The Immune System is Affected by the Microbiome
Science shows prebiotics and probiotics, such as live yeast and other strains of bacteria are powerful components of immune system health. Because as much as 70% of immune cells are located in the digestive tract, it makes sense that keeping those cells functioning well is vitally important for a horse to stay healthy.

Liquid GI Tract Support for Horses

The next generation of probiotic supplements for horses, Sym-Biota EQ™ replicates the components of healthy soil that have sustained horses and humans for thousands of years. Healthy soil contains beneficial bacteria, fulvic and humic acids, and fungi that nourish plants, and the animals who eat the plants.

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Equine Probiotic-Prebiotic Blend

BioFlora EQ’s prebiotic and probiotic supplement for horses supports colonization of beneficial bacteria and healthy gut flora while maintaining a healthy immune system. Equine probiotics are an important dietary supplement if your horse suffers from GI upset or hindgut ulcers.

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