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Sportschef's Log
January 2018
Hi Everyone and welcome to the first edition of the Sportschef's log-  a compilation of articles, videos, messages thoughts and everything in between to interest, help develop and inspire you on your journey through this fencing life.

I thought we would get things started by introducing some of the things that I see as essential to everyone who wants to improve their performance in any field, such as having the right focus, mindfulness training and the concept of growth mindset.

First I would like to share with you all my personal mission in my role as a Sportschef.

To use elite sport as a tool for personal and social development

This will be my inspiration when thinking about things to include in this log. In my mind, there are many more important things to be gained from a fencing career than the results. So there will be plenty of things that aren't specifically related to fencing or improving performance, but nothing will be here without good reason. I am a firm believer that better people make better athletes, so the more you develop yourself into a rounded, caring, interested person, the better a fencer you will become.

Finally, if you have any content that you come across that you would like to share with the group (fencers, trainers, parents within talent and elite fencing in Denmark), then please send it over to me. I would also like to include stories about members of this group who are doing interesting things either on or off the piste.

I hope you enjoy it!
Most people have heard me talking about Effort and Attitude.
Some people have heard about it an awful lot. That's because this is one of the secrets for unlocking your best fencing and reducing the stress around competition and performance.

Together with Preparation, they form the 3 Controllables of performance.

This article describes the importance of focussing on the controllables as an athlete.

  Knowing what is in your control and what is not, and therefore which battles are worth fighting which are not will be helpful in the rest of life.
Click to read about The Controllables
A Growth Mindset is an essential foundation for anyone who wants to achieve their potential. Here, Professor Carol Dweck explains why you need to know about it.
"All other nations have more money but we have something else...We win by working together, by all the time helping each other, and also pushing each other hard."
Quote by a Danish 49er Elite Sailor
(if you want to read a great, in-depth study all about the Danish 49ers elite program, let me know and I'll send it to you)
Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn about new things, get inspired or hear fascinating human stories. Some of the best journalism and entertainment in the world is happening in podcasts right now.

Check out this list of the 100 best Podcasts of 2017

Make the most of your time whilst travelling, walking, cycling...

Laurence's Top Picks:
  • Radiolab - Fascinating stories about anything and everything
  • The Moth - People telling moving, funny and heart-warming personal stories, on stage
  • Dan Carlins Hardcore History - Epic stories from throughout history told by the best professor you could imagine. Go here if you want to really deepen your knowledge. Each podcast is 3-4hrs long! But think of all that learning!
  • Reply All - Issues raised, mysteries solved... all about living in a digital world.

Okay, so it's just another semi-spiritual, semi-thought provoking poster. But actually for athletes it's very important to understand may of the connections made in this quote.
  • Beliefs can affect your actions (what do you believe?)
  • You create habits through consistent action
  • Know your values and you're on a path to creating your own destiny...
Take some time to think about it.
Here are two short videos about mindfulness. I've shown these before but they are a great way to quickly understand what it's all about. You will hear a lot more about mindfulness in future editions!
Mindfulness 101
Check out Patrick's first blog post for Leon Paul. It's a great way for him to raise his public profile and to deepen his relationship with a sponsor.
Why Mindfulness is a superpower
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017
Make your day with a smile.
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Fencing related wildlife photo-
the Lemur Lunge
Perhaps the coolest use of Fencing in an advert, in France.
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