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June 2019
School News  

New building for Kinder
Term 3 began with the appearance of a brand new building in our back garden – a new home for kindergarten! Late last term, plans to accommodate kindergarten in its own space gathered momentum, and construction began in the term break. The kindy class moved in this week, and LOVE their new space! With only a few finishing touches, we now only need to live into the space and enjoy it! Thank you to all who helped bring this into fruition!

Playgroup News
Our Little Bowerbird playgroup commences again next week, and we are pleased to welcome Gillian Colgan as our new Playgroup facilitator. Gillian has recently completed her Advanced Diploma in Steiner Education in Melbourne, and is currently studying a Masters in Education. Gillian has experience working in preschools and also teaches violin and viola at the Music Conservatorium in Coffs Harbour. We are so happy to welcome her to our team. Enjoy a lovely term ahead!
Please contact for all playgroup enquiries. 
Kindergarten News
The kindergarten arrived back from their winter break to find that our winter vegetable patch has quietly been thriving in our absence! Large heads of broccoli and a healthy abundance of kale have been harvested this week and added to our Savoury Millet and Stone Soup. Delicious!
In handcraft, the kindergarten children have been very busy learning to do blanket stitch whilst sewing their own rest time dollies. As each week has passed these gorgeous little dollies have come to life. Each dolly will have a lovely heart sewn on the front of them, and all will wear a little night cap and own little sleeping bag when finished. After an active, full morning in the kindergarten, it is important to follow with a rest time, where the children can learn to be quiet and find some stillness amongst all the busyness, and in our new room, this has been very peaceful. These little rest time dollies are being cuddled by the children during their rest time, as they listen to a chapter book that is being read to them. 
Thank you to Scarlett and Roman's family, for bringing some wonderful mountain oranges, all the way from Elands, to our school, and to Conner for gifting us a big box of bush lemons and mandarins. We have all enjoyed them, and have even found a great way to use all the orange peels, making jars full of citrus cleaning vinegar.
Winter Wonder Rub Recipe

We have had such lovely positive comments regarding the Winter Wonder Rub that we made last term, the we felt we should share the recipe so families can make their own for next winter.
The recipe can also be adapted for use as an ointment for rashes, bites and stings by using a combination of Lavender essential oil and Chamomile essential oil.
1/2 cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons of beeswax pellets or grated natural beeswax.
5 drops of Lemon essential oil
5 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops of Lavender essential oil
2 drops of Peppermint essential oil 
Please note: 
The beeswax will begin to harden very quickly so this must be mixed fast and put into your glass jar quickly. 
Don't be daunted by the details of melting the beeswax, it is really simple but I need to provide you with all of the safety precautions.
Place beeswax pellets / grated beeswax, into an old saucepan that won't be used for anything else. (Beeswax is very hard to clean out of saucepans.) Place the coconut oil into another small saucepan. Place the essential oils into a small glass bowl and gentle mix them together. Do not use plastic or the oils will melt it.
Fill a large pot with a little water. If you have a double boiler, fill the bottom half with 2.5 to 5 cm of water. If you do not have a double boiler, choose any large saucepan and fill it with 2.5 to 5 cm of water instead. The pot should be large enough for a second, smaller pot to sit inside. 
Never expose beeswax directly to the heat source, doing so can cause the wax to melt unevenly and may result in scorching or fires. Since water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, using the double boiler method also makes it difficult for the wax to exceed this temperature, making the process much safer.
Place the large saucepan on the stove and heat it on high until the water reaches a steady, rolling boil, then lower the heat so that the water reduces to a gentle simmer.
Place the saucepan with the coconut oil into the large pan and slowly melt, stirring occasionally. Once melted set aside, we want to keep this warm and liquid.
Top up the water in the large saucepan if needed and boil again as above.
Now we place the saucepan with the beeswax into the large saucepan and slowly melt, stirring occasionally. Set aside to cool slightly and check the melted coconut oil that you set aside is still warm. If it has cooled too much then reheat a little bit. This needs to be warm but not hot as we are now going to add the essential oils to the coconut oil and stir well. 
Mix the coconut and essential oils into the beeswax stirring as you do so. Place in a glass jar as soon as you have mixed it and set it aside to cool.
Make sure you label and date the jar.
Class 1/2 News
Welcome everyone to Term Three.

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing winter break with your families over the holidays, it was wonderful to see you all back! 

Our school had been busy over the holidays and we saw kindy move into their own building at the beginning of this week. The hall seems to have grown into the ‘big school’ and having a little more flexibility in time and space has seen a relaxing vibe over the week. We are getting busy in the garden to plant spring crops, install our beehive and see how our new outdoor space can be best utilised. 

Term Three saw the beginning of our Animal Fables main lesson, which runs over the first four weeks. The lesson is presenting the class with short tales of animals with personality traits such as kindness, slyness, friendship and hard work. Through these fables we are able to experience these qualities and their impact on our own human lives as an observer. It is providing opportunities for conversations and inner reflection on how our own actions may affect others, and we become a little more aware of our families and friends.  
Steiner Education Australia Conference
During the term break, Sally and Kristy were extremely grateful to attend the Steiner Education Australia conference held at Cape Byron Steiner School. The event marked 100 years of Waldorf Education, which is being celebrated globally. The key theme of the conference was Renewal and the future of Steiner Education in Australia. Within this theme our First Nations people were strongly present, and we were shown how closely our core educational beliefs and Indigenous culture are reflective of one another. We worked closely with some moving lectures by several presenters, including Peter Mulcahy, of the Gamilaroi people of Northern NSW, who highlighted ways First Nations cultures could be further supported within our own schools’ curriculum and daily lives. 

The importance of our own connection to place, story, family and  honouring our own individual identity and heritage was encouraged. They correlated how inherently Steiner Education already works from an authentic place of what is now commonly termed as Nature Pedagogy; through working closely with the seasons and our environment, the oral storytelling tradition of a Steiner pedagogy, the Indigenous main lessons, and the dream consciousness of the early childhood years, among other things. Port Macquarie Steiner School looks forward to bringing this more deeply into the fabric of our school, as we begin to establish connection with our families, elders and aunties in our school and wider community, and as we begin to create our own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).
Apart from inspiring keynote speakers, each participant completed a series of three workshops held over three days, including Eurythmy, Bothmer Gym, pedagogy in mathematics and LOTE (Languages Other Than English).
Shellie Davidow, author of 'Raising Stress-Proof Kids', and teacher at the Sunshine University in QLD part of the Masters of Steiner Education), presented some of her interesting research that she conducted in conjunction with the HeartMath Institute, California. She showed the positive effects that doing particular activities - ones that have a rhythmical, repetitive nature, such as knitting, sewing, sanding and sawing wood in wood work, and the power of positive thinking, has on cognition. The brain and heart work together, they harmonise and bring a calming effect. This effect is achieved in a high state of meditation. Her research showed some of the hidden benefits of such class work and projects that are standard in Steiner schools, apart from the more obvious skills of developing motor skills, perseverance and development of the will, and the ability to be a resourceful and capable human being. This is such an important aspect for the future lives of our children; having the opportunity to receive a truly human-centred approach to education in a world that is becoming more and more automated.
Enrolling in 2020 
Board Briefs

New building for Kinder

As already reported above, kindergarten has a cosy, new home! With thanks to Justin Robinson and Edge Constructions' team, in consultation with Kristy over every detail, the building was speedily constructed to be ready for use early this term. Thanks also to all the staff for their assistance in the transition. This will mean not only a much improved situation for kindergarten, but more room in the hall for the addition of the new Class 1 next year.

To make best use of the outdoor play space remaining for the primary students, we've repositioned the temporary building module to allow room for some new play equipment – coming soon! The hall kitchen will now become a second, much needed office for teachers' individual use and meetings.


AGM – Annual Report

The Annual General Meeting of Port Macquarie Steiner Ltd. took place on 20 July. The audit report for 2018 was presented, and the board was re-elected unopposed and unchanged. Our first year of operations was a very successful one with growth in student numbers almost doubling. The year also ended with a financial surplus which has partly meant we could purchase the new kindergarten building this year without affecting our overall cash balance for 2019. The Annual Report is available from the school website with all the details - Printed copies can be accessed from the office also.


Planning in the works for future school

The Future Site Committee was very busy last term investigating options for the future school. We are currently in discussions with the owners of a large property near Thrumster who are open to a long-term lease arrangement with us. The board is considering this opportunity for the long-term, but we may still need more room in the shorter term to accommodate the growing school. Investigations and financial modelling are on-going.


100th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser

The very first Steiner School opened in September 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. Around the world Steiner Waldorf Schools are celebrating 100 years of Steiner Education. As one of the newest schools, Port Macquarie Steiner School is marking the occasion with an exciting event on 13 Sept. at Little Fish Café in the lovely grounds of Lake Innes Vineyards from 4-6pm. With delectable light food, beautiful music performed by singer and harpist, Rose Wilson, and a fun auction and raffle to raise money for our school building fund, the school community and members of the public are invited to celebrate the past and promote the future of Steiner Education in our region. See beautiful information flyer (with thanks to the graphics designer - parent, Scotty Simpson) in this newsletter and on the website.

Help us grow!

Port Macquarie Steiner School Building Fund
BSB 650 000
Account No. 533 407 700
Please ring the school if you are planning to make a donation so that we can issue you with a receipt for tax exemption. All donations to our Building Fund (over $2) are tax deductible, and will help us acquire new classrooms!
We are very grateful for your interest and generosity!
Lisa Devine Talk 

Talk by Lisa Devine on the Threefold Social Order


Fri. 30 Aug. 6:30-8pm

8 Table St. Port Macquarie


Rudolf Steiner believed that if human society could be based on an understanding of the human being as creative, just, and longing to serve one another and the earth, many social problems could be solved.

These qualities are stifled by fear about survival, injustice, and dogma. They flourish in freedom in social structures that embed cultural freedom, equality of rights, and serving fellow human beings as sisters and brothers in the economic life.

This talk by Lisa Devine will combine an introduction to the above ideas with some practical examples, and will be tailored to the questions of those present.

All invited. No charge.

Find us at.... 
Come and visit our market stall at The Lost Plot Spring Fair on Saturday 7th September between 11-3pm. 
  • Friday 9th August  - Enrolment Information Session 1pm 
  • Friday 30th August  - Lisa Devine Talk 6.30-8pm
  • Saturday 7th September - The Lost Plot Community Gardens Spring Fair 
  • Friday 13th September - Celebration Fundraiser ~ Little Fish Café 4-6pm 
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