tutor in the homework program, and also getting involved in other areas of College life.
Cairns Show/Mission Beach
The Boarders enjoyed their outing to the Cairns Show on Thursday, 19 July. Many games were attempted, whilst fun was had on the rides of sideshow alley. With Friday being a public holiday, we took the opportunity to go on an outing to Mission Beach. It was an extremely relaxed day with several activities including a picnic lunch enjoyed throughout the day.
All the Boarders had a wonderful time celebrating the tradition and culture of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff, who are a significant part of our boarding community. A number of the students were involved in the organising and running of the day itself. They are to be congratulated on their efforts. They certainly represented their families and communities proudly.
Boarders Garden
Plans are well underway for a Boarders veggie garden located near the Recreation Centre. The plan is to have traditional plants planted in the garden, and for this to become a new gathering space. The produce can then be eaten by the Boarders and used in our food as a reminder of home. If parents or members of the community have any suggestions or ideas I would be happy to receive them - please feel free to email them to me.
Roller Skating
Last weekend I received some really positive feedback from students, staff, and members of the community. Saturday night the Boarders went on an outing roller skating. The Boarders had a great time and have already asked when they are going again. The staff commented on the students' exceptional behaviour and how humorous the outing was, whilst members of the public were delighted with the Boarders and the fact they represented the College in such a fine manner. Despite a couple of bruises, it is a venue we will visit again.
I would like to conclude by thanking all of our families for their continued support. I look forward to working with you throughout term 3.

Best regards,
Patrick Connell - Head of Boarding

Middle/Senior Sports News from Mr Atkins

Track and Field Athletics
The start of term 3 saw our Middle and Senior School Track and Field Athletics Carnival take place over a day and a half. On Wednesday afternoon during Sports time, students competed in Javelin, Triple Jump and the 11 and 12 years High Jump. After the spectacular weather, we were greeted with rain on the day that thankfully held off during the events. The dry weather returned the following day, allowing competitors to enjoy perfect conditions.
Many staff commented to me during the day regarding the high level of participation and the positive encouragement of students from competing Houses - this is the Peace Spirit in action.

Well done to all students that participated in the day - the results are below.
The overall winning House was the Gold Dingoes. Coming in second was Green Eagles, third was Red Emperors and in fourth place, the Blue Dolphins.

Age Champions:
11years Girls Age Champion – Ella Nulley (Gold Dingoes)
11years Boys Age Champion – Charlie Wood (Gold Dingoes)
12years Girls Age Champion – Valerina Hudson (Green Eagles)
12years Boys Age Champion – Kenneth Holroyd (Blue Dolphins)
13years Girls Age Champion – Talarah Henseleit (Gold Dingoes)
13years Boys Age Champion – Sid Vijayanand (Green Eagles)
14years Girls Age Champion – Tali Hoye (Gold Dingoes)
14years Boys Age Champion – Thomas Hackett (Green Eagles)
15years Girls Age Champion – Morgan Cunnington (Blue Dolphins)
15years Boys Age Champion – Nathan Keough (Red Emperors)
16years Girls Age Champion – Hannah Jonsen (Green Eagles)
16years Boys Age Champion – Matthew Mackellar (Blue Dolphins)
17years Girls Age Champion – Tyra Hagger (Red Emperors)
17years Boys Age Champion – Lachlan MacLaren (Red Emperors)
18-19years Girls Age Champion – Isabella Rudani (Gold Dingoes)
18-19years Boys Age Champion – Michael Wojtas (Red Emperors)
A number of students will now represent Peace Lutheran College at the TCN Athletics Carnival on Friday 3rd August at Barlow Park. Good luck to all these competitors.

JSS (Junior School Sport)
On Wednesday afternoons this semester our Years 7, 8 and 9 students will be playing Touch Football, AFL, Netball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball in a home and away inter-school sports competition known as JSS.
Teams will compete against Saints Combined (St Monica’s and St Augustine’s), St Mary’s, Cairns State High School, TAS and St Andrew’s. Our first round saw us with three victories against St Mary’s in Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball and Boys Touch Football.

PLC Students competing at Queensland Schools Cross Country Championships
Three Peace students recently traveled to the Sunshine Coast to represent Peninsula region in the Queensland Schools Cross Country Championships.
Atalia Turner from Year 4, Jordan Hackett from Year 7, and Luvan du Buisson from Year 12 all competed strongly in an excellent field of distance runners. Our students ran both an individual race and as part of a relay team. Well done to all three of you for your commitment to running and your achievements.

Yours in sport.
Jason Atkins - Middle & Senior School Sports Coordinator

HPE News from Mr Dunsmuir

Barron River Athletics
On Friday the 27th of July our Peace Lutheran College team participated in the main Barron River Athletics trial against ten other local schools. The event was actually spread over two days with our 1500m runner and discus throwers competing on the previous Wednesday. With perfect weather, our students performed brilliantly with many students gaining points for our school. By the end of the competition, Peace had placed 5th overall and only missed winning the aggregate trophy by a few points.
The following students performed so well that they will now represent the Barron River district on the 12th and 13th of August in the hope of gaining selection in the Peninsula squad.

Matthew Alderman – Discus
Marley Serpa – 200m
Atalia Turner – 1500m
Jordan Hackett – 800m / 1500m
Ella Nulley – 800m
Kenneth Holroyd – 200m
Tsubasa Duggan – 1500m
Charlie Wood – High jump
I personally would like to thank all of our students for their fantastic behaviour, great sportsmanship and determination while competing. The most exciting event for me was the relay races and it was pleasing to come away with the overall win in the small school category, winning 3 of the 6 races.

Best regards,
Tom Dunsmuir - Junior School Sports Coordinator

Careers Corner

Vocational Education and Training Pathways
During this term, students in Year 10 will be thinking about their subject selection choices for 2019.
Aside from the traditional academic pathway that many of our students will follow, other students will be considering careers where vocational education and training courses will be a more suitable option and in line with their career aspirations.
Once again, the College, in partnership with a range of service providers including TAFE North, Aviation Australia, and CQ University, will be offering students the opportunity to enrol in a range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses as part of their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). The VET in Schools Program provides our students with the opportunity to experience competency-based adult style learning whilst obtaining practical skills in readiness for life after school.

Why VET?
A recent study by social researchers McCrindle (Perceptions Are Not Reality: myths, realities & the critical role of vocational education & training in Australia, May 2017), reports on the trends currently influencing the Australian workforce. It outlines the key role VET is playing in developing our emerging workforce by delivering training directly correlated to the skills demanded by industry and employers.

Most importantly, all of the VET courses offered to our students whilst still at school will also contribute to the attainment of their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). The majority of courses attract four (4) QCE points.
What courses are on offer?
Many of the VET courses on offer will provide students with a study pathway directly into Diploma or higher certificate courses at the completion of Year 12.
This is a great option for students if they:
  • Have a keen interest in working in a trade (e.g. electrician, hairdressing, plumbing, carpentry, health care, aviation)
  • Are considering an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Are not considering university studies in the near future
  • Unclear about what they would like to do after graduating year 12
  • Have decided to pursue a non-ATAR pathway
Courses available to students under the VET in Schools program also align with the expected skill shortages predicted in our region over the coming years. This means their skills will be in demand by employers across Queensland.

How can I find out more?
Information on VET courses available to students in 2019 will be provided to parents and carers as part of the Year 10 subject selection information evening to be held later in the term. I would strongly encourage you to attend. Our school leaders will also be meeting with students individually to counsel them through the subject selection process later in the year.

Further information will be made available to students, parents, and carers soon, however, if you have any questions you are welcome to contact me via email or by phoning me at the College on 4039 9000.

Best regards,
Rebecca Bolton - Careers & Guidance Officer

Learning Centre News

Premier’s Reading Challenge
Well done to those students who have completed and returned their Reading Logs already. Keep up the good work!  Reading logs will need to be returned to the Learning Centre staff by Friday 24 August 2018.

All students in Prep to Year 9 have been registered.
To complete the challenge, students are encouraged to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books suited to their reading level. Remember to log each book as it is read. Forms are available from the Learning Centre or on Yammer.
  • Prep – Year 2: Read or experience 20 books
  • Year 3 - 4: Read 20 books
  • Year 5 - 9: Read 15 books

Book Week 20 - 24 August 2018
Peace Lutheran College will be celebrating Book Week by holding the following events:

Junior School Grandparents and Special Persons Day - Monday, 20 August 2018
  • Book Week Parade: 8:30AM in the Peace Centre. Dress up as your favorite book character and bring along the book.
  • Picnic on the Peace Green at approximately 10:15AM
There will also be a Book Fair where staff and families are invited to purchase a book to donate back to the school. All donated books will include a bookplate with your child’s name inside.
Book Fair - Monday, 20 to Friday, 24 August 2018
Visit the Learning Centre and purchase books, novelties, and posters to help raise funds for the school. All proceeds will go towards purchasing resources for the Learning Centre. There will be a great range of books suited to all age levels and interests, from Kindy right through to Year 12.
Opening Hours:  8:00AM - 8:30AM & 3:00PM - 3:30PM daily.
Other activities
  • Storytelling sessions
  • Special Book Week craft, colouring in and more!

Best regards,
Tanya Mills & Kim McKinlay - Learning Centre

P&F News

Welcome to term 3. We trust you all had a fantastic holiday.

Sports House Marquees
The Parents and Friends Committee is proud to announce the pending arrival of four brand new marquees in our school's House colours. The P&F contributed the $10,000 to purchase the marquees that are sure to be a wonderful addition to our sporting and school events, providing shade for our students and proudly representing our College in all our outdoor activities.

NAIDOC Day Celebrations
The P&F was so pleased to be able to help support the school's NAIDOC celebrations with a $1,000 donation to assist the lovely elders who cooked up a storm... it was delicious!

Junior School Father's Day Stall - Friday, 31st August 2018
Gifts for the stall are being purchased by the P&F Committee and will be priced at approximately $5 - $10. Proceeds assist the P&F and this activity helps children to develop skills in independently shopping.

Spring Fair - Saturday, 20th October 2018
We are seeking prize donations both large and small for our Auction and Cent Sale. This year we are relaunching the very popular Trash & Treasure stall, so if you are planning to do a ‘spring clean’ in the next couple of months, the P&F would love your ‘treasure’ for our stall. Limited storage may be available for your goods in the interim, so please enquire by email for more information.

Expressions of interest for school family owned and operated business stall holders are open. Site fee for available stalls is from $30. Please email your expression of interest for a stall to the Committee.​

Disco - date TBA
Two separate discos all happening on the same night for our Junior and Middle School students from Prep up to Year 5.
- Prep to Year 2 from 3:00PM - 4:15PM
- Year 3 to 5 from 4:30PM - 6:00PM
P&F Meeting - WE NEED YOU!
DATE: Wednesday, 8th August 2018
TIME: 6:45 PM for refreshments. 7:00 PM commencement of the meeting.
WHERE: PLC Staff Lounge (behind the Peace Centre)
Everyone is welcome to join the P&F meetings. We need people from all walks of life, with a range of ideas and suggestions. We are setting up an email register for those who would like to support our functions by volunteering on occasions, but who cannot commit to monthly meetings. If this is you, please send us an email and we will add you to our event register.

Should you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, or you would like a chance to help out at any of our events, please get in touch with us.

Best regards,
Handan Y.Roper - P&F President

College News

Before School Care is now available for families, operating 6:30AM - 8:30AM, offering breakfast, activities, school reading and homework.

Find out more here

2019 Term Dates

Important dates for the 2019 school year are now available.

View Here

NAIDOC Celebration
This year's NAIDOC celebrations took on a new format, opening the day up so more of our school community could join in and experience this much-loved annual event with our students and staff.

This popular annual event honours the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and also provides an opportunity for our school to proudly celebrate its culturally diverse student body. This year's NAIDOC theme is "Because of Her We Can".
Commencing with our NAIDOC Chapel, the celebrations then spilled out onto the Peace Green, MPC, and sports fields for boomerang throwing, Dreamtime storytelling, singing and dancing, weaving, art and craft activities, Indigenous games and face painting, concluding with a traditional feast cooked and served by Indigenous elders.

College Events

Have you got your tickets yet??
Peace Lutheran College's 'Variety Showcase' will present the length and breadth of our Performing Arts students’ talents.
Showcasing the Arts disciplines of Drama, Music, Dance, Visual Art and Film, students from Middle and Senior School will present an array of comedy skits, dramatic performances, musical items and dance pieces.

Expect a night of laughs, tears, good food and great talent. This will be a night not to be missed!

Tickets $10 per person, now available from the school Administration. Entry includes hot food refreshments at the interval.
Please RSVP your attendance to by Friday, 3rd August for catering purposes.
We are all set for another huge event! Join us for all the fun of the Fair.
There will be something for everyone, big and small... rides, food, and lots of stalls including Lucky Dip, Chocolate Wheel, Lucky Jar and lots more. There will be entertainment, petting zoo, monster raffle, and fireworks. Plus, this year will see the return of the popular Trash & Treasure stall.

What's on @ Peace

Year 6 Camp
Wednesday, 1st August 2018
Lake Tinaroo
U18 Rugby Union Comp
Wednesday, 1st August 2018
Peace Sports Fields
JSS Sport (weekly)
Wednesday,1st August 2018
Cairns SHS
Code Club (weekly)
Wednesday, 8th August 2018
PLC Computer Lab 2
P&F Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 8th August 2018
PLC Staff Lounge
Variety Showcase
Friday, 10th August 2018
Peace Performing Arts Centre
Variety Showcase
Saturday, 11th August 2018
Peace Performing Arts Centre
Ski Trip Info Evening
Tuesday, 14th August 2018
Peace Centre
Prep Vision Screening
Wednesday, 15th August 2018
Peace Lutheran College
JS Book Week Dress-up
Monday, 20th August 2018
Peace Centre
JS Grandparents Day
Monday, 20th August 2018
The Peace Green
Book Week
Mon 20th - Fri 24th August 2018
The Learning Centre
QTAC Online Application Evening
Tuesday, 28th August 2018
The Learning Centre
U18 Rugby Union Comp
Wednesday, 29th August 2018
Peace Sports Fields
Prep Father's Day Breakfast
Friday, 31st August 2018
Prep Classrooms
JS Father's Day Gift Stall
Friday, 31st August 2018
JS Undercover Area
QCS Testing
Tuesday, 4th September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
QCS Testing
Wednesday, 5th September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
JSS Sport (weekly)
Wednesday, 5th September 2018
Venue TBC
Code Club (weekly)
Wednesday, 5th September 2018
PLC Computer Lab 2
P&F Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 12th September 2018
PLC Staff Lounge
Code Club (weekly)
Wednesday, 12th September 2018
PLC Computer Lab 2​
JS Roald Dahl Day
Friday, 14th September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
Year 10 Work Experience
Mon 17th-Thu 20th September 2018
Block Exams
Mon 17th-Thu 20th September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
Code Club (weekly)
Wednesday, 19th September 2018
PLC Computer Lab 2​
NZ Ski Trip
Wed 19th-Thu 27th September 2018
Prep Open Day
Wednesday, 19th September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
Year 6 (2019) Information Evening
Thursday, 20th September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
Last Day of Term
Thursday, 20th September 2018
Boarders Travel Day
Thursday, 20th September 2018
Staff Only PD Day
Friday, 21st September 2018
Peace Lutheran College
PLEASE NOTE: The above events and associated dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please check the Peace Lutheran College website for most up to date calendar information.

Community News

2018 Next Step - Early School Leavers Survey
The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who in 2017 left school without obtaining Year 12 certification. The Early School Leavers survey is a short, confidential survey that collects information about what young people are doing the year after leaving school.
Between August and September, students who left school early in 2017 can expect to receive an invitation to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to complete the survey. Please encourage them to take part.
For more information, visit or telephone toll-free on
1800 068 587.
Drama Classes for children 5+ years old
Engaging, creative and educational after-school activity at The Young Company Theatre this term with classes in Acting, Musical Theatre, Film and TV, Impro, Creative Writing and much more! Children discover their creative abilities and supercharge their social confidence as they are nurtured through a powerful youth theatre framework. For more information phone 40414066, email, visit TYC website. Located at 169 Bunda St, Cairns City. Classes across the Cairns region.

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