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April School Holidays Vacation Care
The 2019 Borneo Service Trip Team
The first Lutheran school in Australia was St. Michael’s Lutheran School in Hahndorf, South Australia. It began in 1839. It was started to support the community of migrants from Germany that had fled religious persecution and settled in areas such as Klemzig, the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley. It was founded to support the children of their community, and their parents who expected high standards of learning. That commitment to community and learning remains in Lutheran Education today.

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Friends,
Our purpose on this earth is to develop our God-given gifts, talents and abilities to be the best we can be. This reflects one of our core values - Excellence. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We see each student as a unique creation with God given talents that we want to nurture and help them develop. God sees all the awesome potential and possibilities He created us to fulfil.

There are numerous factors contributing to a student’s ability to achieve their potential. One important factor is school attendance. As I have written about before, the correlation between school attendance and achievement levels is well established. Attendance data shows that Australian students miss on average between 14 and 15 school days per year. That adds up to a year of lost schooling over the school-life of a student. We strongly discourage any type on unnecessary absence during Term time, and any planned leave for a duration of three days or more requires that a formal Request for Student Absence Form is submitted prior to the leave being organised. This form is available on our website.

Another factor that supports learning and helps students achieve their potential is to ensure a learning environment where distractions are kept to a minimum so they can focus on the task at hand. We know that for many, technology, and in particular mobile devices, is a source of distraction. Developments in technology have completely changed the world we live in and the way we work and interact with each other. In many ways these changes are fabulous, but we are acutely aware that there are also many negatives. As an educational institution we have a responsibility to respond to these concerns. Humans are social beings, and human interaction is a necessity for a happy, fulfilling life. How to interact with others is a learnt skill which requires practice if we are to be proficient at it.
From the start of Term 2 we are implementing the Mobile Device Usage Policy, which outlines that mobile devices (excluding laptops) are not to be used between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. This document is currently being finalised and will be emailed to all families prior to the start of Term 2. Please ensure you are familiar with its content.

Yours in Christ,
Elisabeth Fenske - Principal

Learning & Innovation News

Recently I shared an online survey with the College community. The survey invited everyone to indicate if they would be interested in attending Parent Information Sessions conducted by staff and external providers. The response to the survey was overwhelmingly positive and productive. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and share your thoughts.

Peace is actively engaging in ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing by partnering with parents and families in presenting these sessions. Your input toward the content of these sessions will make them meaningful and effective. At Peace, we recognise that parents and families are integral members of our community and partners in your children’s education.

Based on the survey results below, the Peace team will begin to develop a schedule for the Parent Information Sessions and share it with the College community. I very much look forward to working with you at these sessions. They are an important way to improve all we do at the College for your children.

Parent Information Sessions - Online Survey Results
Additionally, staff across the College are fostering professional working relationships with other education and training institutions, local businesses and community organisations to provide your children with a range of experiences and opportunities. These external partnerships are identified and established to support the learning and overall development and wellbeing of your children.

The team at Peace encourage effective communications with all members of the College and wider community to identify and take every opportunity to continue to make Peace a great place to be.

Best regards,
Clare MacDermott - Head of Learning & Innovation

Pastor's News

It will be the Easter weekend soon. Among the family get-togethers, chocolate eggs and bunnies, as Christians we will celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our salvation as the true meaning of Easter.

In addition, we will remember that on the night before Good Friday, when Jesus had a Last Supper with his disciples, he took the role of a servant and washed their feet. John 13:12-15 reads: 12 After washing their feet, he put on his robe again, sat down, and asked, “Do you understand what I was doing? 13 You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and you are right, because that is what I am. 14 And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet. 15 I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.”
We all like to feel important. Fame is something people seem to value, admire and strive for. It goes against our human nature to be willing to work unselfishly and without recognition. People find pride in how well we are being recognised and not in the work itself.
When you read about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, do you feel a little foolish, as the disciples surely did? Jesus did not want to make them feel foolish, nor does he want to make you feel like that.
The lesson Jesus gave his disciples, and that he wants to give us, is that true importance lies in service. It involves doing for others what you would like to have them do for you. We are to be willing to be like Jesus and roll up our sleeves and get busy helping others. He says to us, “I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these followers of mine, you did it or me.” (Matthew 25:40).

Dear Jesus, help me to be more like you, to be willing to serve, to always place the needs of others first, and to remain humble in my service. Amen
Services at Trinity Lutheran Church during the Easter weekend:
  • Maundy Thursday (April 18th) - 7:00 pm
  • Good Friday (April 19th) - 8:00 am
  • Easter Sunday (April 21st) - 9:00 am
Chapel at Peace Lutheran College
During the Term, in our regular Junior School and Middle/Senior School chapels, we have focused on our College values, with this Term's focus being Peace. There have also been regular devotions for Boarders and Sunday services for Boarders and the wider school community. These services are in the Peace Centre on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month during Term time, at 9:30 am.
Students are often involved in chapel as well. In both Junior and Middle/Senior Chapel students have helped with live music and singing, and the Year 5 and Year 3 students have helped lead chapel this Term. Our Ash Wednesday chapel on the 6th March gave the opportunity for students and staff to receive the sign of the cross in ash on the forehead or wrist.
School families and friends are always welcome to join us for chapel and school worship. Closing chapel for Term 1 will be at 2:15 pm on Friday, 5th April. Our Opening Chapel for Term 2 will be Wednesday, 24th April. This will be our College’s ANZAC Day chapel.

Have a blessed Easter everyone.

God bless.
Pastor Adam - College Pastor

Senior School News

We have welcomed a number of new students into Senior School this year and it is great to see them all settling in well and becoming integral parts of the school community. As we approach the end of Term, students need to ensure they remain focused and capitalise on their hard work in their assignments and examination. Progress reports will be sent out at the end of this Term and we are looking forward to meeting parents in week three of Term 2 to discuss student progress.
Uniform Reminder
Peace Lutheran College is proud of its image in the community and an important part of this continues to be our uniform. I am very pleased to see the students are taking pride in their appearance this year and I would like to say thank you for all the parental support of our policy. Apart from student safety, the image we project in our community has many positive benefits both at school and in the wider community.

Term 2 requires senior students to wear a tie, so a timely bedroom tidy might be in order over the Easter break to locate any missing items. A reminder that students are only allowed piercings in the lower lobe (two plain metal - stud or sleeper - for girls and one for boys), facial piercings are not allowed. Parents and students are reminded to review our uniform policy and clarify any questions with staff before decisions are made that are in beach of this. The aim of this is no make sure our expectations are clear so that it is not necessary for students to be suspended for uniform infringements. Parental support with this is essential and very much appreciated so that we can continue to deliver a quality education whilst being consistent with our expectations of all students.
Senior School Attendance
Excellent student outcomes come from good attendance. Parents and students are reminded to avoid missing school for any non-essential reasons. Any essential extended absence needs to be applied for in advance by completing a Request for Student Absence Form which requires approval from the Principal.
Year 12 OP & Year 11 ATAR Students
Year 11 students have been looking at their SET plans and progress data in homegroup to make sure they are in suitable classes and working towards achieving their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).
Study Skills, Learner Types, Learning Environments and QCE Scenarios have been some of the topics covered in homegroup to support their studies this Term. Staff have been gathering mid-term data to make sure that we are on top of their progress and providing advice and intervention if this is not on track.

Year 12 students have now completed their QCE reviews, which have been mailed home, and should have a clear idea of what they need to do to stay on track for their final year.
Thank you to parents who have supported this process with acknowledging the goals that have been set. Year 12 SET plans are being discussed in homegroup as students start to think seriously about their university ambitions or post-school work and training.
Environmental Group
There are a number of new projects underway this Term with a new drive to improve the efficiency of our recycling and minimise the difficulties of sorting uncontaminated bins.

Tree planting continues to beautify the school with more going in around the Boarding area in Week 7. Students have been working hard to dig holes, fertilise and water the new saplings with the considerable help and guidance of maintenance and teaching staff.
The butterfly garden has grown so well that it has recently received a much-needed prune and last years senior locker area garden project is thriving with the recent rainfall. Students keen to help with environmental initiatives, recycling and maintaining vegetation have an opportunity to log these hours towards our Peace Service Awards.
Talk to Mrs Cummings if you would like to get involved.

Senior School Science Tutoring
We are seeing a large number of senior students attending Science tutoring on Thursdays and during some recess breaks. Students are working hard on their assessment for this Term and accessing the laboratories for extended practical work.
Supporting staff are doing a fantastic job in providing this opportunity for senior students.
Detective Constable Todd Dodson and his team have been in and around the school giving presentations and advice to students and staff on dangers to look out for and protecting yourself online.
A parent information evening on the 21st of March provided the opportunity for Parents and Boarding staff to educate themselves on the dangers present and advise on good protective practice.
Links to further information:
Think You Know
Reporting To Protect Yourself

Term 2 No Mobile Phone use during the day from 8:30am - 3:00pm
The move next Term to limit mobile phone use to only before and after school, supports the goal of the College to maximise students' learning.

Apart from the benefit of cybersafety, this will improve student’s concentration, learning and wellbeing as they are encouraged to socialise, eat well and participate in a range of recess activities organised by senior students and staff.
Parents also need to consider these factors at home to support a good study environment, promote sufficient sleep, encourage a balanced approach to exercise and diet and manage excessive use of social media and gaming.

PARTY Program - Cairns Hospital
The P.A.R.T.Y. Program (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) at the Cairns Hospital exposes students to an experience of life post-trauma with the view to altering their perceptions of risk-related activities such as drink driving.
Young people are grossly over-represented in trauma statistics in terms of both death and disability. Programs such as the P.A.R.T.Y. Program aim to change behaviour and assist students to identify risks and make safer choices.
Thirty-five Senior students attended the Cairns Hospital on March 8th to benefit from the amazingly powerful PARTY Program. Students experienced the range of disciplines performed by health professional whilst receiving a powerful message about personal safety and the impact poor choices can have on their family and wider community.

Students were exposed to a range of experiences including the Physiotherapy ward, Occupational Health, ICU and Emergency room simulations which had the students thinking deeply about the consequence of young people making poor choices about drug and alcohol dangers. Some members of the public and long-serving staff served up a very thought-provoking and powerful message.
Many students commented on the value of the program and on a new interest in health as a possible career pathway.

Have a relaxing Easter break and God bless.

Peter Cummings - Head of Senior School

Middle School News

There has been much going on in the Middle School at Peace in the past month. Students have been working productively, both inside and outside of the classroom. We thought we would feature some of these activities in this newsletter.

Year 6 Camp  - recounted by Crystal Mann, Year 6 Student
"Year 6 Camp at Genazzano retreat was amazing! We had heaps of fun and did many fun activities. The hospitality was outstanding, the food was astonishing and the whole thing was absolutely amazing."
"On day one, once we had arrived and we went to the dorms to unpack, the fun started. We did a rotation of raft building, golf and free time of games. All of the activities were enjoyable and fun."
"On day two we did canoeing, archery and laser tag. Most people enjoyed laser tag the most but they were all amazing. Canoeing was all about strength and timing, laser tag was about speed and tactics, archery was about technique and accuracy and they were all about fun and enjoying ourselves whilst getting to know each other a little bit more."
"On the last day we did the amazing race which was, well… amazing! The amazing race was a scavenger hunt full of fun and teamwork. While my expectations were already high, Year 6 camp exceeded them by far. Camp was amazing!

I would like to thank all the teacher’s that attended camp as they worked hard to provide a wonderful opportunity for the students. Special thanks to Mr McMahon for the many hours that he spent in organising this camp for Year 6."

- Crystal Mann, Year 6 Student

Student News

"In Year 9 Home Economics, we’ve been looking at different career options within the hospitality industry. Our teacher provides us with a scenario of what we would have to do in a workplace environment or restaurant, and we display what we would do.

Our task was to cook and prepare the pancakes, and serving them like we would if we worked at the Coffee Club. This practice allows us to experience what it would be like in an industrial kitchen and provides us with the opportunities to think about our future."

- Rani Dare & Kristine Trubert, Year 9 Students
Community Service Awards
Congratulations to Caleb Maas (Year 9), for being the first student at the College to be awarded a Silver Service Certificate this week, for work being performed in the wider community. A student is awarded the silver certificate upon the completion of 10 hours of community service.

PLC School Shoe Policy
Since starting this year at Peace as Head of Middle School, I have observed  some inconsistencies with the type of school shoe students are wearing, and what constitutes the appropriate shoe for formal wear. 

Year Level Coordinators and Home Group teachers regularly monitor shoes, so that we can ensure that we have consistent standards and expectations at the school. The College’s shoe policy for the formal wearing of shoes is as stated below:

Shoes black upper leather shoes (black joggers are not permitted). Enclosed, black leather protective footwear must be worn in manual arts/industrial technology and design classes.
The point of difference we are currently experiencing is the jogger style of shoe that is being worn (shown above with the red cross). The College has a clear expectation for the hard style leather, and not a flat sole shoe as what constitutes that of a ‘jogger’.

Examples of acceptable and not acceptable style of formal wear shoes are illustrated above. Students who do not meet the requirements and expectations will be asked to meet the College’s policy.

In Week 5 of Term 2, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) will administer a national assessment program. These assessments, commonly known as NAPLAN, assess students in Numeracy and Literacy in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9. Upon completion, NAPLAN tests are marked by an external agency and you will receive a report of your child’s achievements and needs.

Peace will comply fully with this process, and assess each of our students, and we must cater for the needs of each student.  Withdrawal and special considerations are made if:
  • Your child has a disability which needs consideration.
  • Your child is a non-English speaker and has been attending school in Australia for less than one year.
  • You, as their parent/guardian, have an objection to NAPLAN.
If any of these points pertain to your child, please contact Mr Toombs, no later than the start of May of this year.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable time over the Easter period.

Best regards,
Brett Toombs - Head of Middle School

Junior School News

Term 1 Learning
It has been a wonderful start to our school year. The students have settled very quickly into the routines of the school day. Some of the students’ experiences include:
Prep – Hatching baby chickens.
Year 1 – Story writing in symbols and actions.
Year 2 – Writing job applications for classroom jobs.
Year 3 – Creating a 3D map of Australia as they learn about natural and man-made features.
Year 4 – Learning about explorers and their discoveries.
Year 5 – Producing a video to advertise their PBL project.
Harmony Day
Last week we celebrated some of the many cultures present at Peace, with our wonderful Global Village. From an opening ceremony including an acknowledgement of country, singing and presentation of Year 5 artwork, to each classroom themed in learning from all over the world.
The students spent the morning globetrotting to Mexico, France, Korea, Ireland, Germany, Japan and Indigenous Australia. A big thank you to the staff and parents who helped make this event such a resounding success.

Interim Reports
This initial report will come home in Week 10, week commencing 1st April 2019. It is a brief snapshot of your child’s learning and work ethic as they have settled into the year level. There is an opportunity to speak with teachers at our upcoming Parent Teacher Interviews scheduled for Tuesday, 7th May 2019.
Lunch Time Activities
Play time for some students can be really difficult on many levels. We have actively engaged in conversations around offering students alternatives during play time and as a result of this, we have some great activities happening during first break on several days thoughout the week:

Monday – Chess Club in Learning Centre
Thursday – Zumba in PPAC
Friday – Lego in the Learning Centre

Morning Drop Off
Just a reminder that students are to arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 am as this is when morning duty and supervision begins. Students arriving earlier than 8:00 am will be placed in Outside School Hours Care (OSHC). There is a charge for this service which parents of these children will be responsible for. Our students' safety is a priority and this process is in the interest of our student's safety..

May your Easter break be relaxing and safe and I look forward to welcoming you all back in Term 2.

Best regards,
Sarah Rowan - Head of Junior School

Boarding News

I was talking with some of our Year 12 students earlier this week and they could not believe how quickly the year was going! There was sadness in their voices as they described the thought of leaving Boarding, leaving the familiar behind.

It is a credit to their ability to get involved in all aspects of the Boarding program. They provide witness to all of our students for what a committed and dedicated Boarder looks like. They are extremely focussed in their studies, help mentor the junior students, and get involved in the boarding and extra-curricular programs. I look forward to watching them grow as leaders throughout the remainder of the year.
The constant rain during the Term has not prevented the Boarders enjoying numerous activities, including to ten pin bowling, laser tag, the cinemas and quiz nights. To see the friendships between all of our Boarders strengthen has been a great delight.
Our South African gap students recently ran a cooking class for the Boarders, teaching them some new recipes. We will be looking for further opportunities for the many different cultures within Boarding to share their local food and traditions with us.
Sporting commitments have well and truly begun for our students. We have a large number of Boarders involved in activities such as rugby, touch, AFL, gymnastics, water polo, running and gym training. I have been extremely proud of a number of students who have been involved in service activities through Rosies and RSPCA. I continue to encourage all students to get involved in some form of extra-curricular activity.
Advise your flight itineraries
With school holidays fast approaching, could families please send through flight itineraries, and if your child requires transport to and from the airport. A reminder that travel day for the start of Term 2 is Tuesday 23 April.

Staffing News

I am delighted to announce the recent appointment of Mr Luukas Traunter as our new Catering Manager.
Mr Traunter brings extensive experience to the College, having worked as the Executive Chef in a number of award winning restaurants worldwide. He has a passion for cooking healthy, tasty and a variety of food. Mr Traunter is looking forward to working with our students, parents and staff to create a menu.
We also welcome Ms Jo Guy and Mr Liamon Mudd (graduate and former Peace Boarding student from the class of 2016) to positions within Boarding. Both these staff members are keen to get to know our students and will bring many talents to the positions of Boarding Supervisors.
I wish everyone a safe and peaceful Easter period.

Best regards,
Patrick Connell - Head of Boarding

Middle/Senior School Sports News

Trinity Coast North (TCN) Representatives
Throughout Term 1, a large number of students in Middle and Senior School have attended District Sporting trials. Congratulations to the following students who were selected to represent TCN and compete at a Peninsula Region Championships:
Jada Wilson - Touch Football
Shaker Gabori - Rugby League
Lewis Miles - Rugby League
Aidan Bartholomeusz - AFL
Cooper Sandy - Basketball
Joshua Kelly - Basketball
Gus Riley - Basketball
Chloe Mills - Soccer
Jennifer Unsworth - Soccer
Ninife Reinshagen - Soccer
Hannah Bygrave - Soccer
Georgia Chittick - Soccer
Sian Connors - Soccer
Each Wednesday in Semester 1, our Senior School students participate in the Cairns Interschool Secondary Sports Activities (CISSA) competition. Peace Lutheran College competes against Redlynch State College, St Andrew’s Catholic College, Trinity Bay State High School, Cairns State High School, St Mary’s Catholic College, and Saints Combined (St Augustine’s College and St Monica’s College).
At the end of Term 1, our teams have the following placings on the ladder:
Boys Volleyball - 2nd
Girls Volleyball - 2nd
Girls Touch - 3rd
Boys Basketball - 4th
Netball - 4th
Boys Football - 4th
AFL - 6th
Boys Touch - 6th
Girls Basketball - 6th
Girls Football - 7th
The competition continues in Term 2 and concludes with preliminary Finals, and Grand Finals.

Middle and Senior School Cross Country
The Middle and Senior School Cross Country Carnival was held in wet and cooler conditions on Tuesday 26th March. Students in attendance gave great effort throughout their races and fully challenged themselves to complete the course in the quickest time possible for them as individuals.

Thanks goes to all staff that assisted with the running of the carnival. Like all sports it takes a team of people to be successful.

Overall Results

1st – Gold Dingoes (331 points)
2nd – Green Eagles (317 points)
3rd – Blue Dolphins (314 points)
4th – Red Emperors (260 points)
Cross Country Age Champions
11yr Girls - Atalia Turner
11yr Boys - Daniel Yanez
12yr Girls - Ella Nulley
12yr Boys - Luis Duggan
13yr Girls - Jordan Hackett
13yr Boys - Tsubasa Duggan
14yr Girls - Isabel Rowan
14yr Boys - Robert Dau
15yr Girls - Tali Hoye
15yr Boys - Thomas Hackett
16yr Girls - Michele Du Buisson
16yr Boys - Gnu Kim
17yr & Over Girls - Jen Wosomo
17yr & Over Boys - Rowan Culliton
The top six runners in the 13 – 17 years and  over age groups, and the top four runners in the 10 – 12 years age groups will be invited to attend the TCN Cross Country Carnival on Thursday, 9th May (Term 2). Paperwork will be distributed after the Easter holidays.

Yours in sport.
Jason Atkins - Middle & Senior School Sports Coordinator

Junior School Sports News

Cross Country Age Champions
Prep - Eve and Kaylan                        Year 3/4 - Saffryn and Toby
Year 1 - Charlotte and Ruben             2009 - Athena, Evan and Ben
Year 2 - Annabel and Elias

Careers Corner

Passion, perseverance and grit were the words of advice young Queensland entrepreneur Chelsea Phillips passed on to our senior business students at the Young Entrepreneurs Breakfast in March. Organised by the Business Liaison Association(BLA), this event provided our students with an opportunity to hear from an entrepreneur who has experienced both the ups and downs of business.

At Peace Lutheran College, Entrepreneurism is a key feature of the Business curriculum from years 9 to 12 so it was great for students to consolidate their learning with a real-world experience.
At various times throughout the year the Australian Defence Force offer work experience placements to students at their HMAS Cairns base. Students are made aware of these opportunities through our Careers Yammer page on a regular basis. For more information about the programs on offer, including the Women in Navy Technical Trades Camp taking place from 8-11 July, visit

This Term we have seen students start their VET subjects including Aviation, Sport and Recreation, Health Support Services, Engineering, and Marine Operations. The enthusiasm and commitment they have shown to their studies as well as the way they represent the College is fantastic. Just this week I have received feedback from two separate service providers acknowledging the effort and attitude of our students.

Just a reminder that students are welcome to meet with me during first break each Tuesday and Thursday in the Learning Centre to discuss careers and post-Year 12 study options. Similarly, I would encourage parents to contact me on 4039 9000 or via email, if they have any questions relating to careers, vocational pathways, university entrance or the new ATAR system.

Best regards,
Rebecca Bolton - Careers & Guidance Officer

Learning Centre News

Library Research and System Training
It has been a very busy Term in the Learning Centre. A number of information literacy sessions with Junior and Middle School students were held, plus I have had the pleasure of showing many of our students from Year 2 right up to Year 9 how to source and reference reliable research materials for their PBL and history assignments, using our Library System and online databases such as Britannica Schools. It has been lovely to see such a large number of students coming to the Learning Centre to use our reference materials as well.
Using OneDrive and Printing from BYOD Devices
  • We have had a small number of disappointed students come into the Learning Centre to get advice as they have lost all of their work. This is a timely reminder that students should always save their work to their school OneDrive account, rather than on local devices. OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere at any time including Library and home computers, and it automatically saves as students are working.
  • When printing to the College printers, students with BYOD devices are reminded to use Papercut to upload their work from OneDrive and release their printing. Instructions for accessing Papercut can be found at the printers in the Learning Centre.
Easter Book Fair
The Easter Book Fair was a huge success and we would like to sincerely thank all of the families that purchased books. A percentage of all books sold comes back to the College to purchase new resources for the Learning Centre. The children helped us to decorate the Library with the theme “Ride the Reading Wave”. We are currently calculating the results from the Fair and will update parents in the next newsletter.

The FNQ Regional Reader’s Cup has become a regular event on many school calendars for the past decade. The competition is an initiative of the Children’s Book Council of Australia designed to encourage students who enjoy reading, to work together as a team and then compete in a quiz-style competition.
The FNQ Regional Readers Cup will be held on:
Year 5/6 Comp – Thurs 13th June at Redlynch State College
Year 7/8 Comp – Fri 14th June at Cairns State High
The regional winners then have the opportunity to compete in the State Reader’s Cup Final held in Brisbane in September. Students also attend the Brisbane Writer’s Festival in conjunction with the Finals. FNQ Regional teams have performed exceptionally well in previous years.
We had a tremendous amount of interest in Peace’s inaugural year entering the Readers Cup. The following students have been selected to represent Peace in the Readers Cup in June.
Year 7/8 Team 1 FLAVA
Charlotte Eime
Amber Fratelli
Sonia Hansen
Matthew Nelson
Year 7/8 Team 2
Madison Fry
Bea Holloway
Grace Morton
Amy Werchon
Year 5/6 Team
Honey Dare
Sarah Kochi
Sophie Potter
Emily Yagawa

Kids’ Lit Quiz
A team of super literacy stars from Year 5 will be representing our school at the Kids’ Lit Quiz on 26th April. The team include Micah, Daniel, Morgan and Tiffany. We would like to wish our super stars all the best and hope they have a fun day competing against other schools in the area.

Best regards,
Tanya Mills & Kim McKinlay - Learning Centre

Parents & Friends News

Our first school disco for the year, ‘Summer Beach Disco’, was a fabulous success and all the students had a wonderful time.
The P&F Association would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all the wonderful parents, teachers, staff members and students who assisted with preparation leading up to, and then at the event. It would not have been possible for us to host this event without all your support. Special thanks to our creative DJ’s, Abin, Ray and Max, you guys rocked!
We have many more events in the planning and are now working towards our Mother’s Day Stall. 

Monthly P&F Meetings
These meetings are a great way for members of our school community to find out more about the school and the activities of the P&F.
They provide an opportunity to ask questions and to hear first-hand from the Principal and other staff about issues and news affecting the school, and also allow you to have your say.
An Invitation to All
Our motto is, we are simply, "Doing it for the kids”.
We need your ideas, enthusiasm, skills, friendship, energy, experience and goodwill! All parents, carers, teachers, staff and the wider school community are most welcome.
WHEN: Wednesday, 3rd April 2019
TIME: 6:45 pm for refreshments followed by 7:00 pm meeting start
WHERE: Peace Lutheran College Staff Lounge

Please do not hesitate to contact the P&F by email  for more information or to get involved. If you have any queries, suggestions, feedback or would be interested in being involved in 2019, we would love to hear from you!

Please take the opportunity to join the P&F Facebook page.

Kindest regards,
Handan Y.Roper - P&F President

College News

Borneo Service Trip 2019
Our 2019 Borneo team at their practice hike - 16th March 2019
In about 6 months, our group of students and staff will take off for the 2019 Service & Challenge Trip to Borneo. Everyone is excited and looking forward to the experience. We will be visiting Long Pasia – a village in the heart of the jungles of Sabah, Borneo.
The challenge for students is in the planning and preparation, a jungle trek and mountain hike, and travelling to a remote area. It is also a service trip, as the students will be raising money in support of the village, and while staying in the village they will be engaged in a working project.

Monies raised will be used to purchase items for the small school we will be visiting, and to assist with the community project. Members of the College community can donate via Admin or online through MyCause Students will also be fundraising with a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Smithfield on Saturday 11th May. If you find yourself in Bunnings that day, please say hello and treat yourself to a cool drink and a sausage in bread. You will also be supporting the village of Long Pasia.

Thank you, from Pastor Adam, Miss Claudia Pudelko and Mrs Elizabeth Hill

Supporting Cancer Research

Congratulations to the SRC for their coordination of our recent Pink Stumps Day in support of the McGrath Foundation A total of $555 was raised and will be donated to assist the Foundation in their work towards cancer research.

April School Holidays Vacation Care

Positions are filling fast! If you require vacation care over the coming Easter school holiday period, we encourage you to book now to avoid disappointment.

College Events

ANZAC Chapel

Wednesday, 24th April 2019
8:30 am - 9:30 am
The Peace Centre

Dawn Service - Stratford

Thursday, 25th April 2019
6:30 am - 8:30 am
Meeting point: Stratford Post Office

Find out more

Dawn Service-Esplanade

Thursday, 25th April 2019
5:15 am - 7:30 am
Meeting point: Cairns RSL
Find out more

Prep in Depth Open Day

Saturday, 27th April 2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am
The Peace Centre
Find out more

Year 7 Info Evening

Tuesday, 30th April 2019
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
The Peace Centre
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P&F Meeting

Wednesday, 8th May 2019
6:45 pm - 8:30 pm
The Staff Lounge

Middle/Senior School Athletics Carnival

Tuesday, 21st May 2019
8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Peace Sports Fields

Junior School Athletics Carnival

Thursday, 23rd May 2019
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Peace Sports Fields

Peace Church Service

Sunday, 26th May 2019
9:30 am - 11:30 am
The Peace Centre

Robotic Scrimmage & Expo

With visiting lecturer from Griffith University, Dr Jason Zagami.

Monday, 27th May 2019
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
The Peace Centre

What's on @ Peace

APRIL 2019
Year 12 Block Exams
Mon, 1 - Fri, 5 April 2019
Peace Lutheran College
P&F Meeting
Wednesday, 13 March 2019
PLC Staff Lounge
Last School Day for Students
Friday, 5 April 2019
Boarder's Travel Day
Friday, 5 April 2019
School Holidays
Sat, 6 - Mon 22 April 2019
First Day of Term 2 for Students
Tuesday, 23 April 2019
ANZAC Day Chapel
Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Peace Centre
ANZAC Day Public Holiday
Thursday, 25 April 2019
ANZAC Stratford Dawn Service
Thursday, 25 April 2019
Stratford Cenotaph
ANZAC Esplanade Dawn Service
Thursday, 25 April 2019
Cairns Cenotaph
Student Free Day
Friday, 26 April 2019
Prep In Depth Open Day
Saturday, 27 April 2019
Peace Centre
Year 7 Information Evening
Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Middle School Classrooms

MAY 2019
CISSA Sport (weekly Yrs 10 - 12)
Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Code Club (weekly Yrs 7 - 12)
Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Computer Room
STEM Club (weekly Yrs 7 - 12)
Thursday, 2nd May 2019
Year 7 Challenge Day for Maths
Thursday, 2nd May 2019
Year 9 Maths Enrichment Day
Friday, 3rd May 2019
Labour Day Public Holiday
Monday, 6th May 2019
Parent/Teacher Interviews
Tue 7th May 2019
Peace Centre
Year 8 Camp
Wed 8th - Fri 10th May 2019
Camp Paterson
Year 12 Geography Fieldwork
Friday, 10th May 2019
JCU Smithfield
Year 10 Camp
Tue 14th - Fri 17th May 2019
Camp Tinaroo Environmental Centre
Tue 14 - Thu 16 May 2019
Peace Lutheran College
Middle/Senior Athletics Carnival
Wednesday, 21st May 2019
Peace Sports Fields​
Junior School Athletics Carnival
Thursday, 23rd May 2019
Peace Sports Fields
Peace Church Service
Sunday, 26th May 2019
Peace Centre
Robot Scrimmage & Expo
Monday, 27th May 2019
Peace Centre
PLEASE NOTE: The above events and associated dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please check the Peace Lutheran College website for most up to date calendar information.

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