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December 2018
Christmas Greetings 
Our year in review 

It has truly been an amazing year for us all at Port Macquarie Steiner School. We have grown and shone in our own special way, and the result is a wonderful community life and happy children, the heartbeat of our little school at 8 Table Street!

This year we have had a lot to celebrate...

... The seasons are like a great wheel of time that bring important markers in our school year, and traditions have now been started, that can only grow and deepen in creativity, meaning and celebration! The children come to live into these seasons so honestly and heartily, and similarly as they might look forward to their own birthday or Easter or Christmas, our seasonal festivals at school become anticipated throughout the school year. It is incredible to see how our children can derive so much connection and appreciation throughout their school year, echoed with the seasons and the deep imaginative pictures that they carry; and appreciation for the smallest things they find along their way, like finding the tiniest crystal in the sandpit! Or noticing the ear of the corn growing in the veggie patch, naming the birds that visit our garden, or celebrating their friends’ birthdays and greeting them on that day with such happiness! In fact, if we stop to look at this deeply, and truly listen and observe our children, we are brought so much closer to our own inner child, to the simplicity of life and to the kindness and wonder that our children have innately in their being. It is such a gift for us all.

Term One started rather quietly, with six children, and a beautiful Official Opening, finishing with a humble Harvest festival sharing in the garden.

In Term Two, we welcomed more children, weathered the weather, and enjoyed a quiet, soulful midwinter solstice festival, with a Winter Spiral and Lantern Walk.

In Term Three, the crisp sunshine brought again more students. We continued our weekly walks in Kooloonbung, and celebrated a lovely Spring Maypole festival. We had a flurry of activity in the garden with spring flower planting and a biodynamic stir.
In Term Four we were pleased to have Lyn Clifton from
Developing the Self, Developing the World come to work with calming ways to bring to the children. Of course, we recently had one last surge of busy-ness, with our working bee, and further developed our outdoor play spaces, and have finally painted the toilet block. Thank you to all the children who went in armed with paint brushes!!

Thank you for everyone’s efforts, and enthusiasm, that have culminated in many huge achievements for our little school throughout the year. Special thanks to all of our volunteers, support staff, amazing parents and the Parents & Friends Committee.
Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas break. We are looking forward to seeing our school grow to include new Kindergarten children as well as Classes 1 and 2 in the new year.

Playgroup News
Thank you to all the families this year who have come along to playgroup, it has been wonderful!  As the year has moved along with the seasons we have all enjoyed the special space in the garden as the children play, and the mums and dads all connecting with friendships growing. It has been a privilege for me to be involved with the playgroup.
For the last playgroup of the year we all enjoyed a feast  of delicious  home cooked goodies and lots of fresh fruit. A Christmas story was told, and each child, mum and dad decorated a white candle with colourful beeswax....ready for Christmas. 
Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday with your little ones and families.
love Kylie
2019 Enrolments Open
Enrolments remain open for 2019 Kindergarten, Class 1 and 2. Places in these classes are strictly limited. To ensure your child's place on the waiting list please request an enrolment pack. Enquires may be made through the school holidays, however a response may not be received until Mid-January. Please contact or click on the link below to submit an enquiry form.
First day of Term 1 2019 

Wednesday 6th February
Come and see us at Bunnings! 
Friday 21st December
Sunday 13th January
Sunday 24th January

A message from the Board 

Dear families and friends,


Our historical first year of Port Macquarie Steiner School came to a beautiful close with a Christmas festival and play in the kindergarten, enjoyed by the school families and invited guests.  

In reflecting on the year we can express our deepest thanks to our small but dedicated staff: Kristy, Kylie, Nyree, Tricia and Arona who together worked through the challenges, overcame the limitations, held to our guiding principles, and created through their work the school we are all connected to and love. 

Our special thanks go to Kristy as our stellar foundation kindergarten teacher, who, each and every day gave her loving energies to the children and their families. 

The board continues to look to the future and next year in particular, when many improvements will be coming to our infrastructure, including: new windows in the hall, a modern external office space, and much extra shade for the playground. There will also be a general electrical upgrade to power the expanding needs of the school. 

A new teacher will be joining us for the Class 1-2 composite, and the interior of the hall will be arranged to accommodate both the kindergarten and the first primary school class. There is a lot more to say about the new teacher, and we are very excited about her appointment, but we will announce all in the new year, once she takes up her role. 

New children and families will also be joining us, across all three grades, and the board is so pleased with the interest in and the growth in the school. 

We would like to thank all our current school families, firstly for the courageous step you each took in enrolling your children in a brand new school, for your trust in us, and your ongoing enthusiasm and support throughout the year. It is truly a blessing for any school to have such a supportive base of parent families. All your loving efforts at working bees, in classroom support, and in reaching out to the larger Port Macquarie community through markets and fundraising is essential to our success and very appreciated. 

To our wider community of friends, donors, volunteers – we are truly grateful for your well-wishes for the school, and ongoing support.

Port Macquarie Steiner School GoFundMe page is live. Follow this link to read more or to donate.
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