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April 2019
Happy Easter
Easter is a time of year that is based on a significant religious celebration. How can we relate to it in our times, is a question each family may ask? It is hard to escape it as it has become so commercial, with the bombardment of chocolate and bunnies, How can one bring meaning, if any, to this, and make this time special and/or meaningful to our families, that nourish each child’s body, soul and spirit? The egg traditionally was the symbol of resurrection. In every egg a golden sun is hidden. The sun can symbolize new birth, new beginnings, a new day… and can be brought to life in every human being. 
 The Easter Hare
 Unlike a rabbit, who lives underground in burrows in large family groups, the hare is an individual, solitary animal and makes its home wherever it finds itself, in an indentation in long grass or in bushes. In this sense, the hare is universal, and is at home anywhere in the world. The hare’s ears are much bigger than a rabbit’s – a symbol of being perceptive, wakeful and a good listener. They are herbivores and don’t harm others. The most astonishing wonder about a hare is that they will sacrifice its life for another hare which may be a total stranger to it. A hare will sense or hear when one of its fellows is being pursued and this fresh hare will jump in and allow itself to be chased so that the tired hare may have a chance to escape and rest. The hare can symbolize sacrifice and selflessness.
Ways we experience Easter at School

One way we greet this picture of newness, beginnings and growth is by sowing and growing Easter grass. The children will plant groats to grow Easter Grass and ties into some of the farming stories we have been sharing. 
We will bring in small touches of Easter in the classroom, through images, simple crafts, creating a moving picture, telling stories of the Easter hare and his sacrifice (jumping into the moon), making baskets, colouring eggs, baking hot cross buns, making an Egg Tree 
Ways You Might Bring Easter to Your Home
  • Have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday
  • Watch the waxing moon and look for the hare in the moon
  • Sprout some alfalfa or broccoli seeds (or similar) to eat at meal times
  • Plant some Easter grass in a little pot or in some half egg shells (the hare sometimes takes a nibble before he leaves eggs in the garden.....!!! The younger children delight in seeing this!
  • Create an Easter seasonal table – plant Easter grass, add a little felt bunny or hare, make an Easter tree
  • Plant autumn bulbs
  • Weave paper baskets
  • Tell an Easter story
  • Bake hot cross buns or Easter bread
  • Decorate eggs in traditional psyanky style, or by using natural dyes such as turmeric, onion, mulberries etc.
  • Have a quiet day on Good Friday.. darken or have quiet craft experiences and baking hot cross buns in the home. The house ‘wakes up the house’ on Easter Sunday with an egg hunt in the garden OR
  • Watch the sun set on Good Friday and the sun rising on Easter Sunday  + make clay and straw ‘nests’ + find times for quiet during the four days of Easter, with times for preparation and images of anticipation…
Harvest Festival
Term 1 finished with a whole-school celebration of Autumn with our Harvest Festival. This was a simple offering of songs, games and a lovely shared feast. We wish everyone a happy and restful term break.

School resumes on Wednesday May 1. We look forward to seeing you all then.

We will be having a Working Bee on Saturday May 4, at the school. We would love your helping hands! 
Lyn Clifton's Visit
Last week, the school was pleased to welcome back Lyn Clifton from Developing the Self, Developing the World. Parents left feeling nourished and inspired after her two workshops, taking away with them some simple, practical ideas to further support their home life rhythms and routines. 
Next Term
We are very fortunate to have Susan Perrow visiting our school in Term 2. Susan is a world reknown writer, story teller, teacher, trainer and parent educator. For the last 30 years she has been documenting stories from other cultures, writing stories and telling stories to groups of children and adults as well as teaching in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and the US/Canada. 
Susan's first book Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour and her second book Therapeutic Storytelling have been translated into many languages. Susan's third and latest English publication is an illustrated collection entitled Behaviour Tales - From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra.
Stories can strengthen, give hope, enthuse, inspire, soothe ……… some stories can
even heal! In addressing children's behavior, a therapeutic story, through the use
of metaphor and an imaginative journey, can help shift an out of balance behavior
or situation back towards wholeness or balance.
In this talk Susan will share her tried and tested method for crafting stories for
children… ‘story medicine’ to help resolve issues and build emotional resilience.

Monday 24th June
Girl Guides Hall, Hollingsworth St,
Port Macquarie 
6.30 - 8.30pm 
Cost: $10

Please RSVP by emailing
or calling 0475 083 956
Port Macquarie Steiner Craft Group 

All are welcome! We meet fortnightly on a Thursday morning from 9am at the school, weather permitting, for craft, cuppas, conversation, connection. This is a time for parents and friends of the PMSS to meet, chat, share time and craft inspiration. 

We aim to make seasonal simple, natural Steiner-inspired craft and decorations for the classroom, PMSS craft cabinet, and for selling at some of the local markets throughout the year. Over our next few parent craft sessions, we will be making for the school lovely autumn inspired pieces.…Patterns and felt provided.

This is a great way to meet other parents and friends of the school, and a simple way to make a little difference to the school community. No skill or experience required! 

If you’re interested, please message me on 0417770756.... or just turn up! Our next craft morning is Thursday 2nd May at 9am.

Looking forward to sharing some cosy crafting space with you! 

Love Robyn 

Board News

Term 1 of our second year comes to a close with a feeling of gratitude to all our staff for their dedicated work with the children, parents, and one another, and meeting the challenges as they have arisen with consideration, energy and creativity.


Currently the board's ongoing focus is provision of suitable classrooms and play areas for the delivery of our unique curriculum, and as everyone is aware, our campus at Table Street has its limitations. For the time being we are developing ways to better utilise this site, and concurrently, actively planning for the next few years and into the future, so that we can continue to grow the school. We will keep you well posted as developments proceed.


Farewell and welcome!

As she soon departs back to her native Sweden, we would like to thank Annelie Johannson-Riley for not only her mentoring assistance in term 1 with Class 1-2, but also for her valuable contribution to our school registration documentation for the stage 1 and 2 curriculum.


We also welcome Jeff Styles as a teacher assistant to our team!


Changes in our administration

The board has been working on restructuring our administration, with the biggest change being the appointment this year of Kristy Barry as Teaching Principal. Kristy has embraced this new role with enthusiasm and conscientiousness, sharing now the kindergarten teaching with Kylie Ross to allow time for her administration duties.


In addition, a strong and experienced financial team has been created with the addition of former founding treasurer, John Oxley as financial consultant, accountant Amanda Larkin as bookkeeper, and Matt Edwards as company auditor. All of these professionals are working together with Nyree and Mel in their administration tasks, to create solid support in our financial activities, recording, and reporting – essential not only for the day-to-day running of our school, but also to meet our requirements as recipients of government funding.


We're a new charity!

Finally, we can report that our school has recently been granted charity status with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, and we now have a registered building fund into which donations can be made that are tax-deductible. Later in the year we are planning a formal launch of the building fund and fundraising event.


A Happy Easter!

Wishing all our families, staff and community an Easter filled with a sense of gratitude, and loving kindness towards one another.

Port Macquarie Steiner Libraray 
Reading Resources for Parents
We have a good collection of resources which includes a Parents section and covers toymaking, singing, poetry and Steiner Education. We recommend the following reading for parents: 
The Easter Story Book - Collection of Authors 
A Child's Seasonal Treasury - Betty Jones

Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour - Susan Perrow
Therapeutic Storytelling - Susan Perrow

All Enquiries regarding the Library, or borrowing books can be made with Gallina on  0422 751 021
  • Craft mornings - Every Second Thursday morning form 9 am - next date: Thursday 2nd May 
  • Wednesday April 10 - End of Term Wed April 10 - Happy Holidays!
  • Wednesday 1st May - Start of Term Two - Wednesday 1st May 
  • Monday 24th June - Susan Perrow - Healing Power of Stories Parent Educaiton
Port Macquarie Steiner School GoFundMe page is live. Follow this link to read more or to donate.
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