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A weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • Welcome to Marwen (Android, iOS): As part of the film’s promo, the app lets you recreate scenes and learn more about the characters

Via Tommy Palladino on NextReality

  • Tendar (Android): A virtual pet that feeds on laughter, surprise and tears

Via Tender Claws on YouTube

  • Wonderscope (iOS): Transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories

Via Wonderscope on YouTube

  • Santander Bank in Boston created an AR project called ‘In Someone Else’s Shoes’ to raise awareness for homelessness. The app is available on the web that can be triggered via a QR code. The powerful experience shows you first hand what homelessness looks like through the eyes of Jen, a 35 year old employed homeless woman. (Try the experience)

Via Santander Bank on YouTube

  • The New York Times created an AR experience that lets readers view the torch from the Statue of Liberty. The museum that will house the original torch is currently under construction. The experience is available on Android and iOS. (Read more on NextReality)

Via NextReality

  •  Sony created a web AR app that lets you bring Spiderman into your living room. It is part of a marketing push for the new film that will be in theaters Dec 14. (Read more on Hollywood Reporter; Try the experience)

Via 8th Wall


Developer Olo Sabandija created an AR tattoo highlighting a scene from Sonic the Hedgehog. (Read more on VRScout)

Via Olo on VRScout

  • Where’s the money in AR? (Read on ARtillery)

  • Is AR and VR the future of live events? (Read on Forbes)
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