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A weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • TeamViewer Pilot (Android, iOS): Remote assistance to help you identify and solve problems

Via TeamViewer on YouTube

  • Travelocity (Android, iOS): Dress up your photos with the famous Roaming Gnome

Via Travelocity

  • Leo AR (Android, iOS): Add some fun to your world

Via Leo AR App on YouTube

  • Playground, Google’s augmented reality mode in the Pixel 3 camera, adds Playmoji cats for National Cat Day. Playground uses AR and machine learning so you can create and play with the world around you. (Read more on TechCrunch)

Via Google

  • The New York Times adds an augmented reality experience featuring real life parasites and pests to their Halloween edition. Using the NYT app, readers are led to a ‘Monsters That Live On You’ feature that showcases creatures such as face mites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and more. (Experience on NYT)

Via Tommy Palladino on NextReality

  •  Walmart adds AR scanner to its app for product comparisons. To use it, launch the feature in the Walmart app then point it at the products on the shelf you want to compare. It’s only available on iOS. (Read more on TechCrunch)

Via Tim Sears on Vimeo

  • YouTube TV debuts augmented reality ads during World Series. The ads were featured above the Green Monster and appeared at first glance to be part of the physical stadium. (Read more on SportTechie)

Via MLB on YouTube


The Wreck-It Ralph sequel released a movie trailer with an augmented reality game to match. The game can be experienced in theaters during the pre-show using the Noovie ARCade app on Android or iOS by scanning a QR code on the movie screen. (Read more on NextReality)


  • 'Truly useful augmented reality is coming. We’re not ready.’ (Read on Futurism)

  • 'AR could mean the death of the selfie’ by Dana Loberg, CEO of Leo AR (Read on her blog)

  • While AR plays catch-up in other sectors, it’s taking over the enterprise (Read on VentureBeat)
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