Fresh Alerts™ January 26, 2023

Dear Friends,

We hope you’ve been enjoying all the goodness of this brand new year.

Now that the bomb cyclone / storm train / parade of storms have subsided, we are grateful for the abundance of rain, and ready to start pruning!

For now, a few quick highlights to share. Plus, one little request: if you love Jasmine Vineyards grapes, please let us know on Google! We’re always delighted to see happy customer comments, and all those nice stars ⭐ of positive feedback.

As always, THANK YOU for supporting our family farm, California-grown, and the livelihoods of each and every crew member at the ranch. We had a truly spectacular 75th anniversary in 2022, and look forward to bringing you another delicious season of Jasmine Vineyards table grapes to share & enjoy. 🍇

Thank you for reading,

JPZ & The Jasmine Vineyards Crew